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  • Trend Alert : Hoop Earrings

    Spring Jewelry Trends : Hoop Earrings
    The trend that's always in style


    Love hoop earrings, but not quite sure which
    styles suits you best?

    I've got the answers for you right here!


    Spring Jewelry Trends Hoop Earrings


    It’s no secret, hoops are my go-to earring for any outfit. There are so many varieties available to suit anyone’s style. Of course, when I was buying for the boutique earlier this year, I spotted many designers were coming out with a fresh take on hoops! I thought now would be a great opportunity to share their versatility and highlight some of the details you will find in each pair, I have brought in for the Spring 2021 collection.

    Hoops have always been a classic. When you think of hoops most people imagine solid gold hoops, a true staple. However, with creativity and innovation, there are many ways a simple hoop can take your outfit to the next level, whether you have a more contemporary or classic wardrobe if you like to keep it casual or add a little touch of femininity.

    I recently took a poll over on Instagram and turns out most of you are nervous to take a step into the hoop world, let me formally introduce you to your new favorite accessory.

    Let’s start with an everyday classic: Lover’s Tempo Silvia Hoops. These are a simple clean 12mm diameter hoop with a sterling silver post made out of Vancouver. They add simple detail to any look, great for those who have a capsule wardrobe.


    For those who want to take it up a notch, I would suggest Shashi’s Bijou Hoop, while still a clean hoop the parallel bar adds a level of detail and dimension. This gold hoop is a great way to add subtle boldness to your look. If you’re looking for a more gentle feature, I would suggest Gorjana’s Bali small hoops. These have a bubble detail surrounding the hoop. Unlike a classic hoop, these have a huggie backing which gives a stunning 360 degree look, talk about no bad angles.




    Daisy London is your perfect match if you prefer unique details rather than bold statements. I was thrilled to bring Daisy into the boutique this season as they have some stunning details on their hoops. Stacked Rope Midi Hoop has an intricate twist throughout the hoop and is available in both silver and gold. The Leaf Hoop is another option that adds a  natural element to an outfit. To get the best balance of detail and boldness I would suggest the Artisan Woven Hoop. This hoop is a little larger but has unique sketch marks etched around the earring.

    Staying in the mid-range size hoops but with a more delicate feminine touch are the beaded Pan Hoops from Abacus Row. No matter your colour palette I have the ones for you. These hoops are the ideal outfit enhancement whether you're wearing  jeans or a summer dress, all you need is a sunhat and a picnic basket, and you're set for the perfect day out!

    For a true classic, but slightly larger version of the Lover's Tempo. I would suggest our in-house Everyday Medium Hoops. These are available in both Gold Fill and Sterling Silver.

    If you're still looking to amp up your look a bit more, let me introduce you to the Minka Thin Hoops and the Mendoza Hoops. These gorgeous thin hoops, proves sometimes size does matter... while delicate in nature these beauties are bold and in charge, and level up any power suit. Talk about being a boss!


    Check out the full spring collection!

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  • A curated list of Spring and Summer's Top Five Jewelry Styles that will stay in your jewelry box for years to come!

    With spring and summer at our doorstep, it’s tough to avoid being swept up in the excitement and temptation to buy everything on this Spring’s Hottest Trends lists. But in an effort to save you from chasing the rainbow of latest trends, we have curated a list of the Top Jewelry Styles for Spring and Summer 2016, focusing on those pieces which transition easily from season to season and that you'll wear for years.


    Top 5 Jewelry Styles for Spring & Summer

    The five styles listed here are pieces with a modern edge and classic aesthetic- choosing these will help ensure that you aren’t wasting time or money on over-the-top transient trends, but instead making savvy choices on jewelry that will stand the test of time. Being sensible with your resources doesn’t mean you have to be boring or feel uninspired with your jewelry. Au contraire! You can have your cake and eat it too!

    It’s important to not solely follow the latest craze, instead be true to your unique style. Don’t think “I could never pull that off!” or “I love that, but it’s not me”. If you’re drawn to it, this means there’s something about that piece of jewelry that resonates with you- It IS you! It is YOUR style. Embrace your style and let it shine!

    Spring Summer Top 5 Jewelry Trends and Styles



    Threading a Needle

    If you aren’t familiar with Ear Threaders, fear not, they’re not nearly as painful as they sound. A very fine, smooth bar (or “needle”) is seamlessly adhered to a delicate chain, and on the other end there is often a type of stone or pendant detail. You “thread” the earring through an ear piercing (or two or even three) and simply pull it through to the desired length. One style of earring has never given you so many different looks! This style is popular because of its feminine and unique charm, ease of wear and versatility.

    Ear Threader


    Coming Up Roses

    Rose Gold has regained popularity over the last few years, but thanks to Pantone’s 2016 Colours of the Year choices, Rose Gold is not only fitting in, but it is standing out! Rose Gold is not a fleeting trend that will come or go with the season; you will see it stick around for many years to come, and we have already caught a glimpse of it in upcoming fall/winter collections. This ladylike tone evokes both warmth and strength and easily mixes with your silvers and golds. Rather than committing to an entire Rose Gold jewelry collection, start with a bracelet or simple earring, and once you realize just how easy it is to incorporate into your daily go-to’s, try a necklace or watch.

    Apostyle Leah Alexandra Rose Gold Apostyle Leah Alexandra Astro Ear Climber Rose Gold


    Now Watch This

    Biceps rejoice!! It’s time to put aside that cumbersome chain-link metal watch you’ve been wearing for the last five years. Give your biceps a break and opt for a thin, lightweight styled watch instead. Whether it has leather or flat metal-mesh bands, you will no longer need to roll up your sleeve to fit your bulky watch underneath; instead, you will roll up your sleeve to show off your classic, simply beautiful watch. (Tip: look for brands, such as Cluse, that feature straps you can easily change yourself.)

    Apostyle Cluse Watches in Canada Best Selection


    Heart of Stone

    Stones of all kinds are showing up ten-fold in jewelry design. You can expect a range of coloured stones such as Aquamarine, Labradorite, Turquoise, Topaz, and pink or blue Chalcedony. At the top of its’ game, Moonstone is gaining popularity because of the cloud-like and dreamy feel. This particular stone is at home in any setting- formal or casual, and is a classic, yet modern, choice.

    All things that sparkle continue to stand strong and make their way to every woman’s heart (and jewelry box!). Perhaps the large, in-your-face kind of sparkle is a bit much for spring and summer, but subtle touches are a great way to add panache to your wardrobe. Looking beyond the established Cubic Zirconia and polished diamonds, Raw Diamonds are gaining popularity thanks to their organic natural texture that lends to the distinctive shimmer and shine (many women are even opting for Raw Diamond engagement rings over the traditional smooth, polished cut diamond). Wearing jewelry with stone accents is a refined and fresh way to add natural elements, hints of colour, and a personal touch to each outfit.

    Apostyle Melanie Auld Moonstone Ear Jacket Apostyle Gorjana Olympia Ear Climber Apostyle Leah Alexandra Aqua Chalcedony Ear Climber Apostyle WYSH Collective Beaded Wrap Bracelet


    Delicately Put

    While bold statement jewelry still definitely holds a place in the jewelry department, delicate pieces that you layer are taking the spotlight. Whether thin gold cuffs piled alongside lighter weight chain bracelets, stacking dainty rings on every finger, or layering a number of delicate necklaces, this look is perfect with the season’s feminine feel of florals, subtle colours and airy fabrics. Combining dainty pieces of jewelry is the perfect way to create a harmonious statement look without overpowering warmer-weather outfits. (Tip: If the thought of layering jewelry overwhelms you, look for pieces that are already pre-layered.)

    Apostyle Gorjana G Mixed Ring Set Spring Summer 2016 Top Trends Apostyle Gorjana Design It Yourself Necklace Spring Summer 2016 Top Trends Apostyle Gorjana Layers Spring Summer 2016 Top Trends



    These Top Five Jewelry Styles for Spring and Summer are sure-fire designs that will update your wardrobe and become heritage pieces that you will love even longer than you loved velour jumpsuits, slap bracelets, and tube tops. Opting for jewelry that is modern yet classic, and refined yet effortless will ensure you don’t squander your resources, and you will feel confident and beautiful knowing that you chose jewelry that is true to your style and will be around for years to come!


    If you have questions about any of the styles listed here, or would like tips on how to wear them, how to layer, or would like assistance selecting pieces to go with a particular outfit, don’t hesitate to reach out to Alayne at Apostyle. Beyond delivering a finely curated jewelry collection, we offer a full spectrum of free services including Personal Shopping & Styling.

    Spring Summer 2016 Top Jewelry Trends

    Spring Summer Top 5 Jewelry Trends and Styles


    I wrote this post in collaboration with Dote Magazine- a Calgary based lifestyle publication dedicated to "living a well styled and meaningful life." Dote is beautifully written and styled and the thought process put in to everything they do is amazing! You can read their issues online, as well as check out their latest blog posts here http://www.dotemagazine.com/

    Dote Magazine

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  • Vacation Mode

    Tickets are booked and it's time to pack your bags, but what jewelry should you take on your holiday? Here's your must pack list in ten pieces or less.

    Apostyle Beach Vacation Packing List

    What jewelry should I pack for my next holiday?

    What Jewelry To Pack for My Vacation


    If you're like me, packing for any holiday is something that should be started a week in advance. With all the luggage restrictions, we are forced to be selective in not only quantity but in weight, as well. Now that there are these fun-killing rules and regulations, there are ways that we can be smart about the pieces of jewelry that we choose to bring.


    Your Jewelry Packing List -
    From a Casual Day of Relaxing to a Night on the Town 


    First : Consider the location and climate

    A beach holiday is completely different than a winery tour or a city adventure. Based on where you go, you'll also have an idea of what you will be doing from day to day, thus the type of wardrobe you will need.

    Hot destinations : Lightweight jewelry that won't stick to your skin with humidity and sweat. If you love bolder pieces, go for statement earrings as they won't stick to your skin but can amp up a beachy wardrobe. 

    Beach Vacation Destinations

    Mild and cool destinations : Since you likely won't be sweating 98% of the time on these types of holidays, your heavier and bolder jewelry (as well as stacking and layering) is a great option!

    City and Winery Vacation Destination



    What Jewelry Should I Pack? 

    Here is the breakdown, in ten pieces or less:

    One statement necklace - Having one necklace in tow that can dress up any outfit is a must! A statement necklace can dress up a simple tank dress, t-shirt or blouse for a nice dinner or night out.

    Biko Mies Necklace Hailey Gerrits Bardot Necklace

    Two lightweight necklaces in different lengths - Having a couple lighter weight necklaces will give you the versatility to wear them alone and switch up your more casual outings, or wear together in layers. One short to mid length piece, and one longer necklace gives you the ability to mix and match (and you can even try layering them with your one statement necklace).

    Lisbeth on Apostyle Gorjana on Apostyle

    One everyday earring - Whether you choose a stud earring, a hoop, or a classic piece that you wear all the time, the everyday earring is the go-to for all occasions. The beach, a tour, zip lines or a bike ride, this pair of earrings will be there.

    We Dream In Colour Wee Luca Earrings Gorjana Chloe Rose Gold Stud Earrings Dreamboat Lucy Amethyst Crystal Stud Earrings

    One pair of dangle earrings (this isn't a Must Bring, but something I like to sneak in) - I love a longer dangle earring for when I'm not wearing a necklace. It's an easy way to quickly feel dressed up without having to fuss with multiple pieces.

    We Dream In Colour Agea Drop Earrings Hailey Gerrits Salvation Earrings Meiresthai Vertex VI Earrings

    One pair of statement earrings - Even if you wouldn't typically bring this, it's a great just-in-case item to pack. At the time of selecting my jewelry, I never think I will need a bold earring, but when the time comes, I am touched by the magic of the vacation and always end up grabbing them. The Statement Earring gives you the opportunity to glam up any outfit and try something you may not usually try at home. They're great to have for a museum visit, night of dancing, cocktails or going to see live music.

    Leah Alexandra Sunny Ear Jacket Labradorite Biko Loki Stud Earrings Neely Phelan Lucerne Earrings

    One bold bracelet or cuff - A bold bracelet is a simple way to add oomph to an outfit without having to coordinate a whole jewelry ensemble. Pair this with your statement earrings, or your lightweight necklaces.

    Sarah Mulder Dawn Bracelet We Dream In Colour Guia Cuff We Dream In Colour Syllah Bracelet

    Two to three dainty bracelets - These can be a metal, rope, leather, beads, or one of each. Try to grab bracelets that are in complimentary colours to one another, as well as to the clothing you pack, so that you can get the most wear out of them. Wear one at a time, together on one wrist, or one on each wrist.

    Gorjana Chaplin Bracelet Gorjana Lido Cuff Bracelet Gorjana Taner Rose Gold Cuff We Dream In Colour Silver Nina Bracelet


    The All Time Best Jewelry Packing Tip :

    Bring pieces that are adjustable or interchangeable. Designers are loving these types of versatile pieces and they've become extremely popular. Having a necklace that can be worn short or long gives you more options and wearability than a piece that can only be one length. Another fantastic option is having a piece that can be worn as either a necklace or wrapped around the wrist and worn as a bracelet. Brilliant and versatile! 
    Here are some pieces from the Apostyle collection that are adjustable or interchangeable. 

    Biko Adjustable Kai V Necklace We Dream In Colour Carlotta Wrap Necklace Hailey Gerrits Bardot Wrap Bracelet Necklace Hailey Gerrits Adjustable Bacall Necklace


    Pack it In : 

    Now that you have selected what jewelry to wear, you now need to figure out how to pack it all.

    There are some beautiful options for jewelry travel organizers that help you store and protect your jewelry. These organizers are great for at-home storage, as well as for travel, but keep in mind that they can add weight and take up room. While there are a number of these options out there, click here to see the best ones I have found from Clos-ette.

    Jewelry Travel Case

    For those of us who don't want to sacrifice weight or space, there are some handy DIY packing tips from Travel Fashion Girl. Click here to see all of her suggestions and ideas.

    DIY Jewlery Packing Tips and Tricks



    Apostyle has curated a wonderful Vacation Collection. To view these selected pieces, simply type "Vacation" in the search bar at the top left hand corner on the Apostyle website.

    Happy shopping, and have a great holiday!

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