Currently Coveting

It's one thing to talk about all the pretty jewelry that I love and to make sure that I am bringing in new jewelry styles to the boutique, but it's different when other people are also loving the jewelry at Apostle and they want to share it with their friends! 


Calgary-based wedding designer and coordinator Jacqueline Rae has included some of her favorite Apostle jewelry pieces in her first Currently Coveting blog post (insert little skip in my step here). 

Alongside the pretty jewelry pieces, you'll also find some great home décor, fashion, what's inspiring & motivating her, as well as her favorite beauty products. A little something for everyone- what's not to love about all of that?! My favorite thing about Jacqueline's Currently Coveting list is that the items she's selected are so versatile and can easily work with anyone's unique personal style. Also, Jacqueline doesn't just list her favorite things, but she also gives some great tips for styling and how to incorporate these pieces into your everyday life.

The Currently Coveting article by Jacqueline Rae is a quick, easy and fun read that you don't want to miss! I made it really easy- just click on the image below and you'll get directed right to the post! 


Jacqueline Rae Calgary Wedding Organizer


Top Jewelry Decor Fashion for 2019 - Currently Coveting



Thank you so much Jacqueline for including Apostle jewelry in your post! It's so great to work with you in person, and now online as well!  


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