The Real Style Project

Style is personal, not universal. Your style comprises of every element that makes you you. The things that make you laugh, make you cry, the way in which you move and talk, your passions and desires, the things that push you and inspire you, the way you brush your hair and put on your makeup... all of these things are pieces to the ________ (insert your name here) Puzzle. This is your Style Story.


Every day we are bombarded by images of what we should wear, and it often isn't reflective of who we are, what we love, and what makes us feel amazing. I find that we feel our best, our absolute BEST, when we are true to ourselves and are wearing things that reflect OUR style. 


This is where the Real Style Project begins. 


Real Style Project

The Real Style Project's mission is to feature everyday, inspiring women and to learn a bit about who they are and to tell their Style Story. By learning about each woman, my hope is that each of us will be encouraged to harness our own style, to be confident in it, and to realize that it's accessible and beautiful.


Being that this project is about real, authentic women and their individual style, the photo shoots were not staged or styled in any way. Typically, Apostle's Look Book shoots are a collaborative effort of makeup artists, hair stylists, staged locations, wardrobe, etc. But it is important to me that the Real Style Project is unique and specific to each woman - they selected their favorite outfit from their own closet, did their own hair and makeup, and selected a location that reflects who they are. Whether it's their home, office, favorite coffee shop, or park...I asked them to pick a place that they love and are comfortable in.


The Real Style Project isn't about a perfectly styled set, it's about you, it's about me, and it's about each woman that we feature. Real, everyday women. It's your style, inside.


Whether you read one Style Story, or all of them, my hope is that you will feel inspired. That inspiration may be to try a new (or old) style you love, or perhaps to do something you've been dreaming of.

The women featured in the Real Style Project range in ages, backgrounds, careers, personalities, and passions. But what they do have in common is an inspiring and encouraging Style Story, and I think we can all find something to take from each one. The biggest thing in all of this is to know that you too have an amazing and inspiring story, and you should walk in confidence knowing this to be true.


While the focus may be on the women in front of the lens, there's also an incredible & inspiring woman behind the lens- capturing the real beauty in her own unique way, and sharing a part of their Style Story with us. 

To read about the amazing photographers that have played an integral role in the Real Style Project, click here to see who they are and why I asked them to be a part of it. 


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Real Style Project Marlo Brausse

Marlo Brausse


Real Style Project Lindsay PetersReal Style Project Lindsay Peters


Real Style Project Story 3Real Style Project Story 3 Madilynn Chieduch


Real Style Project Kristin HallettReal Style Project Kristin Hallett


Real Style Project Tanya PukaReal Style Project Tanya Puka


Real Style Project Lisa MaricReal Style Project Lisa Maric

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