Real Style Project - Story 3

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Real Style Project Madilynn Chieduch


I'd like to introduce you to
Madilynn Chieduch


Real Style Project



What you might notice first about Madilynn, or Maddie to friends, is her easy smile and up-for-anything attitude. I also sense an inner-strength, a bit of an old soul, and a quietness about her. An Interior Designer by trade, Maddie is a creative with a critical eye and logical mind-set. 


Real Style Project


Born in Kamloops, BC, Maddie attended the Art Institute of Vancouver and got her diploma in Interior Design. In 2012 she received a job offer which meant moving to Calgary and setting some roots in our beautiful city!

It's only been six years, but it seems as though Maddie knows everyone! At first I thought we had only a few common friends, but I quickly realized that her reach is much farther and almost weekly I come across someone else that also knows her. Likely due to her love for activity and adventure (she just completed the BMO Half Marathon in Vancouver this past weekend), her sweet & caring heart, and not to mention that friends describe her as hard working, encouraging and well-rounded... Maddie is the type of person that people want to know, love being around, and you can't help but feel happy after hanging out with her.


Real Style Project


Apart from all of those amazing qualities, I wanted Maddie to be a part of the Real Style Project because she is the kind of woman that I think young girls aspire to be like- what I call a "Look Up To Girl". She seems to have a deep sense of self, and a wonderful confidence in that. Even when deciding what to wear for this project, her mom suggested something else, but Maddie stuck to what she chose because she loved the outfit, felt great in it, and knew that it was a true representation of her style. I LOVE that she didn't feel the need to buy something new (which I am always tempted to do when there's a photoshoot), instead she went with what she has, kept it real and authentic. And that's what the Real Style Project is all about! 



To get an even better sense of who Maddie is, I'd love for you to read the interview that I did with her. 


How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as refined bohemian/Californian. I like to keep a fairly neutral color palette and play with scale and proportion. I have similarities between the way I dress and the way I design & style a room. My foundation pieces are classic, neutral and timeless, then I style those pieces with seasonal accessories that take risk with colour, pattern and trends.

Your style in 3 words.

Refined, Neutral, & Edgy.

When you aren't working, what do you love to do?

I'm usually at a spin class or doing some sort of exercise. I love being active because I find that it clears my mind when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I also love to cook. Having a glass of wine while cooking a meal and listening to music is my favorite thing to do. 

Something you don't ever leave home without?

I never, ever leave home without my Swell water bottle- I take it everywhere I go! I also never leave the house without my Paw Paw. It's the best lip gloss in the world and you can only find it in Australia.

What piece of style advice would you share with others?

If you feel comfortable in something, then go with it! Sometimes people second guess their outfits and go with whatever is "on trend" but if you like it, rock it! Your personal style should reflect the person you are. 


A big fan of earrings, rings and bracelets, Maddie selected a few items from Apostle that she loved. When you go back to how she described her style, you'll quickly see how these pieces suit her perfectly, and how well they fit in with some of her well-loved jewelry items.


Real Style Project Sunny Ear Climbers

Leah Alexandra, Sunny Ear Climbers


Real Style Project Leah Alexandra Bead Cuff

Leah Alexandra, Bead Cuff


Real Style Project Gorjana Stacking Rings

Gorjana Stacking Rings



Maddie shows us how simple styling is not only beautiful, but it can be edgy as well! She also gives a great idea on how you can easily give older well-loved jewelry pieces a fresh look up by adding a couple new items.

Maddie's style is truly her own, and you can see that she not only dresses for herself in things that she loves and is comfortable in, but what she wears is a true reflection of who she is. 


All photography was done by Jenny from GingerSnap Photography

GingerSnap Photography

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