Off the shoulder top

What jewelry is best with an Off The Shoulder Top? The good news is that almost anything works! Just ensure the jewelry you wear with an Off The Shoulder Top is delicate and lightweight.

The main thing to remember is that since this style of top adds width at your shoulders (because of the horizontal line that cuts straight across), you want to add length with your jewelry to counteract that width. Think "long and lean"!

Here's a few of the top jewelry styles we've selected. (But don't feel limited to what's here! Browse through all of our styles by clicking the 'Jewelry' tab above!)

Here are some great styling tips for when you select your jewelry:

Long, delicate necklaces with a short or stud style earring.
Choker style necklace with short or medium length earrings.
No necklace with a great long, dangle earring.
Ear Threaders are a perfect choice!  
Layer up some delicate cuffs and bracelets, or pile on the rings - but don't layer both bracelets and rings at the same time, as it will add too much weight. (You can shop Apostle's bracelets under the 'Jewelry')

You will never have to wonder "What should I wear with an Off The Shoulder Top?" again!