CLUSE Watches - Simple Beauty At It's Finest

Simple. Sophisticated. Timeless. CLUSE watches are taking Canada and the USA by storm.


Cluse Watches in Canada and USA

When you first see a CLUSE watch you are immediately drawn to the clean, simple lines. Modern, yet timeless, CLUSE sets focus on the things that are important in life and in their words "Our story is about people who find beauty in simplicity. Simple is not about being plain. It's about being grounded, sophisticated and true to oneself...we are committed to creating timepieces that represent elegance and minimalism."  This is the perfect watch brand to resonate with everyone in Canada and the US, not only with how the watch looks, but in what the CLUSE name means.

CLUSE watches not only provide you with a beautiful style and add the final touch to any outfit, but you will feel confident that you own a quality watch that was made with attention and care. And if anything does happen, CLUSE Customer Service is there to help and make things right!

Cluse Watches in Canada and USA  Cluse Watches in Canada and USA

Because of all this, Apostyle was proud to be one of the first Canadian retailers to represent the CLUSE brand and provide these amazing watches to our customers. Apostyle believes in providing customers in Canada and the US (and across the globe!) with not only exceptional, wearable styles, but also stands behind the quality of workmanship that comes with every Designer we represent. We also pride ourselves in how we treat every customer, and if something happens with your watch or jewelry purchase, we will make it right. This is why CLUSE was a perfect fit for the Apostyle family. When you find a line that coincides so perfectly with everything you stand for, you move forward with them! And the Apostyle - CLUSE relationship has grown rapidly, with strength, ever since, providing our customers in Canada and the US with amazing CLUSE watches.  

Cluse Watches in Canada and USA

If you live in Canada or the USA and are looking to purchase your first CLUSE watch, be sure to check out the collection on Apostyle. And if you don't see the colour or style you are looking for, we love doing Special Orders for our customers so that you can get the perfect piece that reflects your Personal Style.  

Another thing to take note of- CLUSE will be the last watch you will ever need to buy! With watch straps that are easily interchangeable, you can get different colours to go with the season, or your outfit. Don't worry about getting a colour you aren't sure that you will love in six months- you just need to get a different colour band when you're done with the one you have. CLUSE watches not only provide you with amazing style and quality workmanship, but they're versatile and possibly the smartest watch ever made!


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