Real Style Project - Story 4

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Real Style Project Kristin Hallett


Here is a woman that is effervescent,
exudes self-confidence, and is not only
outgoing, but hilarious to boot!
This is Kristin Hallett. 


Real Style Project Kristin Hallett


But Kristin is so much more than that. I had a bit of a girl-crush on Kristin before I had even met her because I love how she is unapologetically herself. From saving baby Robins in her yard, to then saving them from being trapped in her house, to her writing (she wrote Bee Love, a touching & inspiring children's book, as well as co-authored You've Got This Mama), raising her adorable daughter, her work in raising awareness & funds for ALS research, managing a work/wife/mom/friend/self life...and SO much more! 

Born in Stettler, AB, Kristin moved to Calgary when she was four years old and has called Calgary home ever since. Playing hockey for over 10 years, including a full hockey scholarship to Minnesota State University, Kristin loves the game and worked for the Calgary Flames as a producer and host of Flames TV where she interviewed and connected with the players. 

Real Style Project Kristin Hallett


Through her work you can tell that Kristin is creative, but she also has a deep passion for connection, and you'll read about that below in the interview questions, but it is apparent that this is a common thread throughout everything that Kristin does, both in her professional and personal life. 

As I mentioned, Kristin wrote her first book called Bee Love. Bee Love is heart-warming and soul-touching, and I honestly get choked up every time I read it to my kids. In the book, Little Bee is sharing about all of his aspirations with his Mama. Listening intently, Mama Bee encourages the little one to dream and aim high, but in the end she shares her wisdom and the important life lesson of what really matters most- "It is love Little Bee, that makes you shine bright. Love is what makes the whole world work right." 


Bee Love Book Kristin Hallett

Real Style Project Kristin Hallett


When Kristin was pregnant with her son, the Bee Love story came to her in a dream, and when she woke up she wrote it all down and left it at that. Shortly after, Kristin lost her son as he "returned to the stars" and she found the story notes once again in her phone. Knowing that this was a gift from her son, she decided to share it with the world, and we are so lucky because it truly is a special and beautiful story. 

While Kristin is no stranger to heart-ache, she is also no stranger to joy and to living a full life. Through humour, openness and grace, Kristin has a way of connecting with those around her. Whether she is face to face, or through social media, you can't help but be drawn in. She is a fighter, a lover and has a drive that can't be matched. You can't help but love her, and be inspired by what she has done and by what she plans to do. 

Real Style Project Kristin Hallett


To get an even better sense of who Kristin is, I'd love for you to read the interview that I did with her. 

How would you describe your style?

Simple. Less is more. Staple items for days. No, really - for days! Like, I wear the same thing until it MUST be washed. 

What are some items that you seem to always wear?

Always, always have a black leather jacket. I throw it on over workout gear and look pulled together! Also, clean white chucks are always on hand.

When shopping, are there certain styles, colours, accents, etc, that you look for?

All the black! Also, I'm not a label whore, by any means, but I cannot layoff Citizen Jeans. Cost-per-wear, they are worth every penny! 

What is style to you?

Style is personal, to each and every one of us, and I truly feel "if you feel good, sexy, confident, happy, comfortable - whatever is most important to you! - you've nailed it!"

What makes you unique?

Nothing makes me unique. I laugh. I cry. I make all the mistakes. I give my husband shit for texting while we're on a date, and then turn around and text myself. I'm human. Mostly, I am desperately in love with connecting to people who spark something in me.

What do you love about yourself?

I love my silly side. I love that it still lives within me (even when bills, stress and sleep deprivation try to squash it). Sometimes, at the end of the day, you need to do something silly to crack yourself up. Like straight-up, dead pan seduce your husband with ALL the zit cream and granny-panties until you're both cry laughing. 

Personal Manta:

You win some, you learn some. And, let it lighten your load or strengthen your back.

What drives or motivates you?

I am painfully introspective. I will think on something for months. Roll it around in my head. But these thoughts do eventually become something. They are my driving force. 

What was a major style mishap that you look back on and ask yourself "Why?!?"

Sperm eyebrows. Like, when is it ever a good idea to pluck ones eyebrows into the shape of a sperm? That's right, never.


Real Style Project Kristin Hallett


When I knew that I wanted Kristin to be a part of the Real Style Project, I knew that she doesn't change her jewelry much. Like so many of us, she said that when she finds something she loves, it's all she wears. 

That said, I felt like Kristin is sentimental and loves things with meaning. And I love making custom pieces that are specific and unique to the wearer, and so I wanted to put something together that was true to both Kristin's style and her story. 

Wanting to incorporate the Bee Love story (and by that I mean her story behind the storybook), I searched for a bee charm that wasn't cheesy or juvenile, and I found one that looked like a vintage coin or talisman and it was perfect! I also added a gold plated bar to symbolize strength, and a small pyrite gemstone charm that represents protection, abundance and prosperity. Also keeping in mind that Kristin has a laid-back casual style, I didn't want to over-style the necklace so that it wouldn't fit in with her daily wardrobe and lifestyle. 


Real Style Project Kristin Hallett


I believe that everything we do in life contributes to our story. You are not wholly made up by what your career is, your daily activities, or by what you think is your greatest achievements. Some of these things may take up large chunks in the timeline, or even play a crucial role in the shaping of who you are, but you are so much more than that.

And just like that, Kristin is not solely the books she's written, the university she went to, or the work she's done. While those are major contributors, she also loves hiking, spending time with friends, she's an avid reader, and loves getting down on the floor to play with her daughter. She's an everyday, extraordinary woman with big dreams, high hopes, and a style that is all her own!


Photography for Kristin's story was done by Sarah Beau Photography

Sarah Beau Photography

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