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  • Need some party outfit ideas and inspiration for that upcoming soiree? Not sure what type of jewelry to wear with that killer dress? 

    Weddings, birthdays, graduations, bridal/baby showers, anniversaries, Christmas, New Years Eve, girls' night... Parties happen year round, but this time of year is especially associated with getting family, friends and colleagues together.

    Whether we plan to wear an outfit that's already in our closet, or we are planning to buy something new, it can be a difficult task to know what jewelry to wear. The necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings that we chose can make the difference between "That outfit is amazing!" to "What were you thinking?!"

    I have put together a number of Party Outfits to give you a bit of guidance and inspiration for your next soiree.

    For more information on the jewelry featured, simply type "Party" into the search bar on the top left corner of the Apostyle website to view the beautiful pieces shown.


    Apostyle Party Outfit Inspiration

    Apostyle Party Outfit Inspiration

    Apostyle Party Outfit Inspiration

    Apostyle Party Outfit Inspiration

    Apostyle Party Outfit Inspiration

    Apostyle Party Outfit Inspiration

    Apostyle Party Outfit Inspiration

    Apostyle Party Outfit Inspiration

    Apostyle Party Outfit Inspiration

    Apostyle Party Outfit Inspiration

    Apostyle Party Outfit Inspiration

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  • Apostyle outlines the best solutions for organizing your jewelry. We have ideas and jewelry storage solutions to suit any budget, space allotment and personal style.

    How To Organize Your Jewelry
    + Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

    Best Jewelry Storage Solutions


    Many of us have a tough time sorting through our jewelry and finding that specific piece to go with our outfit, leaving us annoyed, and our jewelry in an even bigger mess than it was before. If organization isn't your forte, you're tired of tangled necklaces, or you are looking for new ideas on how to organize your jewelry, you will find everything you're looking for here. You will find ideas and jewelry storage solutions for any budget, space allotment and personal style.

    I have had a number of you comment about your jewelry organization (or lack of), and have heard things such as: you don't have a good place to store your jewelry, you have a tough time finding what you want each day, and one fantastic customer (you know who you are) asked me to write a blog about how to store and organize her jewelry. This is for all of you!

    Best For Small Spaces or Travel

    Whether you have limited space at home, or you travel a lot, a great item to have is a Jewelry Case. You can find them in various sizes to suit your needs and jewelry collection, come in many different styles (hanging or book-style) and price ranges. These types of cases can be difficult to find in stores throughout the year, but come Christmas season you may see them everywhere (I've seen them at Gap, Ikea, drug stores, department stores, etc). If you aren't willing to wait till then, you can find anything online at any point of the year (isn't online shopping great?!).

    Here are two of my favorites - a book style organizer from Clos-ette, and a hanging system from The Container Store.

    From Clos-ette, the Signature Travel Jewelry Case allows you to add or remove the ultra-suede pages to accommodate what you need and it will solve all of your organization, jewelry protection problems. This is a great solution for travel or if you don't have the counter or drawer space for other organizers. Below is an image of these fantastic cases.

    Another great space-saving option is to get a hanging organizer. These are great because you can hang them in your closet, door knob, back of the door...just about anywhere, and they don't take up any space. Tougher to find in stores, but easily found online, these are generally more cost effective than a book-style system. Below is a picture of one from The Container Store.


    Grown Up Jewelry Box

    When you read "jewelry box" do you instantly think of the childhood music box with a spinning ballerina? If you do, we may be kindred spirits. But long gone are the days of my jewelry collection ever fitting in something like that. I now have a more adult version- multi levels, velvet lined and much more grown-up (although I do wish it would play music when it opened, perhaps something by Mariah Carey or Fugees). I love having this because it sits on top of my dresser and is a great way to keep my earrings and rings separate from my necklaces. The one I own is by Umbra, and though no longer available, they have a number of great jewelry boxes and storage solutions you should check out. Another good place to look is The Container Store, they have some very nice and practical boxes that won't be an eye-sore on your shelf or counter.



    Acrylic isn't just for nails back in 1999. Using Acrylic organizers for your jewelry (or makeup) is a simple, modern way to store your pieces and thanks to the opacity, you can easily find what you are looking for without having to open every drawer or box. You can get a larger display to put on a counter or shelf, or you can get a smaller unit to fit inside your drawers. Again, from The Container Store there are many different designs you can get at different price points. For all of you Canadians, another place to look is Home Sense.  


    The Cadillac

    A wall mounted jewelry organizer is the Cadillac of all organizers. Large and in charge, this type of design requires space, costs more than other styles of organizers, and you need lots of jewelry to fill them! Well, maybe not. They do come in different sizes, but when it comes to these, size matters. Go big, or go home. Apart from having a ton of space to put all of your jewelry, they also come with interior lights and a mirror. If souped-up Cadillacs, complete with hydraulics, wheel spinners and tinted windows is what you want, there's a jewelry Armoire for you! The best of both styles I have found are from Hammacher Schlemmer, a company known for quality.

    My Personal Favorite

    If you want to save money on actually buying jewelry instead of just storing it, Ikea has the perfect solution. Giving up a sock drawer, I bought the Ikea Komplement drawer inserts. I cut one to fit in the bottom of my drawer, and another so that it rested on the top of the drawer, creating a multi level jewelry drawer. These felt inserts have different size compartments for different items, and the soft felt won't scratch your jewelry. Cost effective and customizable, this is my go-to!


    Additional Jewelry Storage Tips & Resources

    - Any flatware drawer tray can be used for jewelry, make up, toiletries, etc. Find one that you like and it's ready to go! Place it in a drawer or if you don't have the space, you can just as easily put it on a shelf.

    - Small zippered plastic bags are the perfect solution to keeping your jewelry from getting tangled, scratched and tarnished. By keeping your jewelry in individual bags you can easily see what's inside and save time by sorting through tangled chains or opening boxes. You can find these at dollar stores, craft stores (like Michaels), or party suppliers. I get mine from Creative Packaging because of their great variety of sizes.  

    - To make your morning routine easier, organize your necklaces by length. Grouping together the short lengths, medium lengths, and long lengths in separate spots. This will help you grab what you need according to your neckline and layering needs. To read the blog about Necklaces and Necklines, click here. Not sure how to layer your necklaces, click here to read our Ten Simple Guidelines To Layering.


    For even more ideas, here are some additional links to blogs, DIY ideas, and stores to help you with all your jewelry organizational needs:

    - Martha Stewart : Making your own wall mounted jewelry cabinet

    - Gurl.com : 14 Easy Tips On How To Organize Your Jewelry

    - WhoWhatWear.com : Inspiring Ways To Organize Your Jewelry

    - Curbly.com : Ikea Hack: How to Make the Ultimate Jewelry Storage Solution

    - Temptalia.com : How to Store Jewelry

    - Etsy Sellers

















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  • How to seamlessly transition your Summer Wardrobe into the fall months with the Seven Must Have items, plus tips and Outfit Inspiration.


     How To Transition Your Wardrobe
    From Summer to Fall


    Whether we like it or not, fall is upon us. While I do love fall fashion and the shopping bug starts to nag at the first sight of cable-knit sweaters, I’m not quite ready to give up on some of my favorite summer pieces.

    Being between seasons can be either fun, or frustrating, when it comes to what to wear. Mornings and evenings are crisp, while the afternoons can be wonderfully warm. Here are The Seven Must Have Items for seamlessly transitioning your Summer Wardrobe into the cooler Fall and Winter months.
    (Be sure to read to the end for extra tips and Outfit Inspirations!)


    Ankle Biter

    Booties, shoeties…whatever you call them, they are the perfect item that can worn year round. Their versatility allows you to wear them with a flowy maxi dress, skinny jeans, pencil skirt, short dress, etc. If you haven’t warmed up to this style of boot (or shoe), I strongly suggest you give it a go. You won’t be disappointed by its power to take you through summer to fall, and beyond!


    Save Your Hide

    Whether you go for a moto-style leather jacket or a more classic, streamlined style, a leather jacket is a great option to wear throughout the colder months. In the fall, wear it with your summer floral printed maxi skirts or dresses, and in the winter, layer a cardigan (or two) underneath to give you added warmth.



    Chunk Up

    The phrase “warm and cozy” is heard a lot in our house. (Who doesn’t love to be warm and cozy?!) When you layer a chunky knit cardigan to a summer tank dress, you give yourself the warmth you need when it’s cold, but the ability to take it off if you get too hot. In the colder months, the chunky cardi can be casual-cool when paired with any style of jeans and a scarf, or perfect for the office if you add a belt over it when worn with an LBD, or try it with a collared shirt and trouser. The best part is that you can find one at any price point (I just got one from Gap at one of their regular 40% off sales!), so why not try this staple piece to help you transition your summer wardrobe into fall.



    Tie One On

    This season we are seeing scarves in all shapes and sizes. From a small silky neck tie, to the massive my-scarf-is-big-enough-to-cover-a-king-size-bed type scarves, you can essentially find anything you want. Wrap it, tie it, loop it- adding a scarf to your summer dress/leather jacket combo is great, or with your chunky cardi/skinny jean outfit, any way works!

    (Not sure how to tie a scarf, or tired of your same-old method? Click here for some scarf-spiration)



    Stacks and stacks

    …of jewelry, that is! In the hot, hot heat when you’re dewy (no, not sweaty!) and jewelry tends to stick to your skin, colder temps are the perfect time to layer up and stack out. Layer and stack rings, bracelets and necklaces to give your outfit added weight and interest.

    Shae Marie from Peace Love Shea, says that she loves to wear lots of metal bangles and cuffs together in the colder months. This is a fantastic way to give your lighter, flowy summer outfits a bit of bulk and make them feel fall-ready.



    You've Never Felt Something Like This

    Felt hats are everywhere. From wide-brimmed floppy hats, to fedoras, I don’t think I’ve gone in to a clothing store that doesn’t have their own version. And why not?! They’re chic, fun and significantly better than a beanie (yes, even the cute ones with an oversized pompom on top). Plus, what's worse than spending time on your hair only for it to be ruined by falling rain or snow?! Protect your 'do with a stylish, functional brimmed hat! When fall is coming, a hat works great with a summer dress and cardigan. In the winter, it is perfect with your winter coat and scarf. You will look instantly put together and confident when you add one of these hats to essentially any outfit.



    See my vest, see my vest…

    Denim, canvas, faux fur... You name it! Vests, or Waistcoats as they’re being called (not sure what’s wrong with just “vest”?!), are an instantly cool addition to your wardrobe. Get one and wear it with everything. A vest can be your cover in early fall, and then layer it up in the winter to give you added warmth. Get creative and try layering your vest over a sweater (or two), or layer it on top of your jacket for an unexpected (but effective!) twist! A vest is an essential, and easy item to help you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall.




    As you read through these Top Seven Must Have Items, I hope you have been inspired to try something new. I encourage you to try one, or try them all. These items will give you the ability to transition your favorite summer pieces into the fall and winter months with ease, and you don't have to spend a lot (or nothing at all) to try them out. I am certain you have something in your closet (a scarf, jewelry you can pile on, some style of vest, etc) that you can bring out and give new life with some of the tricks you learned here.


    More Tips, Tricks and Inspirations!  

    I learned an interesting, and useful, fact from WhoWhatWear.com and what they call the “third-piece rule”: Employees at major retail stores like Nordstrom, Banana Republic, and Madewell, are reportedly encouraged to wear three-piece outfits, not including their shoes. So, pants and tops are the first and second pieces, and the third piece could be a vest, scarf, hat, blazer or jacket. They say that the third piece “adds nuance to an otherwise run-of-the-mill outfit, making you look put together, polished, more interesting, and like you put a little effort into your look.”

    • Kat Tanita from With Love From Kat, loves to wear turquoise jewelry year round for a pop of colour. I, too, am in love with this idea. Often the rich dark hues that come with fall and winter get tiresome, so adding a turquoise ring, earring or necklace can refresh and otherwise dark outfit.
    • Infuse rich, jewel tones into your make-up and polish. A deeper lipstick, richer eyeshadow, or rich-hued polish.
    • Wear dark, bold, heavy jewelry, and don't be afraid to layer them on and stack them up. Don't have heavy jewelry? Pile on multiple lightweight items to add bulk.
    • Nobody likes to be cold. No matter where you live and what the temperature may drop to, so fight back by layering up your accessories. Doing this gives you the ability to take off or put on the items to accommodate you throughout the day. A hat, scarf, vest or jacket are perfect for those days with fluctuating temps!




    We are constantly adding Outfit Inspitation images to our Pinterest boards, Google +, 
    Instagram account and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Apostyle Boutique to get inspired!


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  • Necklaces and Necklines

    Want to know which style and length of necklace you should wear with different tops and necklines? Our complete Necklace and Necklines guide takes out the guesswork.

     Necklaces and Necklines

    "What necklace do I wear with this top?"



    Picture this : It’s early in the morning and you’re getting ready to head out for the day. Hair is done, make up is done, clothes are on, and you look in the mirror and determine that you need a necklace. You put one on but it doesn’t look quite right (but you’re not entirely sure why). So, you try another. It’s not right either. Having somewhere to be, you grab ol’ faithful (you know the one- the default necklace that you always wear), or you’ve given up entirely, and head out the door. Throughout the day, you look at yourself in the mirror or catch your reflection in a window, glance at your necklace choice (or lack thereof) and wish you’d picked something different…but what?!


    I have compiled some guidelines to show which styles and lengths of necklaces look best with different necklines. It’s important to remember that these guidelines are a great starting point and a way to take the guessing game out of the morning ritual. I have also included our Necklace Length Guide which will give you a good idea of where different necklace lengths typically fall (what is a 20” necklace, anyways?).

    Once you have figured out what works best with your outfits, play around a bit with different looks and/or layering. There aren’t any rules, and if there are, I tend to live by the old adage that rules are meant to be broken. Now, more than ever, people are doing what they want with fashion and allowing their own creativity to shine. But for some of us, we like to have a bit of knowledge to base our creativity on.

    Here you will find a breakdown of every neckline and suggested necklace styles and lengths, as well as a chart for quick reference. Feel free to save and print the chart, make notes on it, and keep it in your drawer to assist you each morning.



    This style of neckline can vary from hitting the base of the neck to just below the collar bone. For higher crewneck tops you can try a chunky bib or collar style necklace. For the slightly lower cut crewnecks, opt for a short necklace (approximately 16”) that hits just above the neckline. If you want to elongate your torso, try pairing the short dainty necklace with a longer length that hits just above the bust.


    Scoop necklines are perfect for showcasing shorter necklaces (18”-20”, depending on the neckline). There are a number of necklace styles that compliment this neckline, so the options are limitless. You could choose a chunky or statement/bold style, lariat, large pendant, delicate (either one, or layer many)… You have a lot of space to fill with a scoop neckline, so utilize it (think of it as a blank canvas).

    V NECK 

    Similar to Scoop necklines, V necklines give you a great opportunity to feature your necklace(s). This style of neck can come in different heights and widths as well, but the trick is to match the shape of the V. You can choose short lengths layered with longer lengths, lariat style, or delicate or chunky. Because of the V shape, I recommend harmonizing it with angular/geometric shapes as well (ie. A triangle pendant, spikes, etc).


    This style of neckline doesn’t allow for shorter necklace lengths. Go with one or two lightweight (dainty) long necklaces (32” or longer). As another option, go with long, attention grabbing earring and bracelets instead of a necklace.


    The variety of square necklines is vast. Some are high, low, very pronounced, less obvious… You possibly own a square-neck top and not even realize it (I didn’t think I owned any until yesterday, when I realized I have 6!). A square neck is in itself an edgier, bolder style, so choose a necklace that works with those lines: angular, geometric, chunky or bold. In terms of a length, choose one that hits above the top so that it can lay flat and not compete.


    Fall and winter are coming, and so is the return of the Turtleneck. Steer away from short necklaces which can “cut up” the look of the top. If you really feel that a necklace is necessary, go for one or two lightweight long (32” or longer) styles. Preferably, opt out of a necklace altogether and go for an earring and bracelet stack instead.


    Halter tops can either go to the very base of your neck, or very low, exposing some décolletage. This type of neckline creates a V shape, so choose a necklace/pendant that has a narrow shape and follows the lines of the top. If the halter allows space for a necklace to lay flat on your skin, a perfect necklace style would be a lariat. Halters naturally bring attention upwards towards your face, choosing to forego a necklace and wearing a long dangle earring would compliment this style of top or dress perfectly.


    Strapless tops and dresses a meant to show off your décolletage – don’t mess with a good thing by covering it up with a big chunky necklace. If you feel too bare, a short, dainty style necklace would highlight the area without competing with it. Again, a nice long and/or bold earring would work great.


    There are two ways to wear this- a modern take on the button-up top is to have every button secured right to the top and wearing a bold, chunky style necklace on top of the shirt with the collar folded over.

    The other, more traditional way is to leave the top one or two buttons undone. With this look, choose a shorter length that allows the base of the necklace to rest above the top button. A lightweight, dainty necklace (or necklaces) is classic and feminine, while a chunkier style gives a cool, youthful vibe.


    The length of necklace will depend on what type of style of top you wear under your blazer. Ensure that the necklace you wear is able to lay flat (hits either right above the neckline of the top, or no longer than the bust). You can play around with different styles, but I would caution against large pendants that will be hidden under the jacket.


    Hopefully this comprehensive guide has taken out some of the guesswork of which necklace goes with which neckline, and gives you the foundation to start making your own “rules”.

    If I missed a neckline, or you have questions, don’t hesitate to comment on this post or send me an email.

    Below is a chart that shows each neckline and the corresponding necklace styles.
    Below the chart, you will find our Necklace Length Guide.






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  • We cover the top, and timeless, fashion and jewelry trends/styles for 2015.

    Top Styles for Summer and Fall



    Fashion, or at least trends, are as obsolete as any Apple product- when you finally give in to the idea of it and commit to purchase, a newer, better version comes out. While the current runways are showing a return to the 70's (a decade I love), and the 80’s (does “Fimo” ring a bell?), there are some styles that never seem to leave.

    Instead of taking cues from the never ending cycle of fads, let’s look at some styles that are “in fashion” and showing up on runways, in magazines and available in stores (I happen to know of a really great online boutique…), but are classic enough to stand the test of time.


    Lariat Necklaces

    The lariat style has been touted as “the new statement necklace” by Harpers Bazaar. Vogue India claims it’s “the perfect accessory to amp up the sexy quotient.” While these proclamations may be true, there’s no denying that wearing a Lariat necklace is a unique look but extremely simple to pull off. It isn’t an out-there style that only Fashion Bloggers and Celebrities can get away with. The variety of lariat necklaces allows all of us to wear it to work, for date night, or for a casual Saturday outing.



    Horny isn’t Corny

    The tribal wave hit a couple years ago but is still going strong with hints of zebra and Aztec prints, and horns are taking their place in the spotlight. Known as a “lucky charm” the horn continues to be a strong staple in many different jewelry lines. Either as a pendant or dangling from your ears, it is a fun way to change up your everyday look.


    Fringe Fest

    Recently seen on the runways of Missoni and Tom Ford, fringe is showing up not only on shoes, coats and handbags, but also as the feature piece on necklaces and earrings. “The fascination with fringe continues…lending fluid movement to each limb.” (Harpers Bazaar). By incorporating tassels in to your jewelry repertoire you are instantly adding movement and length, and drawing the eye to wherever it hits. If you want to draw attention to your face and add some length, try a tassel earring. Or, if you’re looking to elongate your neckline or torso, go for a pendant.



    Bling & Vintage Inspired Designs

    Bling is back, baby! Go ahead and pull out those chunky sparkly rings from 2006, or your Grandma’s antique broach. You will not only see big and sparkly, but you’ll also notice that either vintage inspired designs, or authentic vintage pieces are being incorporated into modern jewelry designs. On the clothing end, the Victorian era continues to inspire designers through utilizing lace, high collars and ruffles.

    From simple details like baguettes cut stones and lace, to authentic vintage shoe clips repurposed into earrings or a belt buckle, vintage and sparkly is here to stay. Move over hipsters, vintage is taking the reign.



    In Chains

    Delicate chains are refined, beautiful and classy. Worn as a short necklace, long layering piece, a thread-through earring or bracelet, the subtle chain can be dressed up or down. An Internationally recognized, and influential fashion magazine talks about the delicate chain necklace saying “An emphasis on the 1970’s has brought the pendant necklace back into the conversation- making a more subdued return on graceful, slim chains.”


    Fur Baby

    On a different note, there are a lot of things I’ve seen featured on the runways that cause a mixture of emotions such as revulsion, confusion and are straight-up hysterical. One of these “highlights” is the Hairy Shoe. Long, flowing hair (or fur), short and shaggy, or just touches, the hairy shoe seemed to be everywhere. One article I read stated “they are definitely super chic. They add the perfect amount of texture to any look…” This is a prime example as to why I don’t rely on magazines, or the runways, to give me fashion advice. This fur style was meant for Yeti, Alf and Chewbacca. Nothing else.


    And then some…

    I know you don’t have endless time to read a blog, but there are a couple other fashion highlights that I am personally excited about:

    Plaid! I.Love.Plaid. Always have and always will. There’s something about the tartan print that is near and dear to my heart. This print has been around, and “in style” for decades. Plaid is beyond adaptable – it can give off a punk vibe, escape-to-the-cottage vibe, preppy vibe, equestrian, high-end… whatever direction you take it, it’s classic and timeless.



    High Waists – I am so happy that high waisted pants are available again. Apart from being sick of showcasing my rear-end to the world when I lean over, sit, bend, or move, I love the way high waist pants and jeans give my whole silhouette a longer, slimmer look. Can’t go wrong with that!



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  • How To Layer Necklaces


    Layering jewelry can sometimes leave us feeling confused and exasperated. However, like most things, practice (and a little know-how) makes perfect.

    I’d love to say that I have the power of knowing exactly which necklaces to layer together, but it has taken a bit of time, plus trial and error, to discover what does and doesn’t work. To make your life easier, I have compiled what I’ve learned into Ten Necklace Layering Guidelines so that you can be armed and ready to layer up.

    1. Short & Long

    You likely have a go-to long necklace that is a staple in your accessories collection. An easy way to amp up the ante is to add a delicate, shorter necklace. Choose a shorter style that doesn’t take away from the longer one- you don’t want the short necklace to be the focal point, so ensure that it is a lighter style. Keep it simple.

    When it comes to wearing the short, dainty necklaces, you don't want to hide it under your top with a high neckline. Ensure the neckline is low enough so that the short necklace can lay flat and breathe.

    Here we have the Leah Alexandra Naomi long Necklace, highlighted by the Lisbeth Marlowe Necklace.

    2. Choose Similar Colours

    No matter the varying lengths, a great way to mix and match, yet maintain a cohesive look, is to go with necklaces in similar colours. You could choose different tones of gold (or silver, or rose gold) chains, or as shown in the picture, we went with a necklace with Aquamarine beads paired with another necklace that features Green Patina charms. The shapes are not the same, nor are the chains, but having the same colour accents brings it all together.

    This perfect pair is created by the Hailey Gerrits Armour Necklace (the longest length), and We Dream In Colour Wee Naija Necklace.

    3. Pick Your Leading Lady

    When you have one necklace that you love, no matter the length, make it your Leading Lady. Once you have your Lead cast, choose the Supporting Actors. The Leading Lady doesn’t necessarily have to be big and bold, but the Supporting Actors shouldn’t outshine Her and steal the spotlight. Go with lighter, more delicate necklaces that will showcase Her charm.

    With this look we cast the Neely Phelan Ivory Horn Necklace as our Leading Lady, and to support Her we have the Gorjana Taner Dagger Necklace and the shorter Lisbeth Lave Necklace.

    This works with any lengths of necklaces and any style of top, just remember not to distract from your Lead.

    4. Short Stop

    By layering short necklaces together you create a focal point that is both modern and classic. To create this look you will want to choose similar shapes. In these pictures, we layered two and three dainty necklaces that have a V type shape. If most of your necklaces are more rounded, go with that. Don’t feel trapped if you don’t have multiple “dainty” chain necklaces- our next Guideline shows layered chunkier necklaces.

    This works with any type of top, but ensure that the neckline of the top is low enough to allow your short necklaces to breathe and lay flat. For added interest, try this look with a collared top.

    Here we show the Leah Alexandra Gem Necklace in Moonstone (the shortest necklace in the trio), the Whitley James Arrowhead Necklace, and the Gorjana Taner V Necklace.

    5. Create A Collar

    As mentioned in Short Stop, layering chunkier necklaces can create a whole other look. When you choose a shorter, thicker, bolder necklace and layer it with others in a similar lengths, you create your own unique Collar-style necklace. This route gives your outfit an edgier, rock-and-roll look, and the chunkier, the better.

    This look works great with any top or neckline. With those chunky chains, add edge to an otherwise plain crew neck sweater or tee.

    Our collar was created using the Leah Alexandra Black Onyx Bar Necklace, Melanie Auld AFLA Multi Triangle Necklace, and the Lisbeth Willow Necklace in Moonstone.

    6. Update Your Pearls

    If you’re like me, you have a strand of pearls that has been sitting in the drawer waiting to be worn, but every time I put them on I suddenly feel…older. So I quickly take them off and store them away. Then it hit me- by pairing my classic pearls with a more modern necklace, it instantly gives my pearl strands an updated, youthful look!

    When you choose what to layer with your pearls, make sure that the “weight” of it is equal to that of your pearl necklace. You don’t want the pearl necklace to be the whole look, you want it to be an equal partner to the other half. Think of it as a wonderful, happy marriage- two different necklaces that can come together and become one.

    I partnered my classic pearl necklace with the Neely Phelan Vintage Tropez Mesh Pendant Necklace.

    7. Stone Cutter

    Bring in some natural elements with stones and/or crystals. Neither the colours nor shapes need to be the same, however try to keep some consistency with the chains (all gold, silver or rose gold). By using different stones and crystals your look will be youthful and creative, yet rooted in similarity.

    Here we've got the Leah Alexandra Arrow Necklace in Aquamarine and Sapphire, with the longer Whitley Beate Necklace in faceted Moonstone.

    8. Lariats & Tassels

    When you wear a lariat necklace or a necklace with a tassel pendant, you draw the eye downward giving a longer, leaner look. When paired with a shorter necklace, these styles give your accessories a great end-point as they taper off and add length.

    The first look is created by using the short Neely Phelan Druzy Bar Necklace on Pyrite Stone Chain with our Whitley Lizbeth Tassel Necklace.
    For our second look, we have the Gorjana Taner V Necklace, combined with the Leah Alexandra Lariat Necklace in Rose Gold.  


    9. Cascading Lengths

    One of the more difficult layering looks is to find necklaces in different lengths that all work together. A rule of thumb that will help you with this is to choose necklaces that have at least one similarity. In this picture, we have three necklaces that all contain silver. While the middle necklace isn’t a silver chain, the silver spikes lend to the unified look. Another element that works with this outfit is that the longer two necklaces have similar shapes in the spikes and the sea glass pendant. Sure, the shortest necklace is rounded, however the fact that it’s silver contributes to the overall unified look.

    From shortest to longest, we have the Gorjana Taner Bar Necklace, We Dream In Colour Sofia Spike Necklace and the Dreamboat Lucy Retreat Necklace with white sea glass.

    10. Use Multi-Layered Necklaces

    The simplest of all routes – get a necklace that is already designed with layers. Layering necklaces has been so popular for so many years that Designers have been creating styles with combined multiple lengths. It couldn’t be easier than that! In this photo, I have only two necklaces on, but it appears as though I am wearing four. Whether you wear one multi-layered necklace, or put a couple together, the end result will be flawless.

    This stunning combo features the Leah Alexandra Arrow Necklace in Aquamarine and Sapphire, along with the Gorjana Nina Layered Lariat Necklace.


    These Necklace Layering Guidelines will give you the tools you need to create endless looks that can evolve with your style. Remember, these are just guidelines, feel free to stick to them, or use them as a starting point to come up with your own formulas. When it comes to fashion and style, anything goes and you breathe life into it when you make it your own.


    Have questions or would like some additional tips and tricks? Send me an email and I’d be more than happy to help!

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