The Best Wedding Jewelry & Style Is...

There's a secret to finding the perfect wedding jewelry, whether it's for the bride or the bridal party, there's something you should know.


The Best Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry Style Kendal and Kevin


Oftentimes brides feel like they have to sparkle-up or don pearls for their special day, spending a lot of money on jewelry that they'll never wear again. I admit, I'm one of them. Of course I am a sucker for sparkle, the wedding jewelry that I bought has been tucked away in their special boxes in a drawer. I've maybe worn them one other time, leaving me to wonder what the point was in getting jewelry for my wedding that I've never worn again. Sure it was pretty, and wedding'y, but if I haven't worn it again, was it really "me" and a reflection of my style? Or, was it just "wedding style"?


Wedding Jewelry Style


The style of a wedding is a reflection of the couple's style (and typically more of the bride since she's the one leading the planning committee). But more so, your Bride Style is all you and nobody else. From the dress, to the shoes, to the jewelry and accessories- it's all you, baby! Don't feel restricted by the unspoken (or spoken) wedding style rules. You don't need to cover yourself in sparkly jewelry, or pearls, or heavy jewelry just because it's the standard Wedding Jewelry Style. Let me say this, you do need to be comfortable, and you do need to feel absolutely amazing. And this can only be achieved when you, are you.


Your wedding jewelry doesn't have to be something that you'll never wear again. In fact, you should wear it again. Not only because that would make the investment in your wedding style absolutely worth it, but because every time you slip on that necklace or earrings or bracelet, you can remember the day you married your True Love. Let your own personal style shine, every day, including your wedding day!

Now, this doesn't mean that your wedding jewelry shouldn't be special or unique. It absolutely should be! It just means selecting wedding jewelry that is versatile and classic, and not a one hit wonder.


Wedding Jewelry Style  Wedding Jewelry Style


If you always, and I mean ALWAYS (and only), wear stud earrings, your wedding earrings shouldn't be large chandelier style earrings. Likewise, if your style tends to be delicate, feminine and understated, go that route for your Big Day too. On the flip side, say you love bold, colourful and fun jewelry, bring that in to your wedding style. If you are always trying out the new trends and love to try new things, perhaps seeking out a trendy earring style would be the best option for you! Remember: do you! There's nothing wrong with your everyday style and you can, and should, bring that into your wedding day style.


Just One Simple "Rule"

No matter what your personal style is though, there is one rule of thumb that will help you look polished and chic : Pick one piece of jewelry to be your standout item, and the other items you select should be much simpler and understated. For example, if you want to have fun with your earrings, a dainty necklace and simple bracelet would look amazing.

This is a great suggestion that works no matter what day it is! Mind you, there are always exceptions to every rule, so if that's the look you're going for, do it!


Wedding Style


How to make your everyday style special

Saying it doesn't have to be tough to do. Here's some great ideas for you to try based on some common everyday go-to's. All images are linked to the product so that you can see additional details. Also, if I haven't touched on your personal style, definitely send me an email and I would be more than happy to help!


Be a Stud

Studs don't have to be boring. You can wear a classy, pretty and unique stud earring and have that "special" element to your day and wedding jewelry. Some great options are to add a slight sparkle, a different shape, perhaps a stone, or even go for a different metal (ie. Rose Gold!!). Another great option is a really simple ear climber or ear jacket style. Nothing too heavy or bold, because that's out of your element. Here's some fantastic options for you to consider.

Wedding Style Leah Alexandra Anni EarringWedding Jewelry Style Keltie Leanne Rose Gold StudWedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry Style


Bold and Beautiful

If you love fun, cool, and trendy jewelry, you can definitely add some pizazz with some fun earrings. Some great ear climbers or ear jackets in a fresh & versatile colour could be great, or opt for a drop earring with cool stones that will bring attention to your beautiful features.

Wedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry Style


Somewhere In Between

Now if you aren't really a strict stud wearer, nor do you want to go all out, then perhaps a classy, yet interesting dangle earring is for you! Nothing big or bold, but still pretty and feminine.

Wedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry Style


Wedding Jewelry Style


Vintage Flair

Think garden party'esque, lace, and beautiful vintage details. I have a couple Designers that fits this perfectly! With the use of vintage, repurposed chains and custom, hand-cut stones, the aesthetic is unique, pretty and oh-so-perfect for you!

Wedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry Style

Wedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry Style



Adorn Thy Neck

Necklaces can be a tougher decision, but if you stay true to you, there's no wrong way! Or, go sans necklace for a timeless and classic look. If you're just not sure, my suggestion is to keep it light and simple. Too much "stuff" can be distracting from not only your lovely dress, but from you and your beautiful smile. All of this can be achieved with stunning necklaces that you can incorporate into your everyday too! Some great options are below (and you can click on any image for more details), and if you still don't see something that you love, send me an email and we'll find that perfect fit!

Wedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry StyleWedding Jewelry Style


Wedding Jewelry Style


But wait! Don't forget your wrists!!

At the risk of be repetitive, stick with your style and go with something that works with the rest of your wedding jewelry and style. It doesn't have to match, but be complimentary to the other pieces. Bracelets with subtle hints of colour are a fun way to make your look truly you-nique, or going with one (or two) delicate pieces can really pull together your wedding look!

Wedding Jewelry Style  Wedding Jewelry Style


The Bride Tribe

Now what about bridesmaids style? Whether you want them all to match from head to toe, or like them to be somewhat different, you want your bridal party to shine. I love when bridesmaids style is different, yet correlates with each other and maybe even ties in a bit with the bride. But how do you do that?

Obviously the bridesmaids won't be in wedding dresses, so that option is out. But selecting jewelry that is by the same Designer as your wedding style is a fantastic way to tie it all together! By doing this, it ensures that the metals are the same colours (there's a lot of different gold tones out there), you know that all of your stones will be cut in the same way, settings are the will look like you are all together. United.

Whether you have one bridesmaid, or seven, it can be easy to find the perfect jewelry for everyone when you utilize Apostle's Personal Shopping (which is free!). We work with you to find jewelry that suits the wedding style, colours, and budget. For the sake of all bridesmaids out there, please don't hit up the cheap accessory stores with fake metals that turn skin green or infect ear piercings. Give yourself, and the bridal party, quality-made jewelry that will last forever, and that you can all actually (like really) wear again!




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