Hailey Gerrits

Hailey Gerrits Jewelry

Hailey Gerrits is a Vancouver based jewelry business focused on creating unique and sustainable jewelry. Hailey designs her pieces using almost 100% repurposed and recycled vintage metal findings, paired with semi-precious stones. Whether from warehouses in New York, or street markets in Cambodia, Hailey is always looking for unique pieces to create with. She spends hours digging in warehouses and markets for the perfect vintage chains, crystals, and pendants.

Owner and designer, Hailey Gerrits lives in Vancouver, BC. In 2004 Hailey moved from Summerland, in the Okanagan Valley, to attend University. With a keen interest in culture and antiquities, Hailey focused her studies in African and Latin-American history. Her interest in History has imbued Hailey with a strong sense of the past, and an affinity for re-imagining the old. Her unique aesthetic combines her passion for both history and design, creating modern pieces with vintage appeal- wearable in any decade.