Designer Spotlight : Exclusive Interview with the Designer behind Biko

Biko is a Canadian jewelry line that is making a splash in the industry world wide.


Here is the Apostyle exclusive interview with Biko Designer, Corrine.


A short intro from :
"Born and raised in Toronto, Corrine Anestopoulos is inspired by contemporary design and exotic heirlooms from around the world. Behind Biko for ten years, Corrine has become an inspirational entrepreneur, mentor and colleague to many creative businesses in North America."

Biko Canadian Designer Jewelry


Biko is a unique name- what does it mean and why did you choose it for your jewelry line?

Biko was my nickname as a little girl. My family called me Biko up until the age of 10, and these days, all my close friends call me Biko once again. I often answer to it before my own actual name. Thus, I felt it was the perfect name for the brand.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Biko is a "modern nostalgic" jewelry brand, celebrating elements of past, but with a modern sensibility. Materials are sourced from all over the world, and each and every Biko piece is made (with love) here in Canada, with great attention paid to detail and quality.  Canada Flag

Which Designers (fashion, jewelry, architecture, etc) have influenced you and your designs?

A few old and new favorites would be : Coco Chanel (the woman, not so much the brand), The Stowe (modern handbag line), Louis Kahn (architect), Alexander Calder (artist/jewelry designer).

Coco Chanel Inspiration The Stowe HandbagsLouis Kahn Design 

 Alexander Calder

What were your aspirations as a young girl?

As a young girl, I imagined I would grow up to be a Marine Biologist of a Volcanologist. However, I was always very creative and now see it was only a matter of time before I made it down the path I currently find myself in.

Tell me about living in Toronto and how it has influenced your Designs.

Toronto is a really cool city with buzzing creative energy and great photographers, artists, musicians and designers. I've got a solid network of friends who work in the industry, and they continue to inspire me every day. Toronto street style is also spot on, and I find that oftentimes I design to suit what I think would be the cherry on top of a killer outfit I saw that day.

When you're not working, what do you love to do?

I love catching up with good friends over wine and snacks, as well as taking in an art gallery show as often as possible. I also love to get away on the weekends with my boyfriend and friends - whether it be to neighboring towns for a hike and small-town food, or to NYC for an inspirational trip. I also enjoy getting healthy at the gym, as well as going for long walks or bike rides around the city.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry, and why?

My favorite piece is the Kai Necklace, which I wear almost every day. This piece can be worn both long and short, which makes it really fun and versatile. A large part of the design process behind many Biko pieces is the casting of vintage found objects that I dip in different metals and combine with unexpected metals and details. The original pendant used in the Kai Necklace was a vintage African finding that was ebony and silver, with hand-etched details. After casting, I combined the new pendant with oxidized and gunmetal beads and paired it with an oxidized snake chain.

Biko Designer Corrine Anestopoulos Biko Kai V Necklace

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