Being an Apostle of Style

Style goes beyond the pieces of jewelry and clothing you wear. What is style and how do I discover my own personal style?

What does it mean to be an Apostle of Style?



Style is a distinctive blend of soul and substance. It’s not only what is visible – the jewelry and clothing you wear, and the way you move and talk. But it includes your thoughts, emotions, interests and values. Style is said to be a combination of identity, personality and fashion. Your style echoes the care, emotion, and energy that you invest and express in your daily life. Stacy London said it perfectly - “Style is about utilizing the best aspects of you.” Fashion and style connect when we dress to honor ourselves, just as we are, on any given day.


Apostle of Style


An Apostle is someone that is loyal and committed to their purpose. They’re passionate, unique and authentic. You are an Apostle when you act with intent and drive towards that which moves you. You set out to accomplish each goal with a confidence that comes from believing you’re on the right path, and continue to push forward despite the fact that there may be obstacles and objections along the way.

We are all Apostles of Style.

When you recognize your uniqueness, what separates you from everyone else, you convey that message by simply being you. It doesn’t require soul searching or calculated actions. You are already doing it and have been since you were a child. Every day you choose not only what clothing and jewelry you will wear, but you are constantly choosing your attitude and the way in which you respond to different situations. No matter how hard you may try, you can’t hide you. The good, the bad and the ugly, it is all revealed in some way, at some time. Everyone has that side- the side that embarrasses us and shames us. It happens, and you can’t feel guilty about it. The important thing is that we strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. With that, we should always remember one simple thing:
“You can do something no one else can do in a fashion no one else can do it.”[1]
When you are true to yourself, it makes a statement to everyone around you.
We know that our image isn’t reduced merely to the things we wear, but as a whole it includes all that we are passionate about. We communicate who we are, without saying a word.
This is what it means to be an Apostle of Style.




If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed, I have over six years of personal styling experience and would be more than happy to help you discover your own unique style, select items that fit seamlessly with your lifestyle, coach you through the basics, or piece together an outfit for a special occasion.

 Apostle of Style


[1] Cure For The Common Life – Lucado, Max

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