Our Exclusive Interview with Gorjana

The exclusive Apostyle interview with internationally recognized jewelry Designer, Gorjana




The Exclusive Apostyle Interview With Designer, Gorjana


Your Jewelry Line is named after yourself, can you give us some background on yourself and how you started designing your own jewelry line?


I was born in Serbia, Yugoslavia and spent most of my childhood moving around. We moved from Europe to Canada then Arizona and after graduating College I moved to Southern California. I grew up a true DIY maven and used to knit sweaters for my Barbie dolls. Jewelry is something I really just sort of fell into and quickly realized it was my chosen medium for creating. When I first started I made all the pieces myself but as the business quickly grew I realized that I could not keep up. Now 11 years later it has grown to an amazing place.


How did you select the materials you used?


We mainly work with metal but have recently started to incorporate gemstones back into the collection. I truly believe that different stones have specific energy properties and it has been great to incorporate that in to the collection.


How do you approach a new collection? Where do your ideas evolve from?


I get inspired from different things all the time. It could be a cool shape I see or I will look at something I want to wear and come up with the perfect jewelry piece to complete the look.


When you design pieces, are you designing for yourself or for a target customer?


Neither, I actually just look at the piece and try to create something that is beautiful. That will make anyone young or old feel more beautiful when they wear it. We are unique as a brand in that our customers range from my young neice to my grandmother. There is something in the collection for everyone because I like to think of the jewelry as pieces of art.


What new jewelry trends do you see coming up?


A trend I see coming up is more in the way people dress. I feel that customers these days want to accentuatle their individuality and be able to create their own looks. Because our pieces are so delicate and layerable, it really allows the customer to make it their own.


What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why?


The Taner bar necklace because I don’t have to take it off and it goes with everything.




The most valuable lesson you have learned?


Be patient and take your time to do it right.  




Gorjana designs jewelry that is made for layering and that the wearer doesn't ever want to take off.

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