Jewelry Care

How To Care For Your Jewelry


Like all of us, jewelry needs some tender, loving care to ensure it maintains its lustre and beauty. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your Apostle jewelry looking great!


  • When you're not wearing your jewelry, store it away from direct light & heat. It's best to put each piece in the zippered pouch that it came in (or a fabric jewelry bag)- this will protect it from tangles, scratches, and tarnishing or oxidization.  
  • Don't wear your Apostle jewelry in the water- this includes pools, hot tubs, baths, showers and the ocean.
  • Remove jewelry before exercising or partaking in activities (sweat+jewelry=not good)
  • Keep your jewelry away from lotions, body oil, and chemicals (ie. household cleaning agents).
  • Put your jewelry on after you have done your hair and makeup- any chemicals in makeup and hair products can negatively affect your jewelry.
  • As a rule, jewelry should be the last thing you do when getting ready. This will ensure it doesn't come in contact with any body lotions, makeup, or hair products, but it will also protect both your jewelry and clothes from snags, rips and breaks.


Like any good relationship, if you give it some attention and love, it will last!