As Featured on The Fashion Brief

Alex Lo is the brains and the beauty (and the fashion savvy!) behind The Fashion Brief.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Alex is a big firm attorney that dreads the daily routine of black suits and white button ups that are prevalent in the court room. Determined to bring style (and colour!) into a commonly drab workplace, she sets out to inspire and encourage women in all types of careers to have fun with their business attire.

The Fashion Brief - Apostyle Jewelry - Leah Alexandra

I love what she does and how she puts together an outfit- it's classic, seamless and most of it, it's unique to her. Not afraid to try a new style, Alex puts her own spin on a current trend and rocks it every time.
This is why Apostyle collaborated with The Fashion Brief by including some pieces from our collection in to Alex's everyday wardrobe.

Click on any of these images to see her post about the items, as well as to check out her website. Get ready to be inspired to bring a little fun into your everyday grind!

The Fashion Brief - Apostyle Jewelry - Leah Alexandra

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