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  • Your Personal Style

    Your style is unique, a reflection of who you are, your experiences, your values and your likes. 

    The jewelry you wear is how you polish off your style and complete an outfit. As cheesy as this sounds, it's like the ribbons and bows on a gift - without it, it's a lovely box wrapped in beautiful paper, but it's just not complete. Your jewelry acts in the same way- it adds the necessary finishing touch to an outfit and allows you to fully personalize any outfit. 

    I don't have a style. I don't know what my style is. I don't know what works for my body. I don't know how to shop (or I don't like to shop). I don't even know where to start. 

    If any of those statements has crossed your mind, working with a Personal Shopper and Stylist will not only help you hone in on what your style is, but it will also help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to create a wardrobe and put together outfits that you truly love and feel amazing in. 



    If you're in Calgary and area, Alayne Joy Styling offers a number of services that will help you feel inspired by your closet and make your getting ready process easy, quick and enjoyable. 

    Click here for more details : Alayne Joy | Calgary's BEST Personal Stylist

    Not sure if a Personal Stylist is for you? Stay tuned for Alayne's newest blog post that will answer all of your questions. 


    Styled by Alayne Joy

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  • YYC Local Love : Rowena Sampang

    Originally from Winnipeg, Rowena Sampang grew up watching many of her family members working in the fashion and textile industry- observing and learning from master seamstresses and tailors, the fashion industry is deeply rooted in her story.


    Rowena Sampang

    Calgary Local Love Pink Liberty Boutique


    Meet Rowena Sampang : mother to two boys, Brooklyn and Grayson. She’s been with her partner, Allan, for a whopping 23 years (they’ve been best friends since they were 14!!). Reality tv fiend. Loves to get dressed up (yes, even these days). Not a pet person (I’m with you there Rowena!). ACAD Fashion Design graduate. Lives for helping women have that “aha moment” when they see how amazing they look and feel in their Pink Liberty pieces.

    Now let me introduce you to Pink Liberty- Rowena’s fourth love (after Allan and the kids, of course).
    Started in 2017, Pink Liberty is an online boutique that focuses on clothing and accessories that women can feel amazing in (ie. It’s fashionable and has a bit of give so that you can move and play), that lasts more than a few months, and that combines the everyday lifestyle of a modern mom with fun fashion.

    “Our style mantra is casual, everyday glam that is easy to wear and caters to the modern woman's lifestyle.”

    Rowena Sampang Pink Liberty


    I’ve been a Rowena fan for awhile now, and let me tell you, she is a woman that makes you laugh, and at times she makes you take a minute to think. From doing her Rose with Ro segments on Instagram, her fun try on sessions, potato chip taste-testing with her son, to getting vulnerable and real on parenting, the ups and downs of owning a business, and racism. It’s been incredible to watch and learn alongside her, and this is why we wanted to feature Rowena in the YYC Local Love series.

    “Be yourself, don't be afraid to speak your mind, honesty and integrity and working hard.”


    Rowena Sampang Pink Liberty


    Here’s the interview with Rowena Sampang,
    owner of Pink Liberty :


    How would you describe yourself? and/or How would you describe your style? 

    My personal style is feminine, flirty and fun with a bit of edge. This definitely translates into the items I curate for Pink Liberty—our style mantra is everyday, casual, glam! I love getting dressed up and I'm not afraid to wear bold colours, interesting prints, show some skin, try new trends and experiment with fashion. Life would be incredibly boring if we didn't!
    Dressing up on a daily basis during the pandemic also saved me mentally, emotionally and physically. I don't think you need to spend a lot of money to have great style. I'm a firm believer in pairing old with new, accessorizing to-the-nines, and investing in classic pieces that you'll have forever. I have pieces in my closet that I've had for over 20+ years. I've always been a girly-girl and fashion has always been part of my life.

    Calgary Small Business Apostle Boutique Pink Liberty

    Rowena is wearing the Chloe Mini Necklace with the Bali Antique Locket ; the Parker Gem Bracelet with the Double Rope Bracelet ; and the Deco Earrings 

    What outfit do you have that makes you feel incredible and confident?

    My dress up/special occasion clothes carry so many special memories, it's truly hard to let go! Especially during COVID, where everybody is dressing down in sweats, I love to pull out these pieces, because they remind me of a time where we were completely free, everyone was dressed up and gathered together making memories. My favorite dress of all time was one I designed for my 21st Birthday. I had it hand-embroidered and it was a Cinderella gone bad sort of dress. I can't fit in it anymore, but I remember the feeling so vividly when I wore it. I was like, "Hello World—I'm here!"

    What is one the biggest hurdles you've had to overcome? 

    I have faced so many challenges growing up in an immigrant family. As a first generation Canadian, I experienced a lot of racism and stereotypes growing up. I also grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Winnipeg and was also one of the first in my family in Canada to get a University degree. I believe all of these factors combined taught me the value of hard work, humility, perseverance and having a thick skin. We didn't have a lot growing up, but I never felt poor. Family was always first and my parents worked tirelessly to put food on the table. We were taught to be grateful and seeing poverty in the Philippines first hand, truly puts everything into perspective. 

    How are you currently trying to grow or better yourself?

    I'm a huge self-improvement junkie! I listen to podcasts, watch videos and read books on everything designed to make myself a better human. Currently, I'm into manifestation techniques and journaling. Not just, well I'll write it down kind of thing and it will come true, but learning specific techniques on how to emote internally and externally, understanding energy and mindset etc. to manifest my dreams. I just finished Wayne Dyer's Manifest Your Destiny. Also, I have been journaling for many years and I'm learning about specific journaling practices, such as scripting, and it truly is life changing. 

    What are your top 5 values?

    1. Work hard! You can be the smartest, prettiest or wealthiest person. But the person that gets ahead is the one that puts in the work.
    2. Don't dwell on what you can't control.
    3. Trust in the Universe, the Divine, God—they will provide.
    4. Be nice to everyone. Especially to those that are mean.
    5. Always try new things and take risks. 


    Shop Pink Liberty Rowena Sampang


    Why did you decide to start your business?

    I grew up in the fashion industry, so it's in my blood! My entire family worked in the apparel manufacturing industry, all talented seamstresses and tailors. Fashion put food on our table. ⁠⁠My friends and I loved to copy looks out of magazines and have our parents sew up the designs. I worked every fashion retail job I could find, just for the discount!
    After pursuing my degree, I still couldn't shake the fashion bug. I went to ACAD and studied fashion design, while working a full-time career in communications. I also spent many years in the entrepreneurial community and used to work as a small business coach/advisor and worked with businesses in all phases and industries. In that role, I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug and knew it was destiny!
    It wasn't until I had my children that I felt it was time to start my own boutique. Being a new mother, I realized that moms had the hardest job in the world and often forgot how to dress, or neglected themselves entirely. I learned so many fashion tips and tricks over the years that I wanted to share with other women. I created Pink Liberty as a place for women to remember themselves, instill confidence and put themselves first. 

    Why is your work important to you?

    Seeing my customers have a minor ‘feeling myself’ Beyonce moment when they wear Pink Liberty! This brings me so much joy. I also love to inspire women by showing real and raw moments of the business/motherhood journey. I am also constantly being inspired by so many hard-working and diverse, kind women that lift each other up and support one another.

    What have been some of the greatest rewards?

    I help women see what they might not see in themselves. Women are beautiful, giving creatures. We often forget this, because we are so busy giving to others, that we forget to remember who we are and what we are meant to be. I love to help women build their confidence, not only through fashion, but also by working hard and showing them that our potential is limitless! 

    What is something that you try to do daily/weekly/or monthly that is just for you?

    I start each day by journaling, light movement/exercise to get the blood flowing, shower, makeup and getting dressed. Lots of coffee and water is a daily necessity!

    What makes you laugh?

    Currently Tiktok! I am obsessed and can often be found laughing hilariously to myself.

    Why is it important to support local?

    These past 2 years have been extremely difficult for all small businesses. Many of us are in survival mode, living paycheck to paycheck. I'll admit, prior to owning a shop, I didn't always think to shop locally first. I have such a greater appreciation for those dreamers and do'ers hustling hard to live out their dreams. So much heart and soul goes into owning a business. I'm a huge advocate of shopping small, because I know that I am helping to propel someone's dream forward.


    Rowena Sampang Kaity Body Photography


    I love the authenticity in which Rowena approaches everything she does. She puts her family and herself first, and truly lives out her values. She know what she wants and she knows what she needs to do, and finds that sweet spot in between the two to guide her.

    From Rowena's story, I have learned that perseverance and drive is key in running a business (and in life), but so is the ability to make those tough decisions. I also learned to really lean into those aspects of your life that are rooted in you- those pieces that make you who you are, and to utilize those. When you tap into that, that's where you will find joy and success.



    This second series of the YYC Local Love stories was accomplished by such an incredible team of other incredible local women working behind the scenes. While we're telling the stories of the four women in front of the camera, I got the honor and pleasure of working alongside more women that I'm inspired by on a regular basis:

    Shoot Organizer & Co-Planner : Chelsea from Coco & Ash Weddings and Events

    Photographer : Kaity Body Photography

    Hair & Makeup : Priya from Beautymark Makeovers

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  • YYC Local Love : Kelly Devera

    Meet Kelly Devera.
    Born in the Philippines, Kelly's family moved to Brunei when she was 6. After 7 years in Brunei, they moved across the world to Edmonton, and many years later, after college, Kelly chose to plant her roots in Calgary.
    Kelly Devera is now married to her husband, Patrick, of 6 years, has a beautiful 5 year old daughter, Valerie, and her 8 year old business, Lovesky Design.


    Kelly Devera

    Calgary Local Love Kelly Devera Apostle Boutique


    If you were to ask young-Kelly if she wanted to start a business, her answer would have been a resounding "hell no!" After studying Theatre & Performing Arts and Film, Kelly moved to Calgary to pursue her dreams of being an actress. Looking back, she says "but it seems like fate had different plans for me!" In between acting gigs, Kelly became a Regional Visual Merchandiser for a large national clothing company, and after many years she decided to go back to school to learn Graphic Design, and the rest is Lovesky history! 

    Lovesky Design is a bespoke design studio based in Calgary that specializes in personalized & handcrafted wedding invitations and stationery. On top of the custom side of the business, Kelly now offers a wide range of products including greeting cards, prints, wax seal stamps, pre-designed wedding stationary, cake toppers, vow books...and the list goes on! Lovesky Design is a one-stop shop for life's milestones. 


    Local Love Calgary Kelly Devera



    When I first met Kelly, the very first thing I noticed was her smile. Through her smile you can sense her deep joy for life, her caring nature and genuine kindness. All of those amazing attributes aside, Kelly is easy to love- she's quick to laugh at any joke (no matter how bad it is), doesn't take herself too seriously and isn't afraid to be silly in front of strangers, and she exudes a kind of warmth and transparency that is rare. 

    Two of Kelly's top values are compassion and kindness and she believes in her core that every single person in this world is deserving and worthy of kindness and respect. 

    "I'm the type of person that will come up to the shy person in the room and talk to them. I hate it if people feel left out or feel like they don't belong. I don't ever want anybody I come across to feel that way. I believe that we all have plenty of kindness for each other. I will always choose kindness and I hope more people do too. Now more than ever."


    Kelly is not one to remain stagnant either. She loves to learn and is always eager to hone in on new skills and enjoys taking online courses, trying new workouts, listening to business related podcasts and reading books about self growth and development. 
    In March of 2020, Kelly found herself reaching for all the junk food she could tolerate in a day. From cookies, chips, ice cream...you name it, she was eating in an attempt to ease & forget her stress, worries and emotions of the time. At first she told herself that she'd only do this while the pandemic had us locked down, but as time went on, she thought- what if this last for months, or for a year...or longer?? And that's when it really sunk in.


    Calgary Small Business Lovesky Design Apostle Jewelry Boutique


    "I thought about my family. I thought about myself. I thought about what I was doing to my body and why I needed to do things differently. I needed to change...I decided I was going to re-write this chapter of my life. That I have the ability to change it and make better decisions for my health and well-being."

    Knowing that these actions wouldn't come naturally or easily, she chose to view her fitness journey as a new project. Sharing her story, progress and daily decisions on social media, Kelly ensured that she had accountability, yet also gave herself a lot grace and patience. 
    "There were days when I wanted to give up, but I showed up for myself regardless. I knew that if it doesn't challenge me, it won't change me. I owed it to myself to be my better version, so I fully committed to my journey"

    Kelly Devera isn't one to choose the easiest path, she chooses the path that leads to her success- whatever that looks like for her. She is a woman of strength, kindness and heart, and truly wants to help people in any way she can.


    How would you describe your style? 

    My style is classic and minimal. I'm attracted to neutrals so my closet includes outfits in black, greys, nude/skin tone colours. I prefer solid over patterned items. I like clean lines and barely wear anything super bright. If I did go for something with a pop of colour it would be green or yellow.

    Calgary Small Business Apostle Jewelry BoutiqueKelly is wearing the Circle Necklace with the Everly Convertible Chain ; the Natasha Bracelets in Black and Gold ; and the Pearl Chain Drop Earrings


    Why did you decide to start your business?

    I wanted to do something that emulated love, beauty and stories. Wedding invitations to me embodies those elements. I was driven to start my business with love in mind. To do what I love, be creative, and design custom invitations that share a couple's love story.

    Why is your work important to you?

    I have the need to help others. I feel my business is a platform that I can use not just to do what I love but to also serve others. I want my work to bring joy and inspiration. 

    In the early days of starting your business, what was one of the toughest things you had to overcome?

    Self-doubt. I think most of us go through that when you start something new and you feel out of place being the new kid on the block. As I gained more experience over the years, I realized what made my business special was me. There's a lot of options out there for wedding invitations and stationery but there's only one me. The kind of care and attention I give to my clients or the amount of love I put into my work is incomparable and could never be duplicated by someone else even if they tried. That's what makes us all unique and special and why every business is different even if we sell the same product or service.

    What is something that you try to do daily/weekly/or monthly that is just for you?

    I workout daily. I love to go running and test my strength with exercises. Knowing I'm doing something good for my body and well-being makes me happy. I believe in order to take care of others, you need to take care of yourself. Working out helps me physically and mentally. It helps me tackle problems with more energy. Plus, I love the endorphins after a workout! I feel like an athlete.

    When your To-Do list is overwhelming, how do you get through it?

    I take a break and go for a walk or do something that will take my mind off it. Sometimes it's better to just walk away from it and do something to de-stress yourself before tackling it again.

    What makes you laugh?

    My husband's corny dad jokes. They're so bad, but every time he makes one, I can't stop laughing. 


    Kelly Devera Lovesky Design


    When do you feel strong and confident?

    After I workout even when I'm sweaty and smell bad! If I finished a killer workout that I didn't give up on, it gives me this high vibe. When I show up for myself and keep my promises, that's when I feel the strongest and most confident.

    Why is it important to support local?

    Supporting local gives your community strength. You're helping families and individuals who run these small businesses to be able to do what they love and serve others. What you purchase from local businesses are much more than the products. You're supporting a dream, a message, a purpose. Locals supporting locals makes us all stronger. 

    Are there any local businesses that you've looked to as a role model (either on a personal or business level)?

    Cathy from Creative Weddings who also owns Someday Consulting. She has given me great advice over the years and she's always there to encourage me with everything I do. She has always been supportive of my endeavors and gave me great insight for my business that helped it grow. 

    Lesley from LP Events. I was in my earlier year in business. I didn't know anyone and I felt intimidated. She was the first wedding planner I met who made time for me. I'll never forget the kindness she showed me. She taught me to be brave. She has believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself. Everyone needs someone like that in their life.

    Share your favorite quote :

    "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become." - Steve Jobs

    What advice would you give to us?

    Be yourself. I know it sounds easier said than done with all the pressures from society but if you just stay true to who you are, the right people and the right opportunities will come to you. You will attract the authenticity that you deserve. To be yourself in a world that tries so hard to want to change you is the biggest achievement.

    What are your goals for the upcoming year?

    I'm going to create more Lovesky products beyond wedding invitations. I want to make more greeting cards, prints and social stationery. I'm going to be brave and put this out in the universe that I want to create stationery that will change the world and make a difference. I don't know exactly what that looks like or how I'm going to do it, but I believe it's going to happen.


    "I feel the most fulfilled when I know I have inspired someone to be better or if I helped them with something they struggled with. Even if I just made them laugh for a moment to forget their bad day! I believe we are all connected to each other and we're not meant to experience life alone. There is so much we can learn from each other."


     Lovesky Designs Apostle Boutique


    Kelly has experienced a lot of changes in her life, including the change of goals, careers and dreams, and she has truly embraced them all with grace, joy and care. There is so much in Kelly's story that stands out, but here's a few things that I have learned :

    - Plans can (and will) change, and that's ok
    - We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones, to commit to taking care of ourselves- and this means taking care of our health and making it a priority. Keeping our promises to ourselves is just as important as keeping a promise made to someone else. 
    - Asking for help from those that are more experienced will give us a strong foundation to build on. 


    Thank you so much Kelly, for sharing your story with us! I'm excited to watch as you continue to grow and evolve Lovesky Design



    This second series of the YYC Local Love stories was accomplished by such an incredible team of other incredible local women working behind the scenes. While we're telling the stories of the four women in front of the camera, I got the honor and pleasure of working alongside more women that I'm inspired by on a regular basis:

    Shoot Organizer & Co-Planner : Chelsea from Coco & Ash Weddings and Events

    Photographer : Kaity Body Photography

    Hair & Makeup : Priya from Beautymark Makeovers

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  • Mother's Day Gift Guide - 2021

    Where does the time go?!
    Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, so to give you plenty of time to make your Wish List (or request that a loved one make their own Wish List) and send to those that may need a gentle reminder, here is the
    Apostle 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide.



    To suit different styles and budgets, this comprehensive guide outlines beautiful pieces that are sure to put a smile on her face and make her think of you, every time she puts it on! 


    Gifts Less Than $200 

    This stunning heart-shaped necklace from Leah Alexandra features a gorgeous faceted Rainbow Moonstone. As it’s a natural stone, no two necklaces will be the same, just like you!
    Leah Alexandra Coeur Heart Necklace

    For those looking to add a bolder flare, these stunning leaf textured hoop earrings from Daisy London will do just the trick! The leaf texture can be said to represent the family tree, be for someone that loves nature or gardening, or it can simply be admired for just how pretty they are! These are available in silver and gold.
    Daisy London Leaf Earrings


    Gifts Less Than $100

    Not all of us are "moms", many of you have lost your mothers or children, but I truly love how Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all the female mentors and role models in our lives.

    This friendship bracelet set is the perfect way for your daughter, niece, granddaughter to match you! Whether you’re near or far, this token is an elegant expression of care and gratitude.

    Abacus Row Mother Daughter Bracelet


    Keep your treasures close to your heart with this Gorjana Antique Locket. This timeless piece has simple beading texture along the edge and delicate details. Whether you put a photo, note or tiny trinket inside, it's a beautiful way to keep it close.

    Gorjana Antique Locket

    I love the idea of the never ending circle and how it represents love. The Circle Necklace is delicate and simple in design, yet elegant and classic. 

    Shashi Circle Necklace

    Gift Ideas Under $50


    Sentiment doesn't have to be wrapped up in how much something costs. These pieces would look charming together as a set or individually.

    Tell the lady in your life she’s One in a Million with this simple sparkly pave necklace!

    Lover's Tempo One in a Million Necklace


    These Tiny Heart Stud Earrings from Little Gold, are a great addition or a perfect gift by themselves.

    Little Gold Tiny Heart Studs


    The Capucine Bracelet has beautiful interlocking circles, showing that no matter what- we’re always connected.

    Sophie Deschamps Capucine Bracelet

    The best thing about giving jewelry as a gift is that you can truly create your own sentiment behind it, and you know that no matter what, she's going to think about it every time she wears it! 


    Visit the shop for more stunning options to suit both your (or her) style on this special day!

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  • YYC Local Love : Kristina Nichol

    Kristina Nichol is a mom of three, loyal friend, devoted wife of 17 years, a woman of faith, and has some serious musical talent (or, as one of her best friends says : "Her voice...is creamy dreamy...it seriously melts me. Every time.")

    Kristina Nichol
    Kristina Nichol


    Kristina's friends describe her as a visionary, driven, passionate, talented, beautiful and brave.
    "Kristina is the rare type of person who is good at everything she tries, but she has the work ethic and drive to back all of that natural talent...
    What makes her special is that behind all of that natural talent and drive, she's got a big, beautiful, soft heart."


    Soft-spoken, yet full of light, there's just something about Kristina that draws you in. Without knowing her, you trust her. It could be the raw emotions in her music, the soft, kindness in her eyes, or maybe it's the sense of ease you get while in her presence, but one thing I know is that Kristina Nichol is one of a kind. 


     Kristina Nichol


    Kristina has been playing piano since she was 8 years old and writing music since she was 15- music has been an integral part of her life, and the dream to make it a career remained as just that for many years.

    "For years, I didn't think my dream was ever going to pan out, so I never even tried...I underestimated my drive and my resilience. The truth is, I have no idea what the final destination is, but doing something is so much better than doing nothing."

    These past two years have been a turning point for Kristina's career. Saying "it's now or never" and finally realizing that she was ready to push forward and stop dreaming :

    "Turning 34 was a hard birthday for me. I remember feeling like my dream was suddenly slipping away from me (as if age could take away a dream). For so many years, I had been sitting on these gifts and wasn’t really using them to my full potential. I think I always felt like it was too late and the longer I waited, the harder it was to talk myself into it. But then I had this epiphany! I didn’t want to waste another year, so that night I contacted my producer and told him it was time to get to work."


    At our photo shoot with Kristina, we got to experience the kind of magic that happens when you're witnessing someone utilizing their God-given gifts and passions. I don't know if there's a way to truly describe it, but when Kristina sat down at her piano and began to play, everything went still and calm. The air grew thick, our hearts and our thoughts were hushed, and we all just sat and soaked in not only the beautiful music, but the sacred space that develops when someone is quietly & humbly sharing their heart with you. Whether you get to experience it in person, are watching on social media, or listening on Spotify or iTunes, you can't help but to hang on to every word and get transported by every note in Kristina's music. 


    Kristina Nichol


    While I don't know Kristina well, I do know that she is so much more than her music and she really lets you into her world and her life. You can tell that she adores her three children and husband and time spent with family is truly cherished and they have so much fun together exploring the outdoors. Kristina's faith is paramount in her life and is at the forefront of what she does, and why she does it. She has a solid group of friends that cheers one another on, laughs together, and feeds into one another's lives. She admits that she can't "do it all" and relies on others to help when she feels overwhelmed. 
    So yes, Kristina is an incredible musician and creates magic with words, music and emotion. But she's just like you and me- an everyday woman that is pushing towards her goals and dreams, all while trying to keep the other balls up in the air (with some help, from time to time). 



    How would you describe yourself and your style? 

    Introverted, creative, passionate, emotional, loyal, and driven.

    As for my style, I am definitely a tomboy but I enjoy dressing up like a rock star if I’m going out. I grew up in a strict religious home where I was expected to wear skirts and dresses all the time. I also never cut my hair until grade 10, so I think that’s why I’m so expressive with my hair now and like trying new things.

    What outfit do you have that makes you feel incredible and confident?

    All black with leather. It’s bad ass.


    Kristina Nichol Music Apostle Boutique
    Kristina is wearing the Noa Ear Climbers, the Essential Chain Necklace layered with the Artisan Tapestry Necklace, the Honey Bangle, and her favorite Glimmer Stacking Rings

    What is one the biggest hurdles you've had to overcome? 

    This is not so much a hurdle as it is an unfortunate circumstance, but 8 years ago, my Mother (who I was really close with) joined a cult group and cut off all communication with her family and friends. I had a 3-year-old and 1 year old at the time and was completely heartbroken. I had so many questions that still to this day have not been answered.

    What lesson did that hardship teach you?

    The one thing that shifted things for me was hearing someone say the words “in everything, give thanks”. Not “for everything” but “in everything”. Even on my hardest, darkest days, I had to force myself to be thankful for the little things. Even though time has passed, I still miss her very much but I am so much stronger than I was back then. I wouldn’t actually change anything about that experience because it has made me a better mother, wife, friend, and even songwriter. And sometimes we have to walk through tough things to grow. I am thankful for the growth and the ability to connect to others on a deeper level.

    How are you currently trying to grow or better yourself?

    Saying no to the things I don’t want to do, and yes to the things that I should be doing. I spent so many years trying to please people at the expense of my own family and personal dreams. I’m finally in a position where I can choose what is worth my time, and what isn’t.

    One of Kristina's friends said this : "I admire Kristina for saying no. She says no to things in a very healthy and respectful way when she needs to, and I wish I was more like that."


    Kristina Nichol


    How do you reset? Or Get ready for something big?

    My faith is the most important thing to me. I pray. All the time. It calms me down to release my thoughts, fears, and insecurities. It also reminds me that I’m not alone in this and don’t need to try to do it in my own strength.

    Why is your work important to you?

    I’ve always believed that music has healing power. Power to make people smile, dance, cry, feel release and comfort. That belief has intensified since COVID because everyone is experiencing this differently. Music is a way for people to find hope and distract them from the things they can’t control. I get to be that person that puts a smile on their face or makes them feel like they can get through anything. It’s an incredible feeling!

    What do you love the most about song writing and recording?

    I love the escape of being in the studio. I put on my headphones and suddenly I am transported somewhere else. I’ve cried many tears over the piano and it has been so healing for me to have this outlet. There’s also an incredible rush when you see something begin as nothing and grow into something that I can be proud of. Sharing that with others is the cherry on top.


    Kristina Nichol


    Where do you find inspiration for writing your songs?

    I pull a lot of inspiration from my history with my mom. It was definitely a defining moment in my life and one that a lot of others can relate to when it comes to loss. Whenever I’m feeling restless or have writers block, I’ll watch an episode of Nashville or Grey’s Anatomy and that always makes me want to write a song. Something about the music and how it can add so much emotion and depth to a scene. Sometimes I’ll even ask my followers to submit ideas because it challenges me to write outside of my own experiences. This is how I wrote my upcoming single, “Feeling it out loud”.

    Your newest single, Feeling It Out Loud, is about heartache and really taps into an emotional side. What is the core message of this song that you want people to know? 

    “Feeling it out loud” was inspired by a close friend’s journey through divorce. When I wrote it in January, I was taking a song writing workshop and the assignment was to collaborate with another artist or writer to help tell their story. I immediately contacted my friend, Jess, who has walked through divorce. Her story is so inspiring! She graciously agreed to share it all with me so I could somehow put it all into words. I knew it would be challenging, but I don’t think I fully realized just how challenging it would be. I wrote the song 3 different ways before writing this one.

    Sometimes you’ve got to dig deeper and allow yourself the time and space to feel the emotions and be uncomfortable. Once I had a rough arrangement, I sent it to her and the tears started flowing. It allowed her to heal and grieve. That’s when I knew I had to produce it and release it into the world. Even though I wrote this song with Jess in mind, I truly believe there are so many women (and men) who need to hear these words. Music has healing power! It's such an honor to be a storyteller.

    To listen to Kristina's newest single, Feeling it out loud, click here :
    Spotify : Feeling It out Loud · Kristina Nichol (spotify.com)
    iTunes : ‎Feeling It out Loud - Single by Kristina Nichol on Apple Music

    What are your goals for the upcoming year?

    My goal this year is to step outside my comfort zone even more. To write songs with people I barely know. To perform my own songs in front of an audience offline. To push myself creatively always.

    When do you feel strong and confident?

    When I’m able to teach and pass along wisdom. I get empowered by being a leader that people can trust and look up to.

    What is one local business that you love, and why do you admire them?

    My dear friends, Jamie and Karina Hiller from Primrose. I have known them since before they started Primrose and watched them build their business from the ground up. They have walked through many hardships to get to where they are but I’ve always admired their resilience, vulnerability, and determination to keep going. They inspire me to push for my dreams and always expect more.

    What are you currently learning?

    To stay in your lane. There will always be someone better than you or someone pursuing a similar dream, but the moment you allow yourself to focus on what they are doing and how they’re doing it, you lose sight of your reach and impact. We all have the potential to make a difference and we weren’t all designed to do it the same way.

    What advice would you give to us?

    You are braver than you think. The things that scare us are usually the things we are meant to be doing. Just let that fear guide you in a positive way.


    I love what Kristina said there in her advice to share- it's simple, yet powerful. 
    I'm going to write it below, and I want you to read it slowly, then read it again and allow it to sink in. Whether you are 20 years old, or 70 years old, this is something we all need to hear and believe :

    Kristina Nichol

    Kristina Nichol


    To listen to Kristina's full single list, you can find her on Spotify or iTunes by clicking the links below, or simply searching her name : Kristina Nichol.
    ‎Kristina Nichol on Apple Music
    Feeling It out Loud · Kristina Nichol (spotify.com)



    This second series of the YYC Local Love stories was accomplished by such an incredible team of other incredible local women working behind the scenes. While we're telling the stories of the four women in front of the camera, I got the honor and pleasure of working alongside more women that I'm inspired by on a regular basis:

    Shoot Organizer & Co-Planner : Chelsea from Coco & Ash Weddings and Events

    Photographer : Kaity Body Photography

    Hair & Makeup : Priya from Beautymark Makeovers

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  • Spring Trends: Jewelery Edition

    Ahh spring! It's time to say hello to new spring and summer jewelry styles and trends...oh ya, and of course there's the warm sun, green grass, and budding trees too. But spring style is just as exciting as all of that too, right?

    Spring & Summer Styles and Trends :
    Jewelry Edition


    So as the days get longer and the sun gets warmer, it seems like the perfect time that I showcase some of the newest pieces to Apostle.

    You may have noticed a theme when scrolling through my Instagram feed, (@alayne.joy, in case you’re not following). For the spring, you may notice the use of florals, natural gemstones with an element of sparkle, designs with charming and unique accents, and bold pieces with delicate feminine details.



    Floral patterns and motifs aren't just for clothing, but it's become a popular accent used in jewelry as well!

    When it comes to florals, many of us think of bright colours and the basic flower shapes. However, the floral designs this season have a more abstract or desert feel, with imprints set into the material giving it a fossilized texture. Some beautiful examples of this are the Palm Drop Earrings from Liv Finely, the In the Garden Necklace from Little Gold, and the Primrose Studs to match.



    Beautiful Gemstones

    As a unique way to add colour to an outfit, the use of natural gemstones is a great way to add another dimension to your look. No stone is the same, so not only will your piece be unique to you, it will be the only one with the exact colouring you see in the rock. The Labradorite Pool Necklace shows gorgeous earth tones with a touch of blue undertones. If you want something a little more subdued, the Cameo Necklace is a stunning alternative using Rainbow Moonstone to add beautiful, neutral touch. Some complementary pieces include the Moonstone Mari Studs (these little studs are SO cute and pretty!) and the Parker Gem Bracelet (adds such a nice touch of light pinks to your outfit!).


    Just A Touch of Sparkle

    Whether you're days consist of everyday casual, office attire, or you like to dress up a little more- a touch of sparkle will add polish and class to your outfit!

    As the summer days tend to include a bit more of a relaxed vibe, it's important to pay attention to clothing and accessories that can take you from day to night- and a little sparkle can take you there!

    The Nora Studs from Shashi have a touch of elegance with a halo of sparkle surrounding a beautifully-cut Labradorite gemstone. The Madison Shimmer Earrings (available in gold or silver) are a classic & chic huggie-style that you will wear constantly (and if those aren’t to your liking check out the Hoop Blog post that showcases the different hoops, no matter what your style is!).

    Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or for a gift the “Cheers to you” Necklace is a lovely option, with the right amount of sparkle it's beautiful on its own or would pair nicely with a simple gemstone necklace. No outfit is complete without a bracelet in my books, and the ideal pairing would be the Bezel Bolo Bracelet (available in gold or silver), again nothing too dramatic just a touch of elegance.

    Charming Accents

    I have always been one to admire the artistry in jewelry design and I admire when designers are able to find the intersect between uncommon and every day. Little accents like hearts, inscribed messages or images- these make pieces so unique and add such a special (and sometimes sentimental) touch- making them a meaningful gift either for yourself or a loved-one. 

    The Love Token Necklace is available in Gold or Silver, and the Tiniest Heart Studs (also available in gold or silver) make for a gorgeous feminine set that's full of love! For those who love a subtle touch of feminine drama, the Pearl Drop Chain Earrings paired with the Angel Face Necklace could be just the set you’re looking for.


    Bold Feminism

    We all have a bit of a wild side…yes even you moms reading this, we’re not normal moms we’re cool moms, we just have to tame it from time to time. I love how jewelry can be used as an expression of our personalities. These pieces are for those of you who want to make a statement, but in a cool, understated and feminine way (no heavy pendants or bulky chains here! We need easy-to-wear all day, with all the things, kind of style!).

    The Chico Earrings from Liv Finely are unique and contemporary and extremely lightweight! You can pair them (any anything else) with the Artisan Woven Stacking Ring from Daisy London. Finish off the look with the Venice Necklace from Gorjana, and you’re set for the day, from drop off, to zoom meeting, to patio drinks the true balance of bold and beautiful.

    (Little side note- if you love a cool, modern style that evokes both a feminine, delicate feel with a touch of confidence, you will love the Daisy London collection!) 



    The spring/summer jewelry styles and trends are all about feminine and versatile styling with a little more oomph behind it. The very lightweight, delicate pieces are still definitely a thing, but Designers wanted to instill a bit more personality and strength in their designs as well- which I absolutely love! This combination truly creates a look the is timeless, wearable for the everyday, and versatile for all the things! 

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