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  • Spring Trends: Jewelery Edition

    Ahh spring! It's time to say hello to new spring and summer jewelry styles and trends...oh ya, and of course there's the warm sun, green grass, and budding trees too. But spring style is just as exciting as all of that too, right?

    Spring & Summer Styles and Trends :
    Jewelry Edition


    So as the days get longer and the sun gets warmer, it seems like the perfect time that I showcase some of the newest pieces to Apostle.

    You may have noticed a theme when scrolling through my Instagram feed, (@alayne.joy, in case you’re not following). For the spring, you may notice the use of florals, natural gemstones with an element of sparkle, designs with charming and unique accents, and bold pieces with delicate feminine details.



    Floral patterns and motifs aren't just for clothing, but it's become a popular accent used in jewelry as well!

    When it comes to florals, many of us think of bright colours and the basic flower shapes. However, the floral designs this season have a more abstract or desert feel, with imprints set into the material giving it a fossilized texture. Some beautiful examples of this are the Palm Drop Earrings from Liv Finely, the In the Garden Necklace from Little Gold, and the Primrose Studs to match.



    Beautiful Gemstones

    As a unique way to add colour to an outfit, the use of natural gemstones is a great way to add another dimension to your look. No stone is the same, so not only will your piece be unique to you, it will be the only one with the exact colouring you see in the rock. The Labradorite Pool Necklace shows gorgeous earth tones with a touch of blue undertones. If you want something a little more subdued, the Cameo Necklace is a stunning alternative using Rainbow Moonstone to add beautiful, neutral touch. Some complementary pieces include the Moonstone Mari Studs (these little studs are SO cute and pretty!) and the Parker Gem Bracelet (adds such a nice touch of light pinks to your outfit!).


    Just A Touch of Sparkle

    Whether you're days consist of everyday casual, office attire, or you like to dress up a little more- a touch of sparkle will add polish and class to your outfit!

    As the summer days tend to include a bit more of a relaxed vibe, it's important to pay attention to clothing and accessories that can take you from day to night- and a little sparkle can take you there!

    The Nora Studs from Shashi have a touch of elegance with a halo of sparkle surrounding a beautifully-cut Labradorite gemstone. The Madison Shimmer Earrings (available in gold or silver) are a classic & chic huggie-style that you will wear constantly (and if those aren’t to your liking check out the Hoop Blog post that showcases the different hoops, no matter what your style is!).

    Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or for a gift the “Cheers to you” Necklace is a lovely option, with the right amount of sparkle it's beautiful on its own or would pair nicely with a simple gemstone necklace. No outfit is complete without a bracelet in my books, and the ideal pairing would be the Bezel Bolo Bracelet (available in gold or silver), again nothing too dramatic just a touch of elegance.

    Charming Accents

    I have always been one to admire the artistry in jewelry design and I admire when designers are able to find the intersect between uncommon and every day. Little accents like hearts, inscribed messages or images- these make pieces so unique and add such a special (and sometimes sentimental) touch- making them a meaningful gift either for yourself or a loved-one. 

    The Love Token Necklace is available in Gold or Silver, and the Tiniest Heart Studs (also available in gold or silver) make for a gorgeous feminine set that's full of love! For those who love a subtle touch of feminine drama, the Pearl Drop Chain Earrings paired with the Angel Face Necklace could be just the set you’re looking for.


    Bold Feminism

    We all have a bit of a wild side…yes even you moms reading this, we’re not normal moms we’re cool moms, we just have to tame it from time to time. I love how jewelry can be used as an expression of our personalities. These pieces are for those of you who want to make a statement, but in a cool, understated and feminine way (no heavy pendants or bulky chains here! We need easy-to-wear all day, with all the things, kind of style!).

    The Chico Earrings from Liv Finely are unique and contemporary and extremely lightweight! You can pair them (any anything else) with the Artisan Woven Stacking Ring from Daisy London. Finish off the look with the Venice Necklace from Gorjana, and you’re set for the day, from drop off, to zoom meeting, to patio drinks the true balance of bold and beautiful.

    (Little side note- if you love a cool, modern style that evokes both a feminine, delicate feel with a touch of confidence, you will love the Daisy London collection!) 



    The spring/summer jewelry styles and trends are all about feminine and versatile styling with a little more oomph behind it. The very lightweight, delicate pieces are still definitely a thing, but Designers wanted to instill a bit more personality and strength in their designs as well- which I absolutely love! This combination truly creates a look the is timeless, wearable for the everyday, and versatile for all the things! 

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  • As Featured on The Fashion Brief

    Alex Lo is the brains and the beauty (and the fashion savvy!) behind The Fashion Brief.

    Based in Dallas, Texas, Alex is a big firm attorney that dreads the daily routine of black suits and white button ups that are prevalent in the court room. Determined to bring style (and colour!) into a commonly drab workplace, she sets out to inspire and encourage women in all types of careers to have fun with their business attire.

    The Fashion Brief - Apostyle Jewelry - Leah Alexandra

    I love what she does and how she puts together an outfit- it's classic, seamless and most of it, it's unique to her. Not afraid to try a new style, Alex puts her own spin on a current trend and rocks it every time.
    This is why Apostyle collaborated with The Fashion Brief by including some pieces from our collection in to Alex's everyday wardrobe.

    Click on any of these images to see her post about the items, as well as to check out her website. Get ready to be inspired to bring a little fun into your everyday grind!

    The Fashion Brief - Apostyle Jewelry - Leah Alexandra



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  • If you have ever wondered what jewelry would compliment your body type the best, this post is for you!

    What type of jewelry should I wear
    for my body type?

    I don't know what to wear!


    Just like the clothes we wear and the haircut we have, there are certain styles of jewelry that can either highlight our favorite features, or distract from our least favorite.

    But let me start out by saying this, I am a firm believer that if you love it, wear it! Even if it goes against some of these guidelines, you should choose what to wear because you love it, not because some blog said that it isn't "best" for your frame. Anything I write is simply a suggestion or proposal, not a set in stone rule. Keep these tips in mind as you select the jewelry you wear, or as you shop for new items. The goal is to give you guidance towards feeling beautiful and confident when you look in the mirror after getting dresses.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that if a style you love isn't mentioned here as complimentary for you, it doesn't mean that it won't work. Try it out and see how you feel.


    Complimenting Your Body Shape

    Jewelry can bring attention to or take attention away from certain parts of your body. For features you want to highlight, you can wear bold pieces, layer up, or wear jewelry that falls in or around that area. On the other end of the spectrum, for features you would like to distract from, keep the jewelry around those areas light and sparse.


    Art Deco(lletage)

    If you want to bring attention to your décolletage, a chunky, bold, or short layered necklaces will do the trick. Also wear these items if you want to distract from your hips.

    Biko Mies Necklace Hailey Gerrits Bardot Necklace



    Long and Lean

    If you feel that you have a rounder shape, choosing long pieces of jewelry (earrings and necklaces) will create a slimming effect. Also layering up on long necklaces is a great trick! Think: Long & Lean.

    Whitley Lizbeth Necklace Rare Designer Bianca Necklace


    If you want to lengthen your torso and appear taller, "V" or "Y" shape necklaces will do the trick (this includes lariats and bolo styles).

    Hailey Gerrits Bolo Necklace Leah Alexandra Dasha Necklace Leah Alexandra Roase Gold Lariat Necklace


    Did you say pimple?!

    If you wake up with a pimple, distract from your face by wearing simple stud earrings and a long eye-catching necklace and/or a large pendant, or you could layer up with bracelets and rings.

    Melanie Auld Pave Four Tier Ring Neely Phelan Tropez Mesh

    Feeling Handsy

    If you aren't fond of your hands, believe it or not, a chunky bracelet will draw the eye away from your hands and to the wrist. Wearing heavy, bold bracelets are a good pairing for smaller hands, whereas if you feel that your hands are on the larger side, opt for lots of small bracelets and a watch.

    We Dream In Colour Guia Cuff Sarah Mulder Dawn Bracelet


    Busting Out

    If you have a larger bust and want to guide attention elsewhere, steer away from necklaces that fall right on your chest and pendants that get lost in your cleavage. Eye-catching earrings are a great option, as are chokers and very short necklaces.

    We Dream In Colour Seville Earrings Sarah Mulder Curfew Earrings Leah Alexandra Wing Ear Climber

    Swallowed Up

    If you are petite, try avoiding very chunky, short necklaces as can swallow you up. Instead, opt for necklace lengths that fall between the chest and the waist to make you look taller. 

    Hailey Gerrits Garland Necklace Birds of a Feather Rhonbus Necklace Gorjana Faryn Fringe Necklace




    To learn more about how to accessorize, read my post on What Jewelry To Wear For Your Face Shape.

    If you have further questions or comments, feel free to comment below or send me an email!

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  • Apostyle outlines the best solutions for organizing your jewelry. We have ideas and jewelry storage solutions to suit any budget, space allotment and personal style.

    How To Organize Your Jewelry
    + Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

    Best Jewelry Storage Solutions


    Many of us have a tough time sorting through our jewelry and finding that specific piece to go with our outfit, leaving us annoyed, and our jewelry in an even bigger mess than it was before. If organization isn't your forte, you're tired of tangled necklaces, or you are looking for new ideas on how to organize your jewelry, you will find everything you're looking for here. You will find ideas and jewelry storage solutions for any budget, space allotment and personal style.

    I have had a number of you comment about your jewelry organization (or lack of), and have heard things such as: you don't have a good place to store your jewelry, you have a tough time finding what you want each day, and one fantastic customer (you know who you are) asked me to write a blog about how to store and organize her jewelry. This is for all of you!

    Best For Small Spaces or Travel

    Whether you have limited space at home, or you travel a lot, a great item to have is a Jewelry Case. You can find them in various sizes to suit your needs and jewelry collection, come in many different styles (hanging or book-style) and price ranges. These types of cases can be difficult to find in stores throughout the year, but come Christmas season you may see them everywhere (I've seen them at Gap, Ikea, drug stores, department stores, etc). If you aren't willing to wait till then, you can find anything online at any point of the year (isn't online shopping great?!).

    Here are two of my favorites - a book style organizer from Clos-ette, and a hanging system from The Container Store.

    From Clos-ette, the Signature Travel Jewelry Case allows you to add or remove the ultra-suede pages to accommodate what you need and it will solve all of your organization, jewelry protection problems. This is a great solution for travel or if you don't have the counter or drawer space for other organizers. Below is an image of these fantastic cases.

    Another great space-saving option is to get a hanging organizer. These are great because you can hang them in your closet, door knob, back of the door...just about anywhere, and they don't take up any space. Tougher to find in stores, but easily found online, these are generally more cost effective than a book-style system. Below is a picture of one from The Container Store.


    Grown Up Jewelry Box

    When you read "jewelry box" do you instantly think of the childhood music box with a spinning ballerina? If you do, we may be kindred spirits. But long gone are the days of my jewelry collection ever fitting in something like that. I now have a more adult version- multi levels, velvet lined and much more grown-up (although I do wish it would play music when it opened, perhaps something by Mariah Carey or Fugees). I love having this because it sits on top of my dresser and is a great way to keep my earrings and rings separate from my necklaces. The one I own is by Umbra, and though no longer available, they have a number of great jewelry boxes and storage solutions you should check out. Another good place to look is The Container Store, they have some very nice and practical boxes that won't be an eye-sore on your shelf or counter.



    Acrylic isn't just for nails back in 1999. Using Acrylic organizers for your jewelry (or makeup) is a simple, modern way to store your pieces and thanks to the opacity, you can easily find what you are looking for without having to open every drawer or box. You can get a larger display to put on a counter or shelf, or you can get a smaller unit to fit inside your drawers. Again, from The Container Store there are many different designs you can get at different price points. For all of you Canadians, another place to look is Home Sense.  


    The Cadillac

    A wall mounted jewelry organizer is the Cadillac of all organizers. Large and in charge, this type of design requires space, costs more than other styles of organizers, and you need lots of jewelry to fill them! Well, maybe not. They do come in different sizes, but when it comes to these, size matters. Go big, or go home. Apart from having a ton of space to put all of your jewelry, they also come with interior lights and a mirror. If souped-up Cadillacs, complete with hydraulics, wheel spinners and tinted windows is what you want, there's a jewelry Armoire for you! The best of both styles I have found are from Hammacher Schlemmer, a company known for quality.

    My Personal Favorite

    If you want to save money on actually buying jewelry instead of just storing it, Ikea has the perfect solution. Giving up a sock drawer, I bought the Ikea Komplement drawer inserts. I cut one to fit in the bottom of my drawer, and another so that it rested on the top of the drawer, creating a multi level jewelry drawer. These felt inserts have different size compartments for different items, and the soft felt won't scratch your jewelry. Cost effective and customizable, this is my go-to!


    Additional Jewelry Storage Tips & Resources

    - Any flatware drawer tray can be used for jewelry, make up, toiletries, etc. Find one that you like and it's ready to go! Place it in a drawer or if you don't have the space, you can just as easily put it on a shelf.

    - Small zippered plastic bags are the perfect solution to keeping your jewelry from getting tangled, scratched and tarnished. By keeping your jewelry in individual bags you can easily see what's inside and save time by sorting through tangled chains or opening boxes. You can find these at dollar stores, craft stores (like Michaels), or party suppliers. I get mine from Creative Packaging because of their great variety of sizes.  

    - To make your morning routine easier, organize your necklaces by length. Grouping together the short lengths, medium lengths, and long lengths in separate spots. This will help you grab what you need according to your neckline and layering needs. To read the blog about Necklaces and Necklines, click here. Not sure how to layer your necklaces, click here to read our Ten Simple Guidelines To Layering.


    For even more ideas, here are some additional links to blogs, DIY ideas, and stores to help you with all your jewelry organizational needs:

    - Martha Stewart : Making your own wall mounted jewelry cabinet

    - Gurl.com : 14 Easy Tips On How To Organize Your Jewelry

    - WhoWhatWear.com : Inspiring Ways To Organize Your Jewelry

    - Curbly.com : Ikea Hack: How to Make the Ultimate Jewelry Storage Solution

    - Temptalia.com : How to Store Jewelry

    - Etsy Sellers

















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