2019 Wedding Trends

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, to say at the least! When the list of details seems to be never ending (and always spending) it's easy to get a little lost. With so many options for your wedding style, and your desire for it to be a reflection of you and your love, where do you begin?


Shop Local Canada is a incredible resource for all local, Canadian brands, events, and inspiration. If you are looking for businesses local to your city, or you just love to support the talent in your country, Shop Local Canada has a comprehensive directory of the best! 

Shop Local Canada


Shop Local Canada has put together a list of five amazing Canadian businesses that you can look to for your wedding day style inspiration, or to possibly even help you in the planning!


From selecting your wedding colours and florals, to jewelry (that's where Apostle comes in!), to stationary, beauty products and guest favors, this list covers those essentials! 

Click on the image below to see the list of five Canadian businesses that can help you with making your wedding day true to you and your significant other! 


Best Wedding Trends and Styles



And remember, whether you are local to Calgary or not, Apostle is always here to work one-on-one with you to complete your wedding look! Styling you, your tribe, or your pretty flower girls, we can find the perfect pieces, or create custom jewelry that is unique to you! 

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