Abacus Row | Aurora Necklace, Beige SOLD OUT

Five stunning strands of silk cord are brought together with glimmering 14k Gold-filled beads to create a look that is simple, yet remarkable. This eye-catching and memorable style is for those who want an understated & refined necklace- one that can easily go with any everyday outfit, or special occasions.
As with all Abacus Row jewelry, you have the ability to change up the look of this necklace by either keeping the beads together, or spacing them out along the silk cords. Make it a look that is completely yours, and yours alone!

(The photo shows the model wearing the Aurora Necklace, layered with other gold necklaces)

14k Gold filled beads

Five Beige Silk Cords

Measures 30" Length

Handmade in San Francisco


Aurora Necklace from Abacus Row on Vimeo.


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$134.00 CAD

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