Real Style Project - Story 6

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Real Style Project Lisa Maric


Genuine. Candid. Persevering. Engaging.

These are some of the characteristics
that truly define Lisa Maric,
and this is her Style Story.


Real Style Project Lisa Maric


I first met Lisa two years ago shortly after the opening of Distilled Beauty Bar & Coffee House. Lisa always wanted to open a coffee shop, and she came up with the unique concept to combine coffee, aesthetics and a salon all under one roof, creating an inviting atmosphere for both men and women of all ages. And if you think about it, it isn't an easy task to create a space that appeals to everyone- whether you are wanting to grab a coffee (or something stronger) and get some work done, meet with friends for lunch, or enjoy a relaxing spa treatment...Lisa was able to put it all together in a warm, comfortable & distinctive environment.   

While I love spending time at Distilled to grab a coffee, do a Saturday Pop Up Boutique, meet clients for some one-on-one shopping, or to get a manicure, this story isn't about me or about Distilled. It's about Lisa, the incredible and inspiring woman behind it all. 


Real Style Project Lisa Maric


Growing up wasn't a smoothly paved road for Lisa. She learned that she needed to make things happen for herself, fight for what she deserved and for what she believed in, and that life doesn't just give you handouts. Because of circumstance, Lisa had to manage responsibility, self-reliance and perseverance before most people in high school even think about getting a job. But this doesn't mean that she is hard, callous or hostile. On the contrary, Lisa is loyal, fierce, and sympathetic.

No stranger to the valleys of tough times, bad news, and heartbreak, Lisa fights her way back to the mountain tops and strives to live a life of love, laughter and connection. Lisa loves her work and I dare say that she's the hardest worker you'll find. She may own her business, but she doesn't take the role lightly. She busts her butt making coffees, cleaning tables, filling water cups, taking out the garbage, making appointments...anything that needs to get done, she does without complaint. It's like changing your baby's diaper- it isn't pretty, it's not something you love to do, but it's your baby and to keep your baby (and everyone around her) happy, thriving and moving forward, you do what needs to be done. And Lisa is an amazing, multi-tasking "mom" and keeps the "baby" and everyone that comes in contact with it, incredibly happy (she also works alongside her two real life sons whom she has also done a great job in raising. And learning from their mom, these guys work their butts off too!).


Real Style Project Lisa Maric


One thing I notice about Lisa is that she is always connecting with people. She knows the importance of chatting with customers, but for Lisa, it is so much deeper than just simply "chatting with customers". These are friends, acquaintances, and loved ones, and believe me when I say that it only takes a few minutes before you feel like a friend. Lisa has a huge heart and will sit down to chat and makes you feel cared about and like you've been friends for years. Lisa is an open book and her sincerity and kindness draws you in. 

To me, Lisa is a friend and a mentor. The differences between us and our experiences are very different, but because of that, I love both her insight and her outlook on life, work, and the world around us. She has an open ear and an open heart, and is willing to welcome you in to her "home" if you can do the same for her.


Real Style Project Lisa Maric


As a part of the the Real Style Project, I asked Lisa a number of questions so that we can learn more about who she is.

What is style to you?

Style to me is what suits your personality... I love comfortable fabrics, simplicity in my palettes (I could wear black every day) and when I reach into my closet I want to be ready to go in 5 minutes. I love my life uncomplicated and that is where my sense of style comes from.

What was a major style mishap that you look back on and ask yourself "why"?

I grew up in the eighties and early nineties, so suffice it to say there are enough style mishaps that it is hard to identify just one. But, I suppose if I could single out one memorable mishap it would be cutting all my hair off and dying what little of it was left, and eclectic orange blonde shade. Not my best look, but fortunately there was no social media back then to record the epic event! 

After a stressful day, what do you do to relax?

I love dogs and I find their company and free-loving ways inspirational- we can learn a lot from them! One of my passions is rescue dogs, they remind me of my place and purpose on this planet. I am not here to sweat the small stuff, and kindness & real compassion can drain stress from your day-to-day life...try it!

*Since this interview was conducted, Lisa lost her closest companion, King. He was her shadow and a source of love, comfort and happiness. His life made a huge impact on Lisa, and his absence leaves a void, but all of the great memories of him will always be held tightly in Lisa's heart.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give 20-year old you?

The simple answer is "Damn girl, put some sunblock on that face!" And then I would tell myself that education matters and don't waste your time with unkind people or bad wine. 

What are 3 events/people/issues that have helped shape you?

My Dad was the first person to tell me that I could be anything, and he repeated it often and loudly, and that has stuck with me! Having had my children taught me how to love completely, honestly and without any reservations. Lastly, everyone needs a true measure of themselves, and I have been lucky enough to have a husband who loves me even when I don't deserve it, he forces me to examine myself and there is no better mirror than honesty. 

What are some items that you always wear?

Earrings are my jam, and my most favorite are from Apostle's In House Collection. Their Unity Earrings make me feel pretty and give me a touch of glam. I never leave the house with my engagement ring...I literally feel naked without it! And there isn't an outfit in my closet that doesn't go with my silver-grey Converse sneakers. 


As you just read, Lisa already owns some Apostle pieces, so I didn't need to ask her what styles of jewelry she loves. Here are some Apostle items that Lisa already owns and incorporates in to her daily style. 

Real Style Project Lisa Maric

Apostle In House, Unity Earrings 


Real Style Project Cluse Watch

Cluse La Boheme Watch


REal Style Project Leah Alexandra Apostle In House Collection

While not worn for the shoot, these are a couple other items from Apostle that Lisa has incorporated into her collection.
Leah Alexandra Opal Ring & Apostle In House Collection, Reign Necklace

Lisa Maric is hard-working in both her business and personal life, ensuring that she takes care of herself, her relationships, and those she cares about.

You won't meet anyone who believes in love & kindness more than Lisa does. That said though, she isn't one to back down when either herself, or those around her, are being treated poorly. Lisa is a loyal friend, a loving mother & wife, and definitely someone you want in your corner! 

Real Style Project Lisa Maric

All photography for Lisa's Style Story was done by Sarah Beau Photography

Sarah Beau Photography

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