What Jewelry Is Best For My Body Type?

If you have ever wondered what jewelry would compliment your body type the best, this post is for you!

What type of jewelry should I wear
for my body type?

I don't know what to wear!


Just like the clothes we wear and the haircut we have, there are certain styles of jewelry that can either highlight our favorite features, or distract from our least favorite.

But let me start out by saying this, I am a firm believer that if you love it, wear it! Even if it goes against some of these guidelines, you should choose what to wear because you love it, not because some blog said that it isn't "best" for your frame. Anything I write is simply a suggestion or proposal, not a set in stone rule. Keep these tips in mind as you select the jewelry you wear, or as you shop for new items. The goal is to give you guidance towards feeling beautiful and confident when you look in the mirror after getting dresses.
Another thing to keep in mind is that if a style you love isn't mentioned here as complimentary for you, it doesn't mean that it won't work. Try it out and see how you feel.


Complimenting Your Body Shape

Jewelry can bring attention to or take attention away from certain parts of your body. For features you want to highlight, you can wear bold pieces, layer up, or wear jewelry that falls in or around that area. On the other end of the spectrum, for features you would like to distract from, keep the jewelry around those areas light and sparse.


Art Deco(lletage)

If you want to bring attention to your décolletage, a chunky, bold, or short layered necklaces will do the trick. Also wear these items if you want to distract from your hips.

Biko Mies Necklace Hailey Gerrits Bardot Necklace



Long and Lean

If you feel that you have a rounder shape, choosing long pieces of jewelry (earrings and necklaces) will create a slimming effect. Also layering up on long necklaces is a great trick! Think: Long & Lean.

Whitley Lizbeth Necklace Rare Designer Bianca Necklace


If you want to lengthen your torso and appear taller, "V" or "Y" shape necklaces will do the trick (this includes lariats and bolo styles).

Hailey Gerrits Bolo Necklace Leah Alexandra Dasha Necklace Leah Alexandra Roase Gold Lariat Necklace


Did you say pimple?!

If you wake up with a pimple, distract from your face by wearing simple stud earrings and a long eye-catching necklace and/or a large pendant, or you could layer up with bracelets and rings.

Melanie Auld Pave Four Tier Ring Neely Phelan Tropez Mesh

Feeling Handsy

If you aren't fond of your hands, believe it or not, a chunky bracelet will draw the eye away from your hands and to the wrist. Wearing heavy, bold bracelets are a good pairing for smaller hands, whereas if you feel that your hands are on the larger side, opt for lots of small bracelets and a watch.

We Dream In Colour Guia Cuff Sarah Mulder Dawn Bracelet


Busting Out

If you have a larger bust and want to guide attention elsewhere, steer away from necklaces that fall right on your chest and pendants that get lost in your cleavage. Eye-catching earrings are a great option, as are chokers and very short necklaces.

We Dream In Colour Seville Earrings Sarah Mulder Curfew Earrings Leah Alexandra Wing Ear Climber

Swallowed Up

If you are petite, try avoiding very chunky, short necklaces as can swallow you up. Instead, opt for necklace lengths that fall between the chest and the waist to make you look taller. 

Hailey Gerrits Garland Necklace Birds of a Feather Rhonbus Necklace Gorjana Faryn Fringe Necklace




To learn more about how to accessorize, read my post on What Jewelry To Wear For Your Face Shape.

If you have further questions or comments, feel free to comment below or send me an email!


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