Personal Shopping & Styling

Apostle offers free Personal Shopping and Styling services. Whether buying a gift for a loved one, or for yourself, we will help you find the perfect piece of jewelry.


 Apostyle Personal Shopping and Styling


Sometimes we all need a little help and guidance- whether it’s a gift for yourself, a family member, friend or significant other, we would love to help you find that perfect piece.  

I have over five years of Professional Personal Shopping & Styling experience and would be happy to help you choose items to compliment your style, coach you through the basics, or piece together an outfit for a special occasion.

Apostle Personal Shopping & Styling services are based on three foundational aspects:

  1. Understanding who you are and what your style is
  2. Highlighting what you love about yourself
  3. Feeling comfortable and confident in

When we keep these three things in mind, it will allow us to choose items that you will love to live in.


How it works:

Buying Yourself a Gift

If you aren’t sure how to accessorize an outfit, are looking to add that wow-factor, or want to try a style or item that you wouldn’t have thought of, we can assist you in finding the perfect pieces.

We would start off by seeing the specific outfit(s) that you want to accessorize. Once you email a photo, we would figure out what you are looking for and email you a list of suggestions to help you visualize the end result.

We won’t limit ourselves, or you, to what we have online, but would hit our other resources to find the perfect fit.

Buying a Gift for a Loved One:

Getting a gift for someone can be somewhat daunting, leaving you feeling lost in all the options. To us, finding that perfect gift for someone is a fun and exciting task that we love to accomplish.

We would begin by understanding the person that you are buying for- with a quick set of questions, combined with some photo, we will be able to see what their personal style is and find something that suits them perfectly.


You can feel comfortable and confident that Apostle will leave you with amazing pieces of jewelry and applicable tips & advice.


Apostyle Personal Shopping and Styling