Abacus Row | Dorado Necklace, Brown

Ready for a minimalist look, or to be layered up, the Dorado, from Abacus Row, is truly adaptable!
Not only that, but She can be adjusted to many lengths, AND you have the ability to collect the Gold tube-beads at the bottom for a row of gold, or slide the tubes apart to create dashes of gold all around! The Dorado Necklace is a piece that you can truly make your own!

(The photo shows the models wearing the Dorado Necklace in Grey)

14k Gold filled beads

Brown Silk Cord

Measures 30" Length, adjustable

Handmade in San Francisco


Dorado Necklace from Abacus Row on Vimeo.


Apostle Special Orders

$73.00 CAD

$35.00 CAD