Giving Back

One of Apostle's mission statements is Do good. Feel good. Look good. Giving Back is a foundational corner stone that Apostle is built on, and has been since the beginning.

With all that’s going on in the world, it’s hard to turn around and ignore all the need out there. We recognize that not everyone is gifted or able to work in relief agencies, but we do believe that everyone is able to make a difference. It doesn’t matter if you take big steps or little steps towards helping others, but it’s when we step together that can change lives.


Leftovers Foundation


The Leftovers Foundation is a registered charity that started in 2012 in Calgary, Alberta, and currently operates in Calgary and Edmonton. Our mission is to mobilize community to reduce food waste and increase food access. We envision a world where food waste doesn't exist - we want to protect our planet by reducing the amount of edible food going to the landfill, the associated greenhouse gases, and the costs of managing food waste for local businesses and governments, while also providing people with good food through local social service agencies.


Leftovers currently rescues approximately 6,000 lbs of food per week. Our amazing team of community volunteers picks up unsold, surplus food from over 90 food vendors and delivers the food to more than 45 service agencies that feed those in need, as well as to local businesses to upcycle into marketable cuisine which is then either donated or sold to support charity. Join our team by downloading our app and signing up to help redirect good food today!


Visit our website for more information.



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