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  • As Featured on The Fashion Brief

    Alex Lo is the brains and the beauty (and the fashion savvy!) behind The Fashion Brief.

    Based in Dallas, Texas, Alex is a big firm attorney that dreads the daily routine of black suits and white button ups that are prevalent in the court room. Determined to bring style (and colour!) into a commonly drab workplace, she sets out to inspire and encourage women in all types of careers to have fun with their business attire.

    The Fashion Brief - Apostyle Jewelry - Leah Alexandra

    I love what she does and how she puts together an outfit- it's classic, seamless and most of it, it's unique to her. Not afraid to try a new style, Alex puts her own spin on a current trend and rocks it every time.
    This is why Apostyle collaborated with The Fashion Brief by including some pieces from our collection in to Alex's everyday wardrobe.

    Click on any of these images to see her post about the items, as well as to check out her website. Get ready to be inspired to bring a little fun into your everyday grind!

    The Fashion Brief - Apostyle Jewelry - Leah Alexandra



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  • Long time friends, Jan and Jo are the dream team behind Toronto based jewelry line, Meiresthai. We wanted to learn more about them and their collections, and below is the Apostyle Exclusive interview with them.

    Meiresthai Jewelry Designers


    The name Meiresthai, how is it pronounced and what does it mean?

    Pronounced as mee-res-thay the name is of Greek origin and it means one’s reward in life. It’s the perfect word to describe a venture that has given us the gift of expression and creativity.

    Meiresthai Jewelry Design


    You are a Design Duo- when did you meet and how did you come about being in business together?

    Jo and I met in the seventh grade. We started out just sharing secrets and now we have the pleasure of sharing a business. The start of meiresthai was a bit serendipitous. Jo had, for a couple of years, been asking me to start a jewellery business with her. I kept saying no so she eventually dropped it.   Then a year later I decided that I really needed to make a change in my life in order to find some passion again. I was looking for a sign and that very night she called to ask me to start a business with her. I took it as my sign and now the rest is history.

    Meiresthai Jewelry Design


    What inspires the designs of your collections?

    Everything – and that is the best part of creation. There is so much beauty in this world and some of it can be visually loud and some of it may be very subtle. The inspiration could come from a great work of art or in the simple proportion of a line. We’ve had a collection inspired through a layered mood board and one inspired simply by the materials. It can really come from anywhere, but it culminates in a sense of play. You play with ideas, shapes, materials, textures and sometimes you end up with something completely different from what you had originally intended. We just allow the inspiration to start the journey.

     Meiresthai Jewelry Design Inspiration and Design


    Describe your customer in three words:

    Stylish, Feminine, Quietly-loud


    When you aren't working on your jewelry line, what can we find you doing?

    Jo: working on photography, spending time with good friends, and probably checking my phone.

    Jan: reading a book, practicing my sketching, and shamefully binge watching Netflix


    What were your aspirations as young girls?

    Jo: I wanted to be an artist, but I never really finished a painting because I always wanted perfection! Thankfully, I fell in love with photography and making jewelry, which are my creative outlets!

    Jan: Indiana Jones. But that didn’t really work out, so in the end I really just aspired to be a strong, independent woman. It was something that my mother instilled in me and because she served as an amazing role model in my life, I’m proud to say it’s something I have achieved.



    Best advice you've received or personal life motto/mantra:

    Jo:   The best advice I’ve received is from my father: Don’t just dream about things, think about how to make dreams come true.

    Jan: The best advice I’ve received is from my mother: “You don’t ask, you don’t get”.


    Meiresthai handcrafted jewelry has quickly become an Apostyle favorite. Click here to shop the collection!

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  • Sophie Alden, Canadian Jewelry Designer

    Apostyle's Exclusive Interview with
    the Designer of Lisbeth and
    Birds of a Feather, Sophie Alden

    The names Lisbeth and Birds of a Feather- where are the names from/why did you decide on them?

    Lisbeth is actually my middle name. I always thought it was a pretty and unusual name and it was the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking of a brand name. It felt right because it is personal yet most people don't identify me with it  and it seemed to perfectly suit the style of jewelry. For Birds of a Feather, I always loved the saying Birds of a feather flock together and I wanted a name that was total departure from Lisbeth Jewelry.

    How did you get into jewelry design?

    I have always been creative and loved making things that I could actually use and wear. I got into jewelry design kind of by accident. I was working at a local boutique and we had a hard time finding local jewelry brands that suited the store and I thought 'hey! I could do that.'  I  was fortunate enough to take a year off to travel and live in another city. I spent all my time making jewelry and taking some courses. When I came home I created my line and first collection and it grew from there.

    Who are some of your top fashion icons and why?

    Obviously Kate Moss. I love the blend of classic/bohemian/rock n'roll which is totally my aesthetic. Sienna Miller would be another. I also really like Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow for classic elegance. 

    Kate MossSienna MillerVictoria BeckhamGwyneth Paltrow

    What styles are you loving right now?

    Well I'm loving that the 70's are big for Fall because that is probably my favourite fashion era. 

    70's Fashion in 2015

    When you aren't working, where would we most likely find you?

    Right now at home! I am actually just moving into a new house and have been spending all of my spare time renovating and decorating which is a full-time job but kind of a dream.

    For people visiting Vancouver, which 3 places would you suggest they go to?

    Only three! That's hard. One of a Few for shopping. Spanish Banks or Canoeing up the Indian Arm for outdoor activities. Dinner and drinks in Gastown/Chinatown. Bao Bei is one of my favs.

    One of a Few - Vancouver Shopping

    Vancouver Spanish Banks

    What the best advice you've been given? OR What's your personal mantra?

    My personal mantra is "be the good you want to see in the world." 

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  • The exclusive Apostyle interview with internationally recognized jewelry Designer, Gorjana




    The Exclusive Apostyle Interview With Designer, Gorjana


    Your Jewelry Line is named after yourself, can you give us some background on yourself and how you started designing your own jewelry line?


    I was born in Serbia, Yugoslavia and spent most of my childhood moving around. We moved from Europe to Canada then Arizona and after graduating College I moved to Southern California. I grew up a true DIY maven and used to knit sweaters for my Barbie dolls. Jewelry is something I really just sort of fell into and quickly realized it was my chosen medium for creating. When I first started I made all the pieces myself but as the business quickly grew I realized that I could not keep up. Now 11 years later it has grown to an amazing place.


    How did you select the materials you used?


    We mainly work with metal but have recently started to incorporate gemstones back into the collection. I truly believe that different stones have specific energy properties and it has been great to incorporate that in to the collection.


    How do you approach a new collection? Where do your ideas evolve from?


    I get inspired from different things all the time. It could be a cool shape I see or I will look at something I want to wear and come up with the perfect jewelry piece to complete the look.


    When you design pieces, are you designing for yourself or for a target customer?


    Neither, I actually just look at the piece and try to create something that is beautiful. That will make anyone young or old feel more beautiful when they wear it. We are unique as a brand in that our customers range from my young neice to my grandmother. There is something in the collection for everyone because I like to think of the jewelry as pieces of art.


    What new jewelry trends do you see coming up?


    A trend I see coming up is more in the way people dress. I feel that customers these days want to accentuatle their individuality and be able to create their own looks. Because our pieces are so delicate and layerable, it really allows the customer to make it their own.


    What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why?


    The Taner bar necklace because I don’t have to take it off and it goes with everything.




    The most valuable lesson you have learned?


    Be patient and take your time to do it right.  




    Gorjana designs jewelry that is made for layering and that the wearer doesn't ever want to take off.

    Click here to see Apostyle's collection of beautiful gorjana jewelry.

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