Your Personal Style

Your style is unique, a reflection of who you are, your experiences, your values and your likes. 

The jewelry you wear is how you polish off your style and complete an outfit. As cheesy as this sounds, it's like the ribbons and bows on a gift - without it, it's a lovely box wrapped in beautiful paper, but it's just not complete. Your jewelry acts in the same way- it adds the necessary finishing touch to an outfit and allows you to fully personalize any outfit. 

I don't have a style. I don't know what my style is. I don't know what works for my body. I don't know how to shop (or I don't like to shop). I don't even know where to start. 

If any of those statements has crossed your mind, working with a Personal Shopper and Stylist will not only help you hone in on what your style is, but it will also help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to create a wardrobe and put together outfits that you truly love and feel amazing in. 



If you're in Calgary and area, Alayne Joy Styling offers a number of services that will help you feel inspired by your closet and make your getting ready process easy, quick and enjoyable. 

Click here for more details : Alayne Joy | Calgary's BEST Personal Stylist

Not sure if a Personal Stylist is for you? Stay tuned for Alayne's newest blog post that will answer all of your questions. 


Styled by Alayne Joy

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