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    Instagram has become a source of inspiration, captivation, humour and emotion. With the millions of Instagram account holders, it can be difficult to find what you're looking for. Here are my Top 12 Instagram Accounts.

    Disclaimer : You won't find any Kardashians, Beibers or Beyonces on this list. It wasn't accumulated by number of followers, likes or apparent celebrity status. This list was curated simply out of interest factor. If there has been, or will be, any Apostyle collaboration with anyone on this list, it had no effect on whether or not you see their names here, I've actually been following everyone on this list for quite some time.


    Top 12 Instagram Accounts



     Apostyle Top Instagram Accounts National Geographic

    National Geographic  |  @natgeo  :  You will be captured by the stunning photos from around the world that are featured by National Geographic's various talented photographers.


    Apostyle Top Instagram Accounts Jade Sheldon

    Jade Sheldon  |  @jade_melissa  :  Jade is the counterpart to the Endlessly Enraptured blog. Her Instagram account shows simple, yet beautiful, images of her daily encounters paired with elegant and eloquently written captions. 


     Apostyle Top Instagram Accounts Anthropologie

    Anthropologie  |  @anthropologie  :  Known mainly for their charming aesthetic, the Anthropologie account showcases both their clothing and home decor collections. Being a retail store, you won't feel like you're being sold on any items (although you will likely be tempted).


     Apostyle Top Instagram Accounts Lauren Conrad

    Lauren Conrad  |  @laurenconrad_com  :  I wasn't ever a fan of The Hills and it took me a little while to warm up to any Hills "celebrity", but I have turned to the Lauren Conrad side. I like this account not because of LC, but because of the team behind the LC brand. The style of the posts are classic, squeaky clean and fresh, and include fashion, home décor, recipes and positive vibes.


    Apostyle Top Instagram Accounts Baddie Winkle

    Baddie Winkle  |  @baddiewinkle  :  In complete contrast to the aforementioned, Baddie Winkle is a hilarious grannie with attitude. You know that when her bio says "stealing your man since 1928", you're in for some good laughs.


    Apostyle Top Instagram Accounts Green With Envy

    Green With Envy  |  @greenwithenvyca  :  Wishing I was better at anything to do with flowers, the arrangements that Jenn Chu puts together are inspiring and beautiful. Great for wedding ideas, or for fresh picks in your home.


    Apostyle Top Instagram Accounts E Interiors

    E. Interiors  |  @einteriors.design  :  Featuring not only spectacular interior design and décor, they also have an eye for fashion and definitely know their style. Be inspired, or simply wish your were there (...in the marvelous, decadent spa-like bathroom.)


     Apostyle Top Instagram Accounts Humans of New York

    Humans of New York  |  @humansofny  :  Humans of New York shares the stories of real people in New York. Currently focusing on the personal stories of refugees from Europe, you will be hard pressed to look at those around you with the same eyes after reading some of these stories.
    My only negative- makes me with there was an account like this for every major city.


     Apostyle Top Instagram Accounts Fashion Dads

    Fashion Dads  |  @fashiondads_  :  We've all seen it or had a personal experience with a #fashiondad. This collection of photos is hilarious because we know it's real and true. No filters needed, no Photoshop and no set-up. The struggle is real, folks.


     Apostyle Top Instagram Accounts Dote Magazine

    Dote Magazine  |  @dotemagazine  :  "A well-styled and meaningful life." That's what this magazine is all about. If you're done with large corporation publications that promote scandalous and unattainable living, and offer a narrow view on life and living, look to Dote. Their perspective is refreshing, inspiring and encouraging. The articles and imagery offer insight and promote deeper thought. This is one magazine that I will keep around to re-read for quite some time. If you aren't in YYC, you can read their issues online, and be sure to follow their Instagram account!


    Lori Andrews  |  @theoriginal10cent  :  Feminist, photographer, interior designer, bike enthusiast (car de-thusiast)...there are few things Lori doesn't do. My favorite thing about her account are the photos of the Rocky Mountains. Clear, crisp and captivating- you will feel the chill of the winter air, or hear the trickle of the river, it's as if you were right beside her as she took the photo.


    Apostyle Top Instagram Accounts

    Apostyle  |  @apostyle_boutique  :  If you don't follow Apostyle already, you are missing out on daily jewelry features, tips & tricks, Sunday Outfit Inspiration (including How to Wear It and How to Make it Better), the Hump Day Jump, exclusive offers, customer shots, and so much more! I may be biased, but what can I say, I think the account is top notch!  ;)


    There are a multitude of spectacular Instagram Accounts out there, and there really is something for everyone and for every mood. If you need to laugh, cry, be encouraged, find tips on just about anything, find someone to commiserate with...Instagram has it.


    What are some of your favorite Instagram Accounts that you think we should all follow? Comment below!

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