The Curator

When I am asked “Why a jewelry store?” my answer is multi-faceted.

One of my passions dates back to as far as I can remember – I have always loved putting together my outfits, right down to painting my nails every night to match the next day’s look. This carried on to where I worked in retail for many years. While I loved many aspects of every job, the biggest impression was made when I worked at a high-end local boutique where we provided our customers with a personal-shopping and styling experience. This is what I loved to do, and I found myself coming back to this boutique a number of times. The feeling of finding that perfect outfit for the event, or choosing the accessories that clients loved, wasn’t only fun for me, it was beyond satisfying to see my clients’ eyes light up.

After having two amazing kids, I found myself spending an increased amount of time purchasing things online. However, there was a lot of frustration when the descriptions and pictures were less than descriptive. There were a few times when I received something in the mail that only slightly resembled what I thought I had ordered. I decided that there has to be a better way, but when I couldn’t find it, I decided to do it myself.

I have set out to provide my customers with not only an amazing selection of jewelry, but also with extensive and detailed images and descriptions of the actual item. Equally important, I truly believe in providing excellence in Customer Service and communicating with every customer. 
I want to end the guessing game when it comes to purchasing jewelry online.

I also love to provide customers with that personal styling experience. If you have an outfit you feel amazing in but are stuck on how to accessorize it, or need help with everything (including the outfit), please reach out to me. I would love to assist you through the process and find those items that suit your personality, figure and place in life, and to make your eyes light up.

 Apostyle Online Jewelry Boutique Curator and Proprietor