Spring Look Book Photoshoot : Part II

Spring & Summer 2017 Jewelry
Look Book Photoshoot Part II

This season I decided to do two separate shoots with two different photographers to give some variety and to showcase the newest looks. But even still, there are so many beautiful new jewelry styles from all of the Apostle Designers, I couldn't quite capture them all. (But I sure did try!!)

As always, for more information on any of the amazing businesses that contributed to this shoot, you can click on their logo or accompanying image.


Once again, I began with my muse- the model. This woman is one that I've admired for awhile, she is one hard-working woman! Co-owner of Calgary-based Fond Boutique, a mobile boutique that houses "curated contemporary consignment". She is also a Motivator at YYC Cyle, known to be a powerhouse, and friends refer to her as "loyal" and their rock. How could I not be in awe of this inspiring woman?!

Dione Fond Boutique

Ladies and gentlemen (just in case there's any men reading this, I wanted to include you), I'd like to introduce you to Dione. Dione is not only a force to be reckoned with, but she is warm, kind, and so fun to be around! I had no problem chatting with her about everything from work, life goals & challenges, and everything in between. It's easy to fall in love with Dione because she's genuine, relatable and hilarious.


For her wardrobe we did a collaboration with Fond Boutique, selecting items from her inventory that worked with the vision for the shoot. Being a consignment shop, we had a variety of things to choose from and were able to have fun putting together outfits that were cohesive, cool and wearable. Fond Boutique is taking part in East Village's new shopping concept "EV Junction" - a pop-up retail park of 12 shipping containers adapted into wonderful retail shops. It is located on 4th St and 8th Ave SE Calgary, from June 1-Oct 1. If you're in Calgary, or visiting during that time, you will need to check them out! Another project in the works for Fond is the opportunity to shop online. So for those of you that are looking for amazing contemporary clothing, well-known brands, at a stellar price, watch for Fond Boutique's online shopping website, coming soon!

 East Village Pop Up Junction Calgary


This time around I was given the opportunity to work with not just one, but two amazing models. Carmyn is a long-time family friend and a woman that is full of life and has a great vision for...well, anything. She immediately jumps at the chance to try something new, and isn't afraid to go out of her comfort zone. Carmyn has a mind for business and she recently launched her own company, Perspective One Day Home Makeovers (that's right- a one day makeover! Amazing!!), and an eye for style, and not to mention a huge heart!

Apostle Designer Jewelry Boutique Spring Photoshoot


Carmyn set us up for the shoot at the Fratello Café and roasterie, here in Calgary. Fratello (Italian for "brothers") was started by Carmyn's husband, Chris, and his two brothers, Jason and Russ. Thanks to the boys' dad's entrepreneurial spirit and guidance, the Prefontaine brothers now have five retail cafes (you may be familiar with Analog- that's Fratello!) with an amazing & cozy atmosphere, and you can also order their delicious coffees and quality supplies to enjoy at home! Fratello is such a fantastic local business, with both a local and global perspective. I love the story behind the company, and they continue to grow and thrive!

Fratello Coffee




Megan Steen Photography

The photographer was the uber-talented Megan Steen. When I was first introduced to Megan's work I loved the drama and emotion in each image. She truly knows how to work with light and shadow, whereas some photographers prefer to steer-clear of any shadow. Megan loves trying new locations, and thrives in the challenge of finding great spots wherever she is.
Megan Steen is predominantly an engagement and wedding photographer, but she also loves doing lifestyle stories as well. Originally from Winnipeg, but recently moved to Calgary with Ryan, her golf-pro boyfriend, her time is spilt between the two cities 50/50 and her wedding calendar is almost fully booked until the fall 2018. 

Megan Steen Photography

Working with Megan was fun and easy, and I loved how well she took charge of the shoot. Her confidence and keen eye allowed her to gently direct the models to get the perfect shot and evoke the right emotion. Megan is easygoing, positive, has a kind, gentle (yet confident) demeanor, and she is so easy to get along with! Check out her website, and if you're looking for a photographer for any occasion, be sure to contact Megan!


Distilled Beauty Bar and Social House

Now, what more wonderful things can I say about Distilled Beauty Bar & Social House that I haven't said in the last posts...? The atmosphere is to die for, the drinks (including wine), treats and food are amazing, and all their services they offer are relaxing and fun (thanks to the wonderful ladies that work there).
We had the chance to not only have Dione and Carmyn all done-up for the shoot at Distilled, but we also took advantage of their cute patio space, wonderful café area for some photos, AND we had a break for lunch before heading off. And it was all AMAZING!!

Distilled Beauty Bar and Social House

Distilled Beauty Bar and Social House


As I mentioned, for this shoot, the ladies at Distilled provided both Dione and Carmyn with gel-polish manicures, amazing hair blow-outs, and beautiful makeup application. The hairstyle lasted for days (but they weren't crunchy or stiff with product), and the makeup was glamorous and gave this shoot a completely different look from the others we have done.
Whether you're looking for a mani/pedi, a place to grab a coffee and lunch with a friend, or all of the above, Distilled is conveniently located in Marda Loop and definitely somewhere to check out! You won't be disappointed!!


Village Ice Cream

Right beside Distilled is another amazing Calgary-based company, Village Ice Cream! As if ice cream at 10:30am isn't perfect on it's own, how can you beat flavors like Blueberry Lavender Coconut Milk, Oh Snap Crackle Popin', Melted Chocolate, or Guides Mint (to name a few!). Village Ice Cream gave us a fun, contemporary place to get some great shots, and it was fun to incorporate (and then eat) some amazing ice cream!
Every time I have visited Village Ice Cream, I have been so impressed by the way the staff treat every customer. I believe that this stems from staff loving where they work and being thrilled to be there. With three locations in Calgary, this artisanal ice cream shop is a great place to visit...even at 10:30am!

Village Ice Cream

Village Ice Cream


I am a born-and-raised Calgarian, and there are a number of stores that I can remember going to with my mom when I was a kid. One of these stores is Kismet, located in Kensington. Kismet has so much selection in a reasonable price range, and no matter your style, budget, or occasion, you can definitely find something at Kismet!
I had a lot of fun going through the racks finding the perfect spring-time wardrobe for Carmyn. From a floral bomber, to the most comfortable kimono styled cover-up, to a beautiful tan leather jacket...Kismet hit the nail on the head! Thank you Kismet for being a part of this shoot! It was such a pleasure and I hope to work with you again!

Kismet Clothing Calgary


Wrinkle and Crease Paper Products

Last fall I met Kayley, the owner of Wrinkle & Crease, a beautiful collection of luxury paper products- from cards, to notebooks, to monthly planners. Kayley designs each item and uses a high-quality letterpress and foil print, creating simply beautiful stationary. Wrinkle & Crease is about writing more, and typing less. There's nothing better than receiving a hand-written card to say Happy Birthday (or Thank You, or Happy Mothers/Fathers Day, I like your face, etc)- so much better than just a text, don't you think?! Wrinkle & Crease is a Must-See, but I warn you, when you see it, you will want it all, and that's ok! It's about thoughtfulness and sending someone a message that they will cherish and keep. Or, if you like to journal, it's a wonderful keepsake and safe-haven for your thoughts, feelings, and life stories. 
I incorporated a couple of Wrinkle & Crease cards in this shoot because I, for one, love sending cards, and I also believe in (and love) what Kayley is doing.  

Apostle Designer Jewelry Boutique Wrinkle & Crease



As they say, that's a wrap!

This season I have seen a many new styles with fresh colours and designs- it was a lot of fun to get the two look book photoshoots together and I always truly love & appreciate working with all of the fantastic local businesses. Thank you to not only those that I collaborated with for the shoots, but to everyone who is reading this- thank you for the support and encouragement, and for enabling me to do what I love.


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