Real Style Project Photographers

Selecting the right photographer is more than just "skin deep".

The Real Style Project is about women that are living out
their story in their own unique and beautiful way.
It's using your strengths, talents and inner-power
to create a beautiful world for yourself, your family,
and everyone around you.


Real Style Project


In this same way, a photographer uses their talents to capture moments in their own unique style. The way they move when taking photos, the way they interact with their subjects (whether it's people, animals, nature, or objects), and the way they edit, is all how they put their trademark into our lives, and the world.

But just like all of us, they are not defined solely by their work!

When I contact a photographer about working with me on a project (or any shoot), it's because I've been following them on social media for awhile and I love what they are putting out in the world. From the style of their photos, to what they write in their captions, to how they are in their videos and through email. I love to work with women that are not only professional, but genuine, kind, and are inspired by working with other women. Of course the style of the photographer is important, but the number of followers or years in business is not. Those are just numbers, and I don't put value on numbers. I see value in the individual and in who they are. 

With this in mind, here are the amazing photographers that I have had the pleasure of getting to know and to work with on the Real Style Project. 

THANK YOU to each of you for being a part of this. While it seems as though the Project is about the women you photograph, it is equally about you as well. Because through your photography, you are sharing a part of your Style Story with us, and I am so thankful to you for opening up a piece of your time, your heart, and your passion to this!

To learn more about each photographer and to see their work, click on their logo or image and you'll get right to their website! 


Real Style Project GingerSnap Photography

Gingersnap Fine Art Photographer


I asked Jenny from Gingersnap Photography to be a part of the Real Style Project because she is a huge believer in all women feeling beautiful, strong and confident. Her portfolio includes not only weddings and lifestyle, but boudoir as well, and it is through her boudoir photography that she helps women feel comfortable, self-assured, and sexy, just as they are (because there's not much to hide behind!). 

Gingersnap Photography

I've had the pleasure of working with Jenny on a number of different styled shoots, so I had a good sense of who she is and what she's like to work with. Plus, we live quite close to one another, so we were able to drive together to the shoots for this project, and it really helped me get to know her better. 

Jenny is kind, gentle and caring, and her story in itself is amazing. She's a loving mom that would do anything for her son (who just so happens to be a guitar prodigy), she loves her husband dearly, is passionate about her work, takes on any challenge that life may throw at her with with courage and grace, and she's fun to be around. Working on there first stories of the Project with Jenny has been an incredible journey! 



Real Style Project Sarah Beau Photography 

Sarah Beau Photography 

I was initially drawn to the bright, fresh and airy feel of Sarah Beau Photography. If you check out her Instagram profile or her website, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about! Everything is just so pretty - and I am definitely a fan of pretty things!!

Sarah Beau Photography


What you'll notice about Sarah is that she is open and honest about everything- from talking about a run of events in a day like getting in a car accident, flashing strangers (accidentally) and having 11 firetrucks show up at her condo after calling about a smoke smell, to the adventures while location scouting, to fun times with her beloved dog, Jinx. One thing you can't miss is the love and attention she gives to her clients. She gets invested in their story, and ensures she gives them her very best.

On set, Sarah is great to work with! She's always early (!!), is very detail oriented, gives direction in a kind but confident manner, and she is obviously well trained and loves to tell a story through her work. 




Real Style Project Grey Lily Photography

Grey Lily Photography


Melanie is the creative mind behind Grey Lily Photography. Creating beautiful imagery for weddings, couples, lifestyle & family, as well as business branding, Melanie's skill-set is multi-faceted and she excels at it all! 

I have known Melanie for years, before she decided to leave her full-time job as a hairstylist to pursue her passion in photography. Back then I only knew who Melanie was- a sweet, tender-hearted and genuine woman that people seemed to gravitate towards. Fast forward about five years and Melanie and I reconnected through out businesses and I got to know her a lot better. 


Melanie Leblanc Grey Lily Photography


Grey Lily Photography has now helped me with branding photos, family, product shots, and we have worked on a number of photoshoots together as well. I love how Melanie's style evokes a certain moodiness about it through the way she captures movement, colour and shadow. 

Apart from Melanie's impeccable eye and ability to capture the perfect shot, she is a champion for mental health, women in business, and she is a loyal friend. You won't find anyone that is more honest about her life- her passions, struggles and dreams, and through that I am inspired to do the same. 

When Melanie said that she wanted to be a part of the Real Style Project, I jumped at the chance to work with her again! After our first shoot for the RSP, I mentioned how I don't ever want to tell women what to wear, instead I try to let them find pieces they love. From that, Melanie talked about how she (and some women) don't always know what to wear or how to wear it, so instead they just throw something on because it is familiar and not necessarily because they love it or think it looks good. She said that doesn't mean that they don't like jewelry, or certain clothing styles, or that they don't want to wear it, they just don't know how. Melanie went on to say that with a little help to find those pieces that suit them, they love the way it looks and how it makes them feel and it quickly becomes a part of their style.

That conversation with Melanie was very eye-opening to me, and it really reaffirmed why I do what I do... and I don't even think she realizes it. :)  But that's just Melanie! She is encouraging, inspiring and innovative, without even trying. 



When picking a photographer, it's important to me to look at more than their portfolio, but to also look at who they are and what is important to them. After all, they aren't only taking photos, but by working together and investing time in one another, we are forever intertwined into one another's stories. And that's a beautiful thing!   

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