Apostyle's Spring/Summer 2016 Photo Shoot

Ah...spring and summer! With winter behind us and the fun, carefree days of spring and summer ahead, it's only natural the Apostyle Online Jewelry Boutique would do a new photo shoot for our Look Book.



Our photo shoot with Chiara Fritzler of c.f Photograph has wrapped up and the stunning photos can be found throughout the Apostyle website and our social media posts (Instagram, Facebook and Google+). It was a wonderful time and Chiara's talent and skilled eye resulted in nothing short of beautiful images! Chiara knows how to make everyone feel comfortable and her ability to capture not only the beauty of the models, but the beauty of the surroundings, is impeccable! All of the images you see here, is one of Chiara's masterpieces. If you're in the Calgary area and want to book as session of your own, check out her website (she does family, maternity, and engagement sessions, plus more!!) 


It also doesn't hurt when you have women such as Kyla Haimes (the style influencer and mastermind behind Bubble Wrap Snaps on Instagram), and Victoria Parent. Let me say that I try to surround myself with authentic, kind hearted and positive women, because that is the goal for Apostyle, and both Kyla and Victoria embody this type of woman.

Kyla is free spirited, adventurous and inspiring. Her confidence in who she is, and what her style is, encourages those around her to step outside of the box and try new things.

Kyla Haimes of Bubble Wrap Snaps
Victoria is an energetic, kind woman with a gentle spirit. She is generous with her time, skills and abilities, and her passion for inspiring the teens in her classroom by creating innovative teaching methods is both intriguing and impressive!

Victoria Parent

Needless to say, working with these two women was such a pleasure and I have been honored to know them outside of Apostyle's photo shoots.


A jewelry photo shoot wouldn't be complete without the wardrobe! And who doesn't love clothes?! I had an amazing time working with two Calgary boutiques- Crabapple Clothing Company in Marda Loop, and Adorn Boutique in Inglewood.

The ladies at Crabapple Clothing are near and dear to my heart, as this is the place where my love and passion for fashion, personal style, and personal styling really came to life during the years that I worked there. Whitney, the owner, and all of the women there are fun, professional and really know how to find the perfect outfit to suit every individual customer.
Crabapple has outfitted us for a couple of different shoots, and Whitney and Rosalyn were there to help with styling the models. While Kyla tried on the items for the shoot, she also found a number of pieces she wanted to add to her own wardrobe!

Crabapple Clothing Company


Adorn Boutique is fresh and youthful, and with a slogan like "We do pretty!", feminine details aren't at a loss here! Though the store itself isn't huge, they offer a ton of beautiful pieces that are sure to make you feel pretty! When I was there with Victoria, the lineup for the fitting room was full of women in all different age ranges, body types and personalities, and they were all excited to try on their armful of clothes.

 Adorn Boutique


And of course, a photo shoot isn't a shoot without some spectacular locations!

4Living is a beautiful showroom located in the heart of Calgary on 17th Avenue and 14th Street. The massive windows make this modern furniture and home décor store bright and airy, and every item in there is more than worthy to be photographed. Thanks to the wonderful natural light, clean lines of the space & furniture, and the bright furnishings, this location was the perfect spot to do our close up product shots to show you, our customers, exactly what the jewelry looks like! 
Karen, and the ladies at 4Living, were very accommodating and have hosted us a number of times.

 4 Living Modern Furniture Showroom4 Living Modern Furniture Showroom

Limitless is another fantastic furniture and home décor store located in Inglewood. In contrast to 4Living, the dark walls, moody lighting and eye catching furniture inspired us to step outside of the box and try different things. Limitless isn't your run of the mill store, and is definitely worth a visit!

Limitless Furniture Calgary

Whitehall Restaurant evokes feelings of familiarity, comfort and class. The high ceilings, white walls (hence the name, Whitehall), built in bookshelves, and comfortable seating really make you feel at home. Besides this, the bar is amazing and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it featured in some of our photos. Besides the atmosphere, the menu is unique and has something for everyone!

 Whitehall Restaurant Calgary

The moment I walked in to the Trickle Creek Designer Show Home in Watermark, I knew this was it! This had to be where we did our shoot. Ready to beg and plead, I talked to the Trickle Creek team and they were willing, and happy, to host Apostyle for a day of shooting! I was amazed (I didn't have to offer my first born) and so excited because this home offered comfort, desirable living space, and distinctive architecture, finishings and décor that I knew would suit Apostyle's aesthetic perfectly! Inspired by the Show Home itself, we moved throughout the home to relate a different feel with each image. Going out to Watermark in Bearspaw and seeing this Trickle Creek Designer Show Home is definitely worth the trip!

 Trickle Creek Designer Homes


With the Spring & Summer Look Book photo shoots all wrapped up, I am beyond thrilled with the results and everyone that played a role truly made it special and I will be forever grateful to them.  Thank you!

For more details about any individual or business listed, please click on the business names for a direct link to their website.

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