Online Shopping : Why and Why Not

What is so great about online shopping? Here's the good, the bad and the ugly about the ever growing and ever evolving industry of online shopping.

Online Shopping : Why and Why Not? 


We have all done it- checked out an online store, found something we love, and in the end, got a bit trigger shy and decided to not complete the purchase.
Or, you did make the purchase and when you received the item you were shocked and disappointed because it wasn't at all what you had expected.
Or, you made the purchase and were thrilled when the beautiful parcel arrived at your door! You not only loved what you bought, but the whole online shopping experience was fantastic and the customer service was amazing! 

A little background- I have personally experienced the first two scenarios, and that is why Apostyle was born. Apostyle is the online jewelry boutique that will give you the online shopping experience that you deserve. Fun, simple and exceeds your expectations!


Why online shopping? Why should you buy jewelry online and not at a bricks and mortar store? What's so great about buying jewelry online?

Here a few of the biggest, and most obvious, reasons why many people opt for online shopping over going to a shopping mall or street.

1. A large frustration about going to a shopping mall or popular shopping street is parking. You don't have to circle the lot to find a space that will fit your vehicle, pay for parking, or walk a mile to get to an online store.

2. Do it when you want and how you want! 1:00 in the morning in your pajamas, mid afternoon at work, or while your kids are napping. Online shopping allows you to shop when you want! (And you don't have to worry about what your hair looks like or feel the need to look "decent")

3. No lines or crowds or commission paid salespeople.

Those three reasons are minor, but here are the biggest, most practical and economical, reasons why buying jewelry online should become your go-to destination:

1. Variety. There are few physical stores that are dedicated to jewelry. Many stores these days are a home goods/jewelry/furniture store, or a clothing/jewelry/handbag/shoe store. While these concepts are wonderful, this limits the number of designers and styles they can carry. An online jewelry boutique, such as Apostyle, gives you a fantastic selection of designers for you to choose from.

2. I'm about to let you in on a little secret. As you know, location is everything when it comes to bricks and mortar stores, and with prime location comes a hefty lease price tag. How do store owners pay for this monthly expense? Their products! If you shop around, you will see that many physical stores have higher prices on products than online stores have for the exact item, and this is to pay for their space and overhead costs. By shopping online, you will get the best price and keep some money in your pocket!
For example, a popular local store now carries the same line of watches that Apostyle does. However, they have priced them over $50 more than we have. Also, retailers that carry a certain Designer as we do, prices their collection 15% higher than Apostyle.


What about the negative side of online shopping?

Before Apostyle began, we conducted a survey to find out what deterred women from shopping online. Here were the top explanations as to why women were hesitant to shop online:

- Photos of the items weren't detailed or clear. This made it difficult to really know what you're paying for and could lead to disappointment when the order arrived.

- Shipping and return costs

- Poorly designed websites that make it difficult to find anything.

- There isn't an available employee to answer questions.

Apostyle is none of these things!

We personally photograph every single item that we carry and you will see each angle and detail, as well as photos of the jewelry on a model to show you exactly what the jewelry looks like.

We are proud to offer free shipping on all Canadian orders over $75, and US orders over $150. And no matter where you live, returns are free and easy.

The Apostyle online jewelry boutique has an easy to shop layout with everything organized by type (ie. necklaces, bracelets, etc), or by Designer. You can also sort the lists by price, name, newest additions, etc. Also, feedback from customers helps Apostyle evolve and improve.

As the Proprietor of Apostyle, I welcome and encourage customers to reach out and ask any questions. If you need additional photos, want to Skype to see an item in person, or need help styling an outfit or selecting different jewelry to go with something you already own, I am here to help and typically respond within the hour.


What's stopping you? When life is so busy, go for convenience and save money while you're at it! Online shopping, especially when it comes to jewelry, is enjoyable, simple and cost effective.

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