The Best New Jewelry Styles For You

The best Summer Jewelry Trends for 2018 offer some great options that are classic & timeless, and are the easiest way to give your style the freshness you've been craving!


Top Jewelry Trends and Styles


There are a number of amazing jewelry trends that
you can use to freshen
things up, and in a recent blog
post for Calgary-based Dote Magazine,
I outline the
top six styles that will go with anything from
jeans and a
tshirt to your best LBD (because versatility is important!),
and they're also completely adaptable to YOUR style.


When you read this engaging post on
Dote Magazine's website, you'll come away
with great, funtional ideas on how to
add new life to your style.

Click here to read the blog.

Dote Magazine


2018 Jewelry Trends


To give you a little taste, here's a short excerpt from that blog:

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a believer in what’s trendy just because it’s popular at the moment. I am however, a believer in you: your unique story with a unique outlook that translates into   your exclusive style. 

So while there are trends, it’s most important that you BE YOU. If you love something, try it! And if it feels good & comfortable, embrace it! In this post I outline six current jewelry styles that are adaptable, timeless and beautiful, and not just a fleeting trend.  You’ll also find suggestions as to how you can make each jewelry style work for you! Have fun and wear things that make you feel amazing, confident and unequivocally you.


Apostle Boutique Top Summer Jewelry Trends


All of the photos included in this post are from Apostle's Spring/Summer lifestyle photoshoot. 

Our photoshoots are a collaborative effort of many amazing local Calgary businesses, and the result was fresh, inspiring and beautiful images that are meant to showcase real, livable, and wearable styles.

Here is a list of all the businesses that played a role in the Spring/Summer Lifestyle Photoshoot:

Jewelry & Styling : Apostle Boutique

Photography : Modern Nest Photography

Hair : Keltie Leguilloux, Chatters Salon, Crowfoot Calgary

Makeup : Bellamore Beauty, Riley

Wardrobe : Shop Collins St

Wardrobe : Crabapple Clothing

Model : Alex Ellsworth

Location : RNDSQR

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