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  • The Power of Friendship

    There's no question that girlfriends are a life-giving, heart-warming, soul-feeding necessity to life. When you have a best friend that will be alongside you through the highs and the lows of life, will laugh with you and cry with you, hold your hand when there just aren't any words, and will be a sounding board when you need to let it all out, you can't help but have an extra ounce of joy in your life. Plus, there's always the fact that there's endless belly-laughs, inside jokes, and the confidence in knowing that she'll always have you back, no matter what.



    Summer Style & Best Friends



    I don't typically do a shoot in the summer, but I was inspired by a styled bridal shower shoot that I was a part of this spring. Stylist and planner, Heather from Orange Trunk, and photographer, Melanie from Grey Lily Photography, arranged a stunning bridal shower for one of Melanie's real-life brides and bridesmaids whose wedding is coming this August. The end result of this shoot were images that showed real friendship and love, and I was inspired by what I saw!


    True to all of the Apostle lifestyle shoots, I reached out to some other small business women to create a collaborative atmosphere where we could work together to showcase one another's talents and to create a beautiful story about friendship. The vision for the shoot was to have two real-life besties hanging out at some amazing Calgary hot-spots on the famous 17th Ave. The feel was to be easy-going, casual, relaxed, and fun (ie. lots of laughter and solid girl time). 

    As I was figuring out the details about the whole friendship and laughter theme, I was thinking about who would be a good fit for the model-roles (and role models), and one night I was responding to emails and one came in and it hit me! The thought of "Duh!! Why didn't I think of them before?!?"


    Apostle Summer Style Pearl and Dot


    The Friends (and models, and muse)

    After a number of emails, I met Rio this past winter for coffee to chat about the potential of doing a little project together, but it turned into more of a hang-out than a business meeting. Rio is SO easy to talk to and conversation flowed perfectly (even with my 3yr old in tow)- Rio has a deep kindness, genuine interest in getting to know people, and she seems to have a deep sense of contentment and wisdom...and she may laugh when she reads that, but it's hard to explain how even though she is young and vibrant, there is also a sense of inner-stability that you don't typically see in people our age. It's a beautiful thing, and it really draws you in and makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  


    Rio Hanlan and Alyssa Conrad - Pearl & Dot


    Fast forward a few months and I met Alyssa. Alyssa is the owner of Pearl & Dot, an incredible Calgary Bridal Boutique, and Rio is her Right Hand, her Ride-Or-Die, and her ally, both in business and life. Pearl & Dot has the best selection of stunning gowns, all set in an airy & bright boutique. When you go there, you'll first notice how warm and friendly the girls are- all welcoming you with a genuine smile. From there you'll see beautiful design- clean lines, crisp white finishings, and a gorgeous two-story floral wall paper wall that has been the focal point of many Calgary photo-shoots. And of course you can't help but admire the incredible selection of gowns- I was drawn to the feminine lace, perfect amount of sparkle, and all the feminine touches. It doesn't hurt that there's a ton of natural light streaming in through the floor to ceiling windows. It's unlike any bridal boutique I've ever been to and definitely a place I always tell future brides to check out!  

    Pearl And Dot

    ...sorry, I digress. Back to Alyssa. Alyssa draws you in right away with her kind eyes and as I said above, her genuine smile. She has a heart of gold and when she talks to people you can tell that she's taking everything in. With a history in fashion and retail, Alyssa started Pearl & Dot and due to her experience, talent and the fact that you can't help but love her, Pearl & Dot quickly rose to be a leader in the industry. Alyssa is intelligent and driven, and her calm but joyful spirit is definitely something I admire. 


    The Photographer

    The photography for this shoot was done by the amazing Kimberly from Chic & Grace Studios. I love how her photos are soft and airy, yet vivid and crisp. Kimberly has an eye for capturing both detail and emotion, and her work is more than just photos, it's art and definitely something you would love to frame and feature in your home. I believe that the majority of her work is weddings, but she also does engagements, grads, and one of the most interesting facts about Kimberly is that she has a passion for pet photography. Another thing I love about Kimberly is that she refuses to be stagnant or complacent- she is constantly attending photography workshops and classes to learn new tricks and to hone her skills. I love that she doesn't just go from job to job, but instead she sees value in continuing to learn and grow, which is beyond beneficial to all of her clients!

    Chic And Grace Studios


    The Wardrobe

    The entire wardrobe from this shoot was kindly provided by Kit and Ace, and specifically their location just off of 17th Ave in Calgary. From the moment I walked in to select the pieces, the entire staff was welcoming, warm and eager to help! I worked mostly with Gordon, but if he was busy with customers, any of the other Kit and Ace team members were happy to help me!

    Kit and Ace

    I went in with an idea of the items I wanted to look at and try on, and taking into consideration both Alyssa and Rio's personal styles, it was both hard and easy to find the outfits. And I say hard only because there were SO many items at Kit and Ace that worked perfectly!! 

    The clothing speaks for itself, but when I was trying the clothing on I couldn't help but fall in love with many pieces, one of which was a pair of navy wide leg trousers that I couldn't help but purchase. And when I did the try-on's with Alyssa and Rio, almost every single time they commented on how comfortable the clothing was and I also heard "I have to go buy this!!" many times!


    Kit and Ace

    Thank you so much Kit and Ace for being a part of this shoot and allowing us to feature your comfortable, wearable and fashionable clothing!! All of the clothing you see in the photos from the shoot are from (and available at) Kit and Ace.


    The Day

    The award for earliest riser goes to Kimberly and her 4am wakeup call {insert shocked emoji face}. Driving to Calgary from Red Deer for our 8:00 start time, Kimberly arrived at my house so that we could navigate downtown Calgary in the morning rush hour together. 

    Arriving at the brand new Pearl & Dot Pickup Parlor (they have the boutique for shopping, and an equally stunning, but separate area for brides to try on and pickup their new gowns), we met Rio and Alyssa as well as the hair and makeup masters from Bellamore Beauty.


    Hair & Make-Up

    Bellamore Beauty

    Emily is co-owner of Bellamore Beauty and make-up genius! This girl knows her stuff and we took full advantage asking her questions about what products she recommends, how-to tips, etc. You can tell she is passionate about her work in the way that she answered our questions and was enthusiastic to share her knowledge. Emily took care in what she was doing and the end result was flawless! Alyssa and Rio looked natural and effortless, and at the same time, pristine with their natural features perfectly highlighted. 

    Bellamore Beauty

    Lesley was the hair stylist for the day and she was such a pleasure to work with. She created the perfect styles to go with each outfit and had no problem working on the fly in the middle of a restaurant between wardrobe changes. She also took any questions in stride and gave all the tips we could muster out of her. Her training and natural know-how created picture-perfect looks! 

    Bellamore Beauty

    Together, Emily and Lesley were incredible to work with! From quick fixes on set, to changing up the looks between wardrobes, they were not only professional, but they were fun, engaging, personable and a complete joy to be around. Bellamore Beauty has built an incredible team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals, and I am fully confident in recommending them to anyone!

    Bellamore Beauty


    On Location

    Our first location was Una Pizzeria on 17th Ave. If you haven't been to Una and tried their amazing pizza (or delicious Caprese Salad), you are missing out! When you combine a great atmosphere, delicious food, and wonderful staff, you are in for nothing short of a wonderful meal! Or, if you would rather have a picnic, or eat at home, you can also order for Takeout!

    Una Pizzeria

    Una was a great lunch spot for the shoot- both inside the restaurant and out on the patio, the modern & cozy feel created the perfect setting for a friends' date! The champagne definitely didn't hurt either!

    Una Pizzeria Calgary

    Thank you so much Una for allowing us to come in and take over a part of the restaurant for the shoot! It was such a pleasure to work with you and to feature your amazing space!

    Una Pizzeria


    After Una, we headed to another amazing Calgary hot-spot. I'll just start by saying that I have been wanting to go here for the last couple of years, but every time I go, the line-up is around the corner! This has always left me with torn emotions because this place is obviously amazing and I know I need (yes, NEED) to go, but I am also not a patient person. So when Made By Marcus allowed us to come in and host a part of our shoot there, I was SO excited!

    Made By Marcus

    Made By Marcus

    Not only was I excited for my own selfish ice-cream eating reasons, but I knew that the ice cream shop itself was so cute, and it was perfect for Alyssa and Rio's date day because of their assortment of incredible flavours (including vegan options like the Chocolate Fudge Brownie - SO GOOD!!). For those of you that don't venture into the core much, Made by Marcus has also just opened a second location in Hillhurst. And my personal tip for avoiding a potential lineup- go there for lunch! :)


    Made By Marcus


    The employees at Made by Marcus were happy (yes, happy staff!!), interactive, and willing to let us sample to our hearts' content. Thank you so much to everyone at Made by Marcus - Jo, Brittany, Jen & Jackie...and everyone else we didn't meet!

    Made By Marcus



    This shoot was incredible! I went into it feeling good, but came out of it feeling on top of the world happy. All of the contributors were SO great to work with, but the team we had on set was simply amazing. We laughed our way through the morning, and everyone just meshed really well. There's something to be said about having six women working together (and I mean actually working TOGETHER), having fun, being inspired, learning about one another and what they do...you can't help but feel the joy & passion that each one brings, and leave with all of those good vibes.

    It's now been two weeks since the shoot, and I have nothing but the best memories and love for these women!

    Apostle Online Jewelry Boutique Summer Style


    Thank you so much to the on-set team of inspiring, driven, and truly kind women, and to the amazing Calgary-based and Canadian brands that helped bring this shoot, and our story, into fruition.


    Photographer : Kimberly from Chic and Grace Studios @chicandgracestudios
    Hair & Makeup : Emily & Lesley from Bellamore Beauty @bellamorebeauty
    Models : Alyssa & Rio from Pearl & Dot @pearlanddot @alyssadevon @riohanlan

    Wardrobe : Kit and Ace @kitandace
    Location 1 : Una Pizzeria @unacalgary
    Location 2 : Made by Marcus Ice Cream, 17th Ave location @madebymarcus 


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  • The best Summer Jewelry Trends for 2018 offer some great options that are classic & timeless, and are the easiest way to give your style the freshness you've been craving!


    Top Jewelry Trends and Styles


    There are a number of amazing jewelry trends that
    you can use to freshen
    things up, and in a recent blog
    post for Calgary-based Dote Magazine,
    I outline the
    top six styles that will go with anything from
    jeans and a
    tshirt to your best LBD (because versatility is important!),
    and they're also completely adaptable to YOUR style.


    When you read this engaging post on
    Dote Magazine's website, you'll come away
    with great, funtional ideas on how to
    add new life to your style.

    Click here to read the blog.

    Dote Magazine


    2018 Jewelry Trends


    To give you a little taste, here's a short excerpt from that blog:

    Let me start off by saying that I’m not a believer in what’s trendy just because it’s popular at the moment. I am however, a believer in you: your unique story with a unique outlook that translates into   your exclusive style. 

    So while there are trends, it’s most important that you BE YOU. If you love something, try it! And if it feels good & comfortable, embrace it! In this post I outline six current jewelry styles that are adaptable, timeless and beautiful, and not just a fleeting trend.  You’ll also find suggestions as to how you can make each jewelry style work for you! Have fun and wear things that make you feel amazing, confident and unequivocally you.


    Apostle Boutique Top Summer Jewelry Trends


    All of the photos included in this post are from Apostle's Spring/Summer lifestyle photoshoot. 

    Our photoshoots are a collaborative effort of many amazing local Calgary businesses, and the result was fresh, inspiring and beautiful images that are meant to showcase real, livable, and wearable styles.

    Here is a list of all the businesses that played a role in the Spring/Summer Lifestyle Photoshoot:

    Jewelry & Styling : Apostle Boutique

    Photography : Modern Nest Photography

    Hair : Keltie Leguilloux, Chatters Salon, Crowfoot Calgary

    Makeup : Bellamore Beauty, Riley

    Wardrobe : Shop Collins St

    Wardrobe : Crabapple Clothing

    Model : Alex Ellsworth

    Location : RNDSQR

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  • Real Style Project - Story 3

    This is Story 3 of the Real Style Project. To learn more about the Real Style Project and what it's all about, click here


    Real Style Project Madilynn Chieduch


    I'd like to introduce you to
    Madilynn Chieduch


    Real Style Project



    What you might notice first about Madilynn, or Maddie to friends, is her easy smile and up-for-anything attitude. I also sense an inner-strength, a bit of an old soul, and a quietness about her. An Interior Designer by trade, Maddie is a creative with a critical eye and logical mind-set. 


    Real Style Project


    Born in Kamloops, BC, Maddie attended the Art Institute of Vancouver and got her diploma in Interior Design. In 2012 she received a job offer which meant moving to Calgary and setting some roots in our beautiful city!

    It's only been six years, but it seems as though Maddie knows everyone! At first I thought we had only a few common friends, but I quickly realized that her reach is much farther and almost weekly I come across someone else that also knows her. Likely due to her love for activity and adventure (she just completed the BMO Half Marathon in Vancouver this past weekend), her sweet & caring heart, and not to mention that friends describe her as hard working, encouraging and well-rounded... Maddie is the type of person that people want to know, love being around, and you can't help but feel happy after hanging out with her.


    Real Style Project


    Apart from all of those amazing qualities, I wanted Maddie to be a part of the Real Style Project because she is the kind of woman that I think young girls aspire to be like- what I call a "Look Up To Girl". She seems to have a deep sense of self, and a wonderful confidence in that. Even when deciding what to wear for this project, her mom suggested something else, but Maddie stuck to what she chose because she loved the outfit, felt great in it, and knew that it was a true representation of her style. I LOVE that she didn't feel the need to buy something new (which I am always tempted to do when there's a photoshoot), instead she went with what she has, kept it real and authentic. And that's what the Real Style Project is all about! 



    To get an even better sense of who Maddie is, I'd love for you to read the interview that I did with her. 


    How would you describe your style?

    I would describe my style as refined bohemian/Californian. I like to keep a fairly neutral color palette and play with scale and proportion. I have similarities between the way I dress and the way I design & style a room. My foundation pieces are classic, neutral and timeless, then I style those pieces with seasonal accessories that take risk with colour, pattern and trends.

    Your style in 3 words.

    Refined, Neutral, & Edgy.

    When you aren't working, what do you love to do?

    I'm usually at a spin class or doing some sort of exercise. I love being active because I find that it clears my mind when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I also love to cook. Having a glass of wine while cooking a meal and listening to music is my favorite thing to do. 

    Something you don't ever leave home without?

    I never, ever leave home without my Swell water bottle- I take it everywhere I go! I also never leave the house without my Paw Paw. It's the best lip gloss in the world and you can only find it in Australia.

    What piece of style advice would you share with others?

    If you feel comfortable in something, then go with it! Sometimes people second guess their outfits and go with whatever is "on trend" but if you like it, rock it! Your personal style should reflect the person you are. 


    A big fan of earrings, rings and bracelets, Maddie selected a few items from Apostle that she loved. When you go back to how she described her style, you'll quickly see how these pieces suit her perfectly, and how well they fit in with some of her well-loved jewelry items.


    Real Style Project Sunny Ear Climbers

    Leah Alexandra, Sunny Ear Climbers


    Real Style Project Leah Alexandra Bead Cuff

    Leah Alexandra, Bead Cuff


    Real Style Project Gorjana Stacking Rings

    Gorjana Stacking Rings



    Maddie shows us how simple styling is not only beautiful, but it can be edgy as well! She also gives a great idea on how you can easily give older well-loved jewelry pieces a fresh look up by adding a couple new items.

    Maddie's style is truly her own, and you can see that she not only dresses for herself in things that she loves and is comfortable in, but what she wears is a true reflection of who she is. 


    All photography was done by Jenny from GingerSnap Photography

    GingerSnap Photography

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  • Real Story Project - Story 2

    This is Story 2 of the Real Style Project. To learn more about the Real Style Project, and what it's all about, click here


    Real Style Project Lindsay Peters


    Let me introduce you to Lindsay Peters,
    Founder of Elle Peters Design 


    Lindsay Peters Real Style Project


    For at least a year, Lindsay and I were, what I'll call, local pen pals. This feels odd to say, even though it's completely normal in this day and age, but we initially "met" on Instagram and starting chatting here and there. It was mostly things like "I love your work!" or "Oh my gosh, that's stunning!"...but it all stemmed from me a being not only a fan of Lindsay's work, but also a fan of Lindsay.

    I know that people typically just post the good things in life, or sometimes you just aren't "picking up" what others are "putting down" (if you know what I mean?). But Lindsay isn't either of these things. When I see her photos, read what she has to say, and watch her stories, I can tell that she is kind-hearted and sweet, has a gentle spirit and a genuine joy and passion for her work, her loved ones, and her life.

    Now, I don't know about you, but those are definitely qualities that draw me in, and make me want to know someone. Lindsay is a "good vibes only" kinda girl (but in a real, sincere way), and it translates through everything she puts out there. 


    Lindsay Peters Real Style Project


    If you do get the chance to see Lindsay's work, Insta profile, or anything else that she does, one of the first things you'll notice is that she loves bright and fresh, clean lines, feminine touches, with a smattering of black and white contrast.

    You'll also notice that for her own wardrobe, she loves hats, cozy sweaters, fun layers...and when I think about it, all the same elements that I just mentioned above, also seem to fit with what she wears. So really, Lindsay's style isn't just in how she presents herself, it's also what she puts into her work.
    This shows that style is more than just what we wear- it is revealed in everything that we do. 


    Lindsay Peters Real Style Project


    Another thing you'll notice is that Lindsay has a deep and pure love for her husband, Chad.

    Lindsay selected Alforno Bakery for the photo shoot because of the amazing atmosphere and Lindsay felt like it resonates well with her style (their amazing coffee and delicious treats are an added bonus too). When I arrived, Lindsay and Chad were already there, and with coffees half gone, I could tell they'd come early to work...together! (Cute, right?!) Chad patiently sat and worked while we did the shoot, and he waited for everything to finish up so that he could walk out with Lindsay. Plus, Lindsay had just revealed to Jenny and I that she was pregnant with their first child and asked if Jenny would take a photo for their announcement!! Now, if this isn't a great story wrapped into another story, then I don't know what is!  :)


    Lindsay Peters Real Style Project



    I asked Lindsay a few questions, and I want to share them with you so that you can get an even better sense of who Lindsay is and why I asked her to be a part of the Real Style Project.


    What is your style in 3 words?

    Casual + Comfortable, (but) Put-Together

    You can't live without...

    My watch! I admit that I originally bought a watch for style purposes, but now I legitimately use it for telling time! I really do feel like something's missing if I leave the house without it. 

    What drives or motivates you?

    Professionally speaking, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, I really am motivated by happy clients. I love feeling like their lives are even a little bit better, or more joyful, because of a service I can provide to them. I'm also continually motivated by inspiring spaces. Whether that be within my own home when the sunlight hits "just so", or traveling halfway around the world to take in different design ideas.

    What do you love about yourself?

    I love that I've gotten to a point in my life where I can appreciate something beautiful, but move on and leave it be if it's not the right fit for me. Context is everything in my work! But it's also true for my own personal style. I've learned that just because I love, say, a blouse, that I don't need to own it if it's not flattering on me or if I know I won't actually wear it. I'm confident about what fabrics, styles, and silhouettes work for me and make me feel good.  

    What is something about yourself that would surprise people?

    People may be surprised to that I own a shockingly small amount of clothing! I usually have only 5 or 6 outfits per season that I love, and I simply mix-and-match and/or rotate them. I chalk it up to being a designer who is confronted with subjective decision-making all day - I want to limit my personal fashion choices to save my creative energy, ha! 

    What is style to you?

    Style is finding your own unique way of feeling like "yourself"!


    Lindsay selected a few items from Apostle, and I asked her why she liked each one. Below you'll see what Lindsay loves, and why! 

    "I have been wearing the necklace and rings pretty much every day. I was drawn to each item in large part for that reason: all are simple but elegant pieces that are versatile to work into virtually any outfit I own, whether casual or a bit more dressed up! I love how they are classic and although fairly subtle, they all add a "pretty touch" to whatever I'm wearing."


    Apostle In House Collection Everyday Disc Necklace

    Apostle In House Collection, Everyday Disc Necklace

    Gorjana Stacking Rings

    Gorjana G Ring Set & Mini Stacking Ring Set


    Cluse Minuit Gold Mesh Watch

    Cluse Minuit Gold Mesh Watch 


    From Lindsay's Style Story, I have learned that it's not only ok, but it's a beautiful thing, to be fully content and in love with who you are and where you're at in life. It's not about having it all, but it's about finding that true inner joy and confidence in yourself, that will bring you the greatest happiness. 


    All photos were captured by the ever-talented Jenny from GingerSnap Photography

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  • Real Style Project - Story 1

    This is Style Story 1 of the Real Style Project. To learn more about the Real Style Project, click here.  


    Real Style Project Marlo Brausse


    Let me introduce you to Marlo, and once you're done reading this, you'll understand why I asked her to be the first woman featured in the Real Style Project.
    Marlo embodies the popular quote from William Shakespeare "though she be but little, she is fierce!" And I mean this in every possible positive way!


    Marlo Brausse


    While I'd known of Marlo for awhile (thanks to the world of Instagram), we actually met at a local gym. We were put together in the same group, and I was amazed at her energy level - She was upbeat, encouraging everyone to keep going or to push hard or helping count down to the next rest, and she pushed herself to work as hard as possible and even asked to do more exercises at the end (and she must have seen my expression because she said with genuine concern and kindness "Oh sorry, do you need to go?"). But you could tell that everyone there loved being around Marlo, and when she wasn't at class, she was missed and there were comments about what great energy she brings.

    While at that point the Real Style Project was just an idea in my head, it was at that first workout with Marlo that I knew I wanted her to be a part of it.


    Marlo Brausse Real Style Project


    The day of the shoot, Jenny and I arrived at 9:30 in the morning and Marlo answered the door with a huge smile, and said that she had just gotten home from a meeting downtown. I had to sort this out- it was 9:30am and she had just got back home from a meeting and looked amazing, energetic AND happy! If the roles were reversed, I'm not sure I would have been feeling the same way.

    During the shoot, I learned that both Marlo and her husband are born and raised Calgarians, she has 3 beautiful children, we talked about how she ventured into the fitness world and opened Barre Body Studio (which has 4 locations), and get this- before opening BBS, she was a Probation Officer in Community Connections for 10 years. Marlo was passionate about working on the justice system in Calgary, and served on several committees that worked to improve the services, including how to help people from going back to a life of crime after incarceration.  

    See what I mean- this woman is FIERCE!! To say she's a hard worker is an understatement, she's kind and genuinely caring, started her own company which now has 4 locations, she's a loving mother and wife, and she can whoop some serious butt if necessary (which wouldn't be, unless in self defence...but even then, I think she'd fight off any perp with kindness and love), and she's got a cool and easy style that suits her and her lifestyle. 


    Real Style Project Marlo Brausse



    I asked Marlo a couple questions, and I want to share those with you.

    What is style to you?

    Personality. Style tells a story of who you are, how you show up, what is important in your world, and how you carry yourself. 

    Your style in 3 words.

    Simple, fresh, functional.

    What do you love about yourself?

    My smile. I see pictures of myself where I am not smiling and I almost don't recognize myself. A smile is the simple most effective way to communicate, express and connect with another human being. 

    Personal mantra :

    Anything is possible. 


    Marlo selected a few jewelry items from Apostle, and I asked her why she liked them. 

    Apostle In House Collection Reign Necklace

    Apostle In House Collection, Reign Necklace : "I love the contrast of delicate design and the sharp black colour of the beads and stone." 


    Leah Alexandra Baguette Moonstone Studs

    Leah Alexandra, Baguette Moonstone Studs : "I wear stud earrings on a daily basis mostly because of my personal and professional worlds (mom and fitness instructor) but also because a great studded earring can be simple, elegant and a statement. These earrings are all three." 


     Apostle In House Collection Chloe Lariat Disc Necklace

    Apostle In House Collection, Chloe Lariat Disc Necklace : This necklace was brand new, so Marlo hadn't seen it yet. But she loved the marble effect of the pendant and how versatile the necklace was. 


    Apostle In House Collection Lincoln Ear Threaders

    Apostle In House Collection, Lincoln Ear Threaders : Again, a brand new design, but I asked Marlo to try them. Knowing that she is a stud-wearer, I wanted to see how she felt about the threader style. Marlo loved how lightweight they were and were super easy to wear. 


    From Marlo's Style Story, I learned that you can have it all and look good doing it. I know that may seem cliché, and also impossible, but the important thing to note is that Marlo is wildly passionate about everything she does, and so none of it is "work". I'm sure it isn't easy, but it is an easy decision to do it all because it's who she is. And like she says, she does it with a smile, because that kind of joy can't be faked, it's a joy that is deep within, knowing that she's doing exactly what she's meant to be doing.


    All photography was done by the amazing & talented Jenny, from GingerSnap Photography

    GingerSnap Photography

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  • The Real Style Project

    Style is personal, not universal. Your style comprises of every element that makes you you. The things that make you laugh, make you cry, the way in which you move and talk, your passions and desires, the things that push you and inspire you, the way you brush your hair and put on your makeup... all of these things are pieces to the ________ (insert your name here) Puzzle. This is your Style Story.


    Every day we are bombarded by images of what we should wear, and it often isn't reflective of who we are, what we love, and what makes us feel amazing. I find that we feel our best, our absolute BEST, when we are true to ourselves and are wearing things that reflect OUR style. 


    This is where the Real Style Project begins. 


    Real Style Project

    The Real Style Project's mission is to feature everyday, inspiring women and to learn a bit about who they are and to tell their Style Story. By learning about each woman, my hope is that each of us will be encouraged to harness our own style, to be confident in it, and to realize that it's accessible and beautiful.


    Being that this project is about real, authentic women and their individual style, the photo shoots were not staged or styled in any way. Typically, Apostle's Look Book shoots are a collaborative effort of makeup artists, hair stylists, staged locations, wardrobe, etc. But it is important to me that the Real Style Project is unique and specific to each woman - they selected their favorite outfit from their own closet, did their own hair and makeup, and selected a location that reflects who they are. Whether it's their home, office, favorite coffee shop, or park...I asked them to pick a place that they love and are comfortable in.


    The Real Style Project isn't about a perfectly styled set, it's about you, it's about me, and it's about each woman that we feature. Real, everyday women. It's your style, inside.


    Whether you read one Style Story, or all of them, my hope is that you will feel inspired. That inspiration may be to try a new (or old) style you love, or perhaps to do something you've been dreaming of.

    The women featured in the Real Style Project range in ages, backgrounds, careers, personalities, and passions. But what they do have in common is an inspiring and encouraging Style Story, and I think we can all find something to take from each one. The biggest thing in all of this is to know that you too have an amazing and inspiring story, and you should walk in confidence knowing this to be true.


    While the focus may be on the women in front of the lens, there's also an incredible & inspiring woman behind the lens- capturing the real beauty in her own unique way, and sharing a part of their Style Story with us. 

    To read about the amazing photographers that have played an integral role in the Real Style Project, click here to see who they are and why I asked them to be a part of it. 


    Click the images below to read the Style Stories


    Real Style Project Marlo Brausse

    Marlo Brausse


    Real Style Project Lindsay PetersReal Style Project Lindsay Peters


    Real Style Project Story 3Real Style Project Story 3 Madilynn Chieduch


    Real Style Project Kristin HallettReal Style Project Kristin Hallett


    Real Style Project Tanya PukaReal Style Project Tanya Puka


    Real Style Project Lisa MaricReal Style Project Lisa Maric

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