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Meet Laura Frostad : 
Originally from Phoenix, Laura met her husband while he was working in the United States and she moved back to his hometown, Calgary, where she started her dream & calling- Laura Brows. Mom to two young boys, lover of coffee and the outdoors, Laura is a mentor, as solid as a rock, and is always truly authentic to who she is. 


Laura Frostad Laura Brows

Laura Frostad Laura Brows

I met Laura a few years ago in the same way as many others do- it started on Instagram when I heard about this magical place that could transform my brows with a simple tint and wax. Then I booked an appointment, and though it wasn't with Laura herself, I was really impressed with how Laura conducted herself as "the boss". With a confidence that can only come from a combined years of experience and passion for what one does, Laura made herself available for everything- whether a Brow Artist or a client had a question, she would stop what she was doing to help and share her thoughts. I also noticed how Laura went around to talk to each client and say hi to ensure that everyone felt comfortable, welcome, and like one of the family. 

And let me tell you, at Laura Brows, you are family. The LB team is an incredibly strong-knit group of women that supports, loves and truly cares for one another. I don't know how Laura does it, but I can't imagine it's an easy task to find a group of people that gets along as well as the LB women do, but whether I'm there for a quick brow appointment or for a day-long Pop Up, I always sense the deep sisterhood that lies within those walls. The best part is that this sisterhood isn't just observed, it's inclusive and everyone that walks through that door is welcomed with open arms! 

Laura Frostad Laura Brows

This sisterhood, this team, speaks directly to the type of person that Laura is. She has a beautiful way of showing leadership, friendship and genuine care simultaneously, and as someone who has experienced this firsthand over a cup of coffee, it's a rare quality in a person, and I think it's one thing that makes Laura unique. 

I mentioned earlier that Laura is as solid as a rock (no relation to the  80's Ashford & Simpson song), and I want to explain this a bit more. There's a certain type of inner strength and consistency with Laura. She is steady and composed, yet full of heart. Laura cares deeply for and about people, and one of my favorite things that she said in her interview is that she gives back to her community "quietly". Her huge heart and generosity is incredible, and because she cares about people so much, she gives both monetary donations and gifts to the homeless, women and children in need, survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation...just to name a few. But she doesn't limit her giving back to her own self, she encourages clients to take part, and she invites her team to share about causes that are important to them as a way to raise awareness and funds.

Laura Frostad Laura Brows Plant Shop Calgary

There's no question that Laura Frostad is an incredible, inspiring and generous human, and it's because of all this, that my co-planner, Chelsea, and I wanted her to be a part of this project. We asked Laura some questions to learn a little bit more about who she is, and you can read that interview below. 

What is one piece of jewelry you don’t leave the house without?
my wedding band and my Nanas wedding band.

Why did you decide to start your business?
It was the only thing I wanted to do, I never saw myself happy doing anything else, so for me it was the only option.

In the early days of starting your business, what was one of the toughest hurdles?
The first leap of starting it and everything in the beginning. The learning curve of permits and navigating everyone's option on how I should do it vs. how I envisioned and wanted to do it. After that it still can be hard, but you have the confidence to work through the problems and get better at them.

Laura Frostad Apostle Boutique Calgary Small Business

What have been some of the greatest rewards?
Meeting the most incredible people hands down. Our community is filled with the most generous, genuine people that inspire me and make me a better person.

What advice would you give someone that has an idea/dream but is holding back?
Everyone has that feeling, it would be weird if you didn't. But what matters is how bad do you want it? Could you live with yourself if you never even tried? If you are worried about failure, tough shit get over it, failure isn't that bad. You pick yourself up and rework the problem with the new lessons and better skills you have from it.  

What advice would you give someone that's just starting out on the entrepreneur path?
Keep going, everyone has the feeling of wanting to give up. Don't let your integrity sway and remember it's supposed to feel like a mess. Start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

What are three pillars/foundations that your business is built on? And how does this correlate to your personal life? 
Integrity, that's pretty much it. without integrity your clients suffer, your employees suffer, your business suffers. You can't have this in business and not in your personal life its a way of living in all aspects. If there is a moment when you are out of integrity, as that happens (we are not perfect), you make it right and get back on it. 

How do you give back to your community?
Quietly. Sometimes we talk about it to encourage others to give back, but most the time I choose to give back in all ways quietly whether that is a donation, buying goods for those in need, giving time etc.

What are some of your favorite local businesses?

I don't think I have any that are not my favorite. 

Another thing I loved about what Laura said is when she talks about integrity and how when you mess up, you make it right and get back on track. This is something that is so important in both personal and business life. People make mistakes, and we need to remember that for ourselves and for others- nobody is perfect. But what truly makes the difference is how that mistake is handled and that it is made right. 

Laura Frostad Chelsie Graham Photography

Laura Frostad is a woman of direction and strength.
She knows that failure isn't a dirty word, rather it's an opportunity to refine and hone who you are and how you're going about things.
She is a huge supporter of people, charities and the local small business community.
She is a woman of deep core values, courage and self assurance.
She strives to grow, both personally and professionally, even when it seems like things are against her.
And I am so happy to have shared a bit of Laura's story with you. 

I also need to thank and acknowledge those that helped make this shoot happen and help create & capture the beauty of this small business community here in Calgary. Yes, there are women in these photos, but there is also a group of women in the background that also encompass all that I talked about- these women are killing it and I am so honored to know them and to have worked with them. 

Shoot Organizer & co-Planner : Chelsea from Coco & Ash Weddings and Events

Photographer : Chelsie from Chelsie Graham Photography

Hair & Make-Up : Priya from Beautymark Makeovers

Wardrobe : Whitney & Sheri from Crabapple Clothing 

Location : Plant Shop

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