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Meet Eden Simari from Eden Mortgage :
Born in Invuik NWT and later raised in Edmonton
and Calgary, mom to a 5 year old daughter, lover of spin, travelling, cooking and a glass of a full-bodied red.


Eden Simari

Eden Simari Mortgage Calgary



What comes to mind when you think of a Mortgage Broker? For me, it's someone we talk to once every five years when our mortgage is up for renewal and are searching for the best deal. But let me tell you, Eden is so much more than just a once-every-five-years kinda gal!

I'll be honest in saying that I am not fluent in the financial language, but that's why I love Eden so much! Through her social media platforms, Eden shares her expertise and knowledge in a way that I not only understand, but that I find interesting and helpful too. From topics such as how the presidential elections affect the stock market, top 9 money books for millennials, and tips on how to future proof your financial position. 


Eden Simari


Financial world aside, what makes Eden stand out is her kindness and genuine interest in people. She is truly invested in those around her, whether it's a long time friend or someone she's spending an hour with, she is genuinely interested in learning about them. She is effervescent, outgoing and charming, and to top it all off, she has a heart of gold. 

Giving back to the community is not only something that's entwined in Eden's business model, but it flows through her everyday life as well. Apart from her numerous volunteer efforts, back in May Eden launched her Heart to Heart giveaway campaign with the tag-line "Support front line, shop local, giveback to the community- simple!". For the Heart to Heart Giveaway, Eden asks people to nominate deserving front line workers and their families to receive meal boxes to cover a week of meals, and in turn she has also donated meal boxes to families staying at the Calgary Ronald McDonald House.


When you see Eden you see a tall, beautiful blond woman with a generous smile and easy laugh. And when you get to know her, you learn that she cares deeply, is willing to share her knowledge, and is extremely easy to get along with. She is someone you want in your corner, no matter what type of situation you're in. 



Eden Simari



To learn more about Eden Simari and the things that
make her world go round, I asked her some questions
and posted them below. Take a look and I'm sure
you'll find something that you relate to and feel inspired by.


How would you describe yourself? 

Kind, Confident, Intelligent, Giving, a Leader, Funny and Reliable.

How would you describe your style?  

Work: Monochromatic Classic Chic Home: Lulu all day err day.


Eden Simari


Why did you decide to start your business? 

To bring financial confidence and education direct to the consumer. To ensure brighter financial futures for all. To make money and mortgages more approachable and to change the perception of what people believe a broker can do for them.

What have been some of the greatest rewards? 

Meeting so many amazing people! Helping clients purchase their dream home, pay off debt, save for retirement, buy a vacation home to spend the summers with their kids. Being a part of major financial milestones in peoples lives and making it fun is so super rewarding.

Another mega reward, if not the best of all, is showing my daughter how to thrive and impact the community as a young female entrepreneur. That she can do anything with dedication, perseverance and a kind, giving heart.


Eden Simari



What advice would you give someone that's just starting out on the entrepreneur path? 

ENGAGE A POWER TEAM! Mine is a lawyer, accountant and financial planner. Ask for help. Pay for top notch professionals to guide you. You wont regret it!! Know the cost benefits, make a business plan, plan and plan some more. Ask for help, surround yourself with amazing friends/family and never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

How do you give back to your community? 

I am an avid volunteer in Calgary with Ronald McDonald House, Calgary Food Bank, Terry Fox Run Canada and more. I serve on the Board of Directors and selection committee for an Alberta Non Profit Society called Community Key and have done so for 5 years. (@communitykeyed)

What are some of your favorite local businesses? 

Laura Brows, Sphere Optometry, PHI Medical Aesthetics, Liz and Lottie, Accountwell Co, Community Key, Illuminate Skin Therapies, Hella Design Studio, Apostle Boutique, Wymbin, Amborella Floral, Coco & Ash.


Thank you so much Eden for allowing us to take up some of your time to share a bit of your story. I love how you are so dedicated to your work, your clients and to making this city a better place. 


Eden Simari


The hope for this Calgary Small Business Love feature was to learn more about women in Calgary that I admire and feel inspired by, not because they are beautiful (which they all are), but because they are authentic to who they are, they don't give up when faced with challenge, and they juggle so many things (including Giving Back, which is huge to me!!) but seem to do it in a powerful and fierce way.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want it to seem like juggling life is easy and perfect, and that some balls don't get dropped from time to time. I see these women juggling all the things (running a business, being real and genuinely kind, giving back, being a friend, wife and/or mom, doing things for themselves) in a way that is true to them and living a life that they love and doing things that they are passionate about. 


I also need to thank and acknowledge those that helped make this shoot happen and help create & capture the beauty of this small business community here in Calgary. Yes, there are women in these photos, but there is also a group of women in the background that also encompass all that I talked about- these women are killing it and I am so honored to know them and to have worked with them. 

Shoot Organizer & co-Planner : Chelsea from Coco & Ash Weddings and Events

Photographer : Chelsie from Chelsie Graham Photography

Hair & Make-Up : Priya from Beautymark Makeovers

Wardrobe : Whitney & Sheri from Crabapple Clothing

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